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Is it easy to convert into another language?

Is it legal with Google Play?

Is it a need to link it with hosting?

For language some of text you need to change ditectly on code.

Legal with google play? I didn’t know this means

No, no link for any hosting

what’s the difference from yours and the freely available open source PDF reader?

eclipse or android studio ?

we use eclipse Thanks :)

hello, its have option to download pdf from online and listing it? thank you

Hi, we not read files from online. the files only read from local device storage.

thanks :)

bro we need read pdf in app not devise and online you can change if we bay?

Hi, Sorry we not provide custom work

Thanks :)

Halo Dream_space saya ingin membeli Source code ini….tapi apakah bisa memasukkan PDF di dalam asset ? misal saya membuat aplikasi e-book

Sebenarnya saya belum pernah mencoba. Tapi seharusnya bisa mas seperti itu

Can we put a specific book in the PDF : when the user open the app see only the book that i have put , he will be not able to view other PDF file of his device

You need to do customization to make app works like that.

Can I have those customisation when i buy the code ?

Sorry I am not available to make that customize. :(

Very Nice work:)

Thanks :)