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Do not have a search field?

Digishop, does not have dedicated search filed, but you can use master search instead.

i cant install this script missing installation guide when i run this – module_install.php i get this error Configuration file is missing. Upgrade can not continue

Unfortunately, I can’t do refund on software, that you purchased without reading item description.

okay keep the money.

Thank you.


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I am sure this is here but can’t find it. I set up and am now trying to upload a file, first to the product image and that works…then I click the product file and try to upload a zip file but it places it in the product image field. No matter what I try I can not place the file in the product file field, so I can not upload the digital file

Yes, there seems to be a bug with chrome only. Please send me a quick email.


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sent but just so you know I was using Edge , I just tried IE after your answer and still does it

Reply sent.


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Hi Alex,

How do I view transactions on the dashboard?

Like the digishop

Thank you for your help


PS Sorry it’s for the shop module, I was wrong


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hello, alex, i have send email to your gmail regarding shipping data before checkout issue , please check , thanks

I got your email, and I will look into it shortly.


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thank you , i am waiting your fast solution, thanks


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alex , how are you ! any news ? tks

Hi, does it support RTL?

Not by default, of will require CSS modification.

thanks, will you be able to add it in next updates?

I can’t promise, but I’ll try.

How soon is your new update. I want to buy

Thank you


I just working on user manuals and video tutorials, so,it should not be that long.

do you have video for installing this modules it is really hard to integrate it to my main cms-pro, in your guide it says in the example “” in your upgrade there is no module_upgrade.php only “module_install.php” but even so when i navigate to that folder the where this module reside (digishop) here is what i got “Configuration file is missing. Upgrade can not continue”. what should i do?

still i am requesting for a video guide for upgrading or installing this module.

still i am requesting for a video guide for upgrading or installing this module.

Sorry, I dont have a video tutorial. I can however install it for you. Just send me your ftp access from my profile page.

I’m trying to install it using /module_install.php file but getting error msg tha t says ’ Configuration file is missing. Upgrade can not continue’

What the hell is it???!

Reply sent.

does not the site map of the shop products appear?

Currently it’s ni5 built into it, but if you decide to purchase it, I can implement it for you

hi alex how long until digishop and other modules are ready for v5?

I have submitted them today, it might take few more days, depends on how fast codecanyon approval team is.

I’m so sorry, but I have multiple error messages:

bundleI have submitted fix for it to codecanyon, in a mean time please download fix from

All works fine !! Thanks ;-)

Youre welcome

won’t install error in code >>>> Call to undefined method File::parseSQL() [code: 0] Line 14

I have submitted fix for it to codecanyon, in a mean time please download fix from

That done the trick Thank You

Youre welcome

Hello Alex, It is possible to display the price on item page, not only on listing ?

Sorry, I cant believe, I’ve missed price option on item page. Please download fixed file for now until I submit fix to codecanyon. Unzip to /view/front/modules_/digishop/

Perfect !! Thanks ;-)

You’re welcome.

Hi, i installed this modules and it went fine it appeared in my layout and in the menu now also in the modules, i made a top menu and also the demo and sample images is there it appears too, however in my admin panel and in the front digishop it appears this error it appears everywhere i can’t buy the product, i can’t add it to my cart, instead of the cart this error appears, what does this mean and what should i do now?

"Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$_MOD_DS_META_T7"

Wow it works now, after you gave the, i update it and now is working thanks very very much. all now is working fine so far.

You’re welcome.

oh wow nice!! everything installed quickly. sure do like your new structure! AND worked with this structure before so it is not totally foreign to me haha ;)

Thank you, Im glad you like it.

Hello Alex i am sending you my request through your email please read thanks.

Got it.

Still search bug does not fixed , when in main page search any word that does not exist , in the result it show the main page .

I got your email, and looking into it.


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Thank you, Alex. Everything works fine. not found.

You dont need it anymore. Update was posted yertsrday

hey digishop isn’t working but the “Undefined property: stdClass::$_MOD_DS_CART” how I can fix it ?

Please download the latest patch