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Hi there, I want to buy a solution that allows me and my clients to pay me using paypal or skrill, just those 2, so, based on that, 1.- is there a way to turn off the other options? 2.- I need the fields to be like, name, email and then payment reason, I’m going to create each “campaign” and send that to my clients so they can send the payment by visiting the page, they don’t have to fill any field because I want those fields already filled by the info I completed at the moment of the campaign creation, is this possible? 3.- In my case is a payment for a service, can I change the word donation?

Thank you!

Hi. Thanks for interest. 1. Yes. 2. There is no such option. 3. No. Only by editing source code.

Hi, I would like to purchase your plugin asap, but first I will like to know if its possible to remove the donors tab completely?


Hi my friend, EgoPay is not displaying after have create an account and set the parameters, did you have an idea of what might be the course of it? Thanks

What currency do you use? Currently for Egopay my plugin works with USD and EUR. I think you use GBP for your campaign. That’s why Egopay is not available.

If you wan’t to add your currency to Egopay, just make sure that it is supported and edit php file. At the beginning you can find line:
var $egopay_currency_list = array("USD", "EUR");
Add your currency to the list.

Cheers mate, is done.

any plans on adding stripe?

Hi. At that moment, I don’t have such plans, unfortunately.

I have some pre-sell questions: 1- Can a organization that needs to receive donations fill-in a form with their Paypal account? 2- Can Paypal Adaptive system be utilized?


1. You can receive donations/payments if your PayPal account allows them. 2. I don’t know what it is.

What mean is: my site will be promoting the NGO’s so, donations will be routed to each nonprofit’s paypal account accordingly.

Unfortunately, there is no such feature. You can use only one PP account.

pre-sale question: Does this plugin support recurring donation?

Unfortunately, no.

Any hope for us 2Checkout users?

Unfortunately, no.

is it working with Ogone payment? thanks

Hello all. I have created a donation page here: http://www.glammonitor.com/donate-to-glammonitor/ , can you explain me how do I remove the Donors list so it is invisible? Thanks!

[donationcampaign id="XXX" no_donors="yes"]


Does this support PayPal PRO?


I think your plugin is very well suited to taking donations and not acting like a typical shopping cart.

Is it possible to turn ‘off’ the radio button options for payment gateways in the UI? We have only one (auth.net) payment gateway, so we don’t need all of the options for the users to select from.

Can we configure in the dashboard our auth.net credentials and not display any radio buttons?

Thanks for your help!

That is great to hear. Thanks for the response.

Also, in the form is it possible to have radio buttons for pre-determined donation amounts? Or, is the only option to manually enter dollar amount? Are recurring payments an option with your plugin?

Thanks again!

Unfortunately, there are no such options.

Can’t see demo, can you make it or repair? (when i press live preview)

Hi. I’ve just checked – demo works.

Install plugin place shortcode on page but nothing showing on page this plugin is not working …

Provide access to WP dashboard and URL where you inserted shortcode. I’ll check.

here I used your plugin http://isghmembership.com/donation-manager/ login detail sent to you through contact message form here http://codecanyon.net/user/halfdata

Fix errors that you see on plugin’s settings page. http://isghmembership.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=donation-manager

Hi, Is there a way to display the combined totals from all campaigns on the front-end of the site like is displayed in the Total Donations management panel? Thanks

Hi. Unfortunately, no.

It’s been a while since someone has asked if you plan to implement Stripe payment gateway into this plugin. Any plans?

I have such plans, but can’t tell exactly when it will be implemented.


ianyates Envato Team

Hi there! Just to let you know we featured your file in our latest Tuts+ roundup post: Plugins for Collecting Donations and Fundraising With WordPress. Keep up the good work!

Many thanks. :-) I appreciate it.

hi there! I went through the process to donate my $5, Paypal charged me $5.30 which is the FL tax (6%). I have tried checking on the plugin settings but there’s no option where we can disable it. Your urgent feedback is highly appreciated.

I think it depends on settings in your payment gateway account. So, contact PayPal support regarding this.

I would like ask about the minor glitch, I tried editing the amount by clicking the field it but for some reason it was not editable. When I move the cursor using the tab-key I was able to edit the amount from $5 to $1, refer to http://prnt.sc/dtedxu . Is it possible to make the amount field editable without using the tab-key?

What I see is that you modified form. You added div-element with $ sign and placed it on top of input field.
<div style="font-size:16px;position: relative;left: 8px;top: 25px;">$</div>
That’s why you can’t click this field. Remove it and everything will work.

Hi. I’m interested in the plugin but don’t see any mention if it sends tax receipts ? If so in what form (mail, pdf?) , and can we customize the receipt. I need it for a client who has two kinds of tax receipt depending on country of origin (France, or elsewhere in Europe). I can have two distinct donation forms on the site, just need to send two different receipt. Thanks!

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

Presale Question: Does a donation box appear on every page automatically or is it only if a short code is entered manually? Thank you!

It appears where you put shortcode.

Hi, could you tell me if there is the recurring donation ? IF yes can you show me how it’s work please and how work extension ? Thanks

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

Bitcoin donation ?