Done | Pro calendar | planner | google maps | admob | firebase | android | scrum

Done | Pro calendar | planner | google maps | admob | firebase | android | scrum

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Done Pro

Optimize all of your tasks with few clicks, transform it to scrum board or any customized task manager.

Reach the highest sales in the Google play.

Done pro, is the most powerful calendar for mobiles. doesn’t matter how you customize this calendar for your customers, it will do it in the best way. We put an incremental A.I. learning algorithm to know the users more effecient.

You have great admin panel on the Firebase panel, which you overlook your users in realtime and manage your works. You even have a expert analytical panel for statistical researches about your audience.

We considered may ways for you to earn money from this app, like advertising with the AdMob from Google, Subscribtion model ( users can buy monthly or yearly subscriptions for using the app ), or selling it directly. These are the most popular ways for monitizing an application.

We searched about many designs, and asked from you for the best user experience (UX) and user interfaces. So we designed the most capable interfaces for your customers. They can easily find out how much you care about them.

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The Done application, have many other capibilities:

  • Calendar for 2022
  • Calendar for 2023 and …
  • Easy to customize and use
  • Using Firebase for storing data (Online)
  • Invite people into your events online
  • Customize your profile activity
  • Customize graphical files
  • Using Admob for earning money
  • User authentication by gmail and email
  • Get feedback from users
  • Overlook all users by google analytics
  • All assets you need to share on Google play
  • Full Material design user interface
  • Full documented
  • CSV Habits generator
  • Using google map services (Notification on location)
  • Using greate SQLite database (Ofline)
  • Using high performance language, Java
  • Using A.I. for in app purchase and user segmentation
  • Fast and smooth user interface
  • Gorgeous analysis section
  • Email activity for feedback
  • Habits planner and scheduler
  • ...