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Is vendor rating or product rating included in your filter?

may i know where i can find the settings of this plugin?

does this filter has a search button?


How can I implement this plugin for location-based product listing? Also, I need only the filter for “City” integrated with Dokan

You can only set city field from admin and it filters both products and vendors

Hi repurchase question: Can i filter product by city and vendor? and also can i place this filter alone the Blank landing page ?

Yes it does what you want

Hi I am interested in purchasing your plugin.

I am using woocommerce bookings too and would like to filter between products and bookings listings. Can your plugin do that?


can you also control which page the results are shown on?

yes this plugin allow you to control the page as well so you can use it

regards, buy the add-on and I have not been able to translate it into Spanish because of the .pot file generates an error when opening it. I’m using poedit. Another question where can I configure to show the filters of the attributes of the products?

hi i will check the translation which attribute you want there product only filter by location cat and price range only right now in this plugin however new version which is i am working on it completely rebuild so it will have more flexibility release date is not confirmed but i will soon update it

Hi, Just bought the plugin. Tried to Install . But it failed. The following message came “The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.”. Please help in installing the plugin. I downloaded the plugin using the All files option in downloads area of envato market

Hi Kas, I forgot my skype login. Just needed to ask something, I need to add a new filter. We need to add a location filter. For you to understand better, in a city, there will be many locations. I need allow customers to search for these locations. I understand this is additional customization. How can we do that?

And how can we add geolocation? It’s customization right? Please let me know on both

Messaged you in skype from new ID

i got it and send you response thanks :)

Hi, Thanks for the great plugin. I have purchased and installed the plugin, and it is working properly. Question is: when I try adding the shortcode to my homepage, it gives a blank page, but when opening that in a separate page everything is fine. another question is: what if I wanted to add areas to the filter? like if I wanted the search fields to be city, area & category? I tried adding states, zip codes, cities, and categories, but unfortunately, the filtration doesn’t give dynamic results, as if I wanted the cities under state A, it still gives the list of all cities.


Hello Kas. Any update?


Hi Kas. I have sent you an email regarding Dokan’s vendor filters, did you get it?

Hi, I am going to develop an ecommerce Grocery store like “” or and I want to filter the product based on user location. You will get details on this screen shots – or .

My current developing site is and I want to implement my requirement on this site. So please guide how can I use this plugin for my requirement. I am going to buy this plugin. But before that I am expecting your advice and guidance.

Thank You.

this plugin search for vendor and products based on vendor location selected so it will pretty much the way you want but if you have some custom development than i am available for custom jobs as well !

i have purchased this theme and i dont know how to add state, city and vendor name and store name please help me

do you want me to setup it on your website ? please send me email with your site link and admin access

hello its showing an error of 403 Permission Denied when i click on go, and on selection of state city and store name its directly redirecting to other details page but i just want to show store names in same page

I have sent you a mail please check it and help me with this

Are you planning to include geolocation in this plugin? When are you going to release?

i don’t have any plan for geolocation but you want it i can do it as a custom job for custom job you can send me email or skype me @ kas5986

Pre sales question:

Is this “Search in this shop” filter a feature from this plugin? Or it is something that Dokan offers by default? I installed Dokan but I can’t find this filter.



the search you mention is theme functionality but if you want me to do it for you i can do it as a custom job you can get quote for it at

Here’s my scenario. A customer wants to search for “shoes” in New York City. I want to display all of the results of shoes from vendors that are located in New York City. Does the plugin do this?

i can do custom job this plugin work with category and the way you are looking for but specific for vendors products will also come but location product filter will be some custom work even i have this kind of similar custom work if you want custom plugin you can send me email for details about pricing

I see the last version has language fixed, but I see a .pot of 0 bytes and when I open it with PoEdit, it gives me an error.

Please, fix it asap.


Also, it gives me errors when activate the plugin and later loading the page, it gives js errors: Also, the search by postal code is not working properly.

Please help, these are too many critical and urgent bugs… This seems more like an Alpha version than an official release.

Hi please send me email at with site details so I can check

that’s awesome product by awesome support. thank you

Thanks if you like it please place review for product

Hi, when I try to navigate between pages in the vendors page, it doesn’t work. In the console I have this error:

Uncaught TypeError: jQuery(...).slider is not a function at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (?kas_state&kas_city:1052) at i (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2) at Function.ready (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2) at HTMLDocument.K (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2)

?kas_state&kas_city:1052 The error is in this line: jQuery( ”#slider-range” ).slider({

It’s urgent thank you!

add me skype let me check it right now my skype = kas5986

Hi, I’ll add you soon. Can you tell me what files I need to edit, so I can customize the marker in the map?

here is the path to file dokan-vendor-filter\public\partials\kas_dokan_vendor_filter_map.php

can you help me? when i turn on the plugin, i can`t see the photos of users:


send me issue in email so i can send you patch to fix on your site