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Is it easy to convert into another language?

Is it legal with Google Play?

Is it a need to link it with hosting?

For language some of text you need to change ditectly on code.

Legal with google play? I didn’t know this means

No, no link for any hosting

what’s the difference from yours and the freely available open source PDF reader?

eclipse or android studio ?

we use eclipse Thanks :)

hello, its have option to download pdf from online and listing it? thank you

Hi, we not read files from online. the files only read from local device storage.

thanks :)

bro we need read pdf in app not devise and online you can change if we bay?

Hi, Sorry we not provide custom work

Thanks :)

Halo Dream_space saya ingin membeli Source code ini….tapi apakah bisa memasukkan PDF di dalam asset ? misal saya membuat aplikasi e-book

Sebenarnya saya belum pernah mencoba. Tapi seharusnya bisa mas seperti itu

Can we put a specific book in the PDF : when the user open the app see only the book that i have put , he will be not able to view other PDF file of his device

You need to do customization to make app works like that.

Can I have those customisation when i buy the code ?

Sorry I am not available to make that customize. :(

Very Nice work:)


I just want a single PDF file opened on the app, no navigation etc. Will this work for it? Also where is the PDF saved?


and app still can read other pdf file on device storage or not?

I just want to embed a PDF file that users can open and read..but no navigation etc..just 1 single PDF

this app not support feature like that


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When open the app that shows the file explorer, how can I display PDF Files when open the app ?

at file ActivityMain.java you can find at line 52


change it to



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Thank you so much.
It worked.

When browsing the file quickly appears, dot pdf has stopped

I mean error logs from android studio, you must run using usb debugging to know error

The application works, but takes a period of 30 seconds and then the application is stopped

Yes, when application stop its should be produce error logs on android studio.

here to enable usb debugging : https://www.kingoapp.com/root-tutorials/how-to-enable-usb-debugging-mode-on-android.htm


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hi how can i see the page swapping, there is no page swapping only thorough button

Hi, there’s no swapping feature at this app

can we run this on Android Studio ?

yes now we use android studio as development tools

I have downloaded the trial version from Google Play and the Tiny Message Stop Application

can I know your android version

Gan ini bisa dibuat seperti Ebook? file PDF disimpan dalam folder Aset.

agak susah sih gan bikin yang kayak gitu, harus ngerubah di banyak tempat

ayo dong gan bikin.. soalnya ane cari2 SC kyk gtu jarang ada,,,,mungkin klo agan jual pst banyak yg beli hehehe,,,,

belom pasti gan banyak yang beli