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Buyers beware – this App does not yet work with remote connections.

Did you fix the bug? Please send me new code.

Helooooooooooooooo, I asked you a question 3 days a go, you answer recent question and avoid mine

Does this app support HTML5? remote or local?

What can you say about johnsonappconsulting above? about the app not supporting remote connections?

Remote connection support, html 5 not support, look at InAppBrowser.

Can you please respond? Thanks. The remote connection is still not working.

Since generate the pdf file

That is a different link than I had. What is the link you are using?

Please email me the updated source code. The version posted to CC does not support viewing remote. It shows the icon images but the PDF does not open. See links above. Thanks.

OK. What version of xcode are you using? Also, what is your skype id? Thanks!

sorry, i’ve a question… it’s possible to use an xml on a server to read a remote list of files? not a local one? thanks

Remote file read

Hi, Is it posible to open keynotes or interactive pdfs with your app?

silly pre- sales query : can the end user add there own remote server share like dropbox or is it presets only?

Thanks in advanced


The end-user to share and save the documents files.

Will this bundle and load local pdf without internet question

Load local or web besed document files

How to do iTunes file sharing for this app???

Hi, I purchased this app yesterday and it seems handy. I just have a few questions: 1. Is there any limitations in the size of the remote PDF files? I could make the remote .plist but it does not download the pdf file and does not show them. The files sizes are around 10 Mbyte. 2. Where does it keep the downloaded files? Does it download them again in the second request or it load it from its local repository?


Please send in your plist file

I see this error description in the console as well: 2014-01-01 16:25:44.057 Document Viewer[4112:4f0b] You should not call an -init method on object has already been initialized, like [NSData data]. Break on _NSDataReinitializationBreak to debug. This message will only be logged once.

Can I use it for iPhone 5 , 5s and ios 7


Let me know when you have fixed this, as was interested in considering it for a project thanks in advance

I created my own app in storyboard and want to integrate this into my project. How would I go about doing this?

Read the documentation

Hi, this app available for Android platform thanks.

Not aviailable.

ios 8 , 9 ready ?

New version in september

Kindly have me notified if latest ios/xcode is supported and I’ll buy it straight away. Thanks.

Is the new document viewer app released? Waiting for your great app to buy. Thanks.

Any link to buy the new app? I’ll wait for the release if the new one haven’t get released. Thanks.

Hello. I am having someone build my webs site for me. I like your app but I need to see how it lays out on a normal computer. Will my people who visit the site be able to opn -read and print the PDF from your app? THANK YOU-Susan

app has ios9, iphone6s+ screen resolutions support?

Not support- new swift version coming soon