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Hi – this looks awesome – congrats!

You mention it can be easily integrated into wordpress. Do you provide complete details in your documentation on how to do this?

Thank you and you can implement it into wordpres easily because it’s base on wordpress comment system But i will include detail documentation very soon.

This looks cool and I would like to have a copy but I have a question, How does it work without a php processor and where does the avatars or icons load from?

As it is simply HTML/CSS3 coded so you need to implement it into your php website to make it work. Thanks

Its not like a stand alone then right?

Name is confusing…Does it work only with Disc comment or with the regular wordpress comment ?

It would be great to have it ready to use with a wordpress

thanks for your fast answer

gny it’s easy to integrate with wordpress because when i make it i keep wordpress in my mid but unfortunately right now i am not providing documentation for integrate with wordpress but as i am getting response , i should provide it very soon in my next update. Thanks

Looks beautiful, i’d buy it if only it had some sort of captcha, or if you could tell me how to include recaptcha.

thanks, actually it’s simple HTML5/CSS3 and you can add recaptcha. Find more information here http://code.google.com/p/recaptcha/wiki/HowToSetUpRecaptcha

Sweet, thanks for your reply.

did you include how to install it for wordpress in the documentation?

Hi, sorry right now i haven’t included it but in next update i will include, although you can easily implement it if you know about HTML/CSS thanks

do this support version RTL for right to left language?

no it didn’t support . thanks

Looks fantastic. But! isn’t it just going to get spammed without captcha?

actually it is simple HTML/CSS so you when you integrate it with your website like wordpress, php etc then you can add it. eg http://www.google.com/recaptcha/intro/index.html Thanks

Very nice. One question: How to limit the number of comments per page? Thank you

You have to developed pho functionality to do so. It is simple html/css design thanks

wherre is the php script?? can u give it to me to make it work?

It isn’t PHP script, It’s simple html/css design. thanks

It isn’t PHP script, It’s simple html/css design. thanks

It isn’t PHP script, It’s simple html/css design. thanks