Discussion on DigiShop Module for CMS pro

Discussion on DigiShop Module for CMS pro

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hello i have this error when i want to add a product on digitaldl pro : Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method Content::rendertCustomFields() in D:\laragon\www\cmspro\view\admin\modules_\digishop\Digishop.class.php:196 Stack trace: #0 D:\laragon\www\cmspro\lib\router.class.php(349): Digishop->Save() #1 D:\laragon\www\cmspro\lib\router.class.php(309): Router->invoke(’/view/admin/mod…’, Array) #2 D:\laragon\www\cmspro\lib\router.class.php(245): Router->handle(Array, true) #3 D:\laragon\www\cmspro\index.php(255): Router->run(Object(Closure)) #4 {main} thrown in D:\laragon\www\cmspro\view\admin\modules_\digishop\Digishop.class.php on line 196

Reply sent. There was a typo on my end.

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Hello, could you please help me to fix the “HTTP ERROR 500”when I’m trying to add or edit any product under Digishop? Delete is working. Do I have to change some permisions for some folders? (Now I have 777 for .../view/front/modules_/digishop/data) I’m using the last versions 5.80 of CMS pro & Digishop module. Thanks in advance!

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error with debug true is: Call to undefined method Content::rendertCustomFields() code: 0 [line: 176]

gabini Purchased

found it: replace rendertCustomFields with renderCustomFields

Yes, there is a extra “t”. Its already fixed.

gabini Purchased

Hi there, this module seems to be a good one for CMS pro (which I bought recently) but as I can see no updates since more than one year. Do you have in plan to release a new version or this is good enough for the last CMS pro version? I’m interested to buy it, and I’m wondering if is abandoned or not. I hope not! Many thanks in advance for your reply!

All of the modules as well as cms pro are getting brand new update. soon. I’m working on it.

Hi, I followed the instructions to install this module but it didn’t locate the install screen when I went to the url for it. I put it in the root directory as instructed. I am not sure what i’m doing wrong. I can provide you with my login info if you’d like to take a look?

Nevermind i’m a complete and utter idiot and didn’t even know about the utilities section. All good now lol

no worries, let me know if you run into any issues.


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i just got the digishop module but i cant find a way to change the categories tried all possible menus i just cant find where to rename/remove some of the digishop categories.

keep doing a great work and sorry for distubing.

Click on category name to edit, and trash icon to delete. See the screenshot

1) Can I manually (not click by click) edit the number of items in the cart? (there are many digital items where quantity is a mandatory requirement: for example, sheets for 100 pieces of choir, each “license” means one item for one person) 2) Can I upload an audio or video file to the product preview gallery? 3) Can I edit the “works on”, etc. fields in the product description?

There is no manual option for quantity, but it could be implemented. Only images are accessible for preview, however you can use wysiwyg to add html video/audio. “Works on” is just a custom field, you can have as many custom fields as needed, and use it for short description. Please note Digishop module requires cms pro. This is not a stand alone script.

does “use wysiwyg to add html video/audio” means html code in product description?

Yes, there is no dedicated button to add html audio/video

is there any guide about how to import all content from a WordPress Site to this CMS, or even a module/plugin?

Sorry, there is no such a thing

it is possible on the future update that you make Wishlist button available? thank you

Sure, I can do that

I see a flaw. If you use this script for images, you don’t have to pay for them. Just right click and Save As and you’ll get them free. It needs a failsafe such as a watermark.

You can save thumbnail, but not the actual image file, since only user that’s logged in and actually purchased it can download.

DIGISHOP VS Digital Downloads Pro ?

Digishop is cms pro module, not a stand alone script. Digital Downloads has few extra features that digishop does not.

hello, whats the new update? any changelog?

No changes, I had to update images only

I have CMS Pro v 5.20 and Visual form modules installed. Tried installing patch 5.50 and everything got messed up on admin side. Will digishop work with existing 5.20

No, you will need v.5.2 of digishop as well. Versions must match.

How to upgrade to V.5.5 from 5.2 without fresh install?because with fresh install it create another module?

Don’t run fresh install, just replace all module files. Make sure to back everything up first.

Hi gewa13, The default header of the digishop is grey without image. Could you tell me how to change? Thanks

You can assign image in style.css located in view/front/themes/master/css/ look for digishop header class, and add your own image.

Got it, Thanks

No problem

hi gewa, where i can change digishop slug?thank you

You are saying if you change configuration to free download, then you can download just fine. Correct?

yes it is correct!, and i don’t need to login first, just click download file and done, but on the description you write “Free Downloads Requires user to be logged in or not – configurable from admin area” right? and what i want is, in order to download the file somebody have to login first, it mean Requires user to be logged in, in this case what configuration on the admin area should i set? because if i disable free download there, the user cannot download the file even when he is login already (it give me /error=3). but if i enable the free download from the admin area the user can download the file without even login first.

Can you please email me from my profile page with your request?

Dear Gewa, i just reinstall the digishop module but after that there is double plugins for digishop cart, digishop categories and digishop search, and i cannot delete one of them, when i hit the delete record button it is only loading and nothing happen. is there any way to remove one of them?thank you.

Thank you, fix it already, one more question, is there any limit about the item i can sell there?like maybe 100 / 1000 something like that

can i assign the digishop module in to the page? if it is not can i created plugin for the latest digishop post.thank you

You assign module from menus section, then go to layout and select digishop from drop down, and assign any plugin you want. As for limiting items, currently there is no such a feature.

hello sir , i do like to buy this model but i really don,t know which script is this for cms pro which script i need for this , i want let my users download for free and is this can i upload other file type like dxf ,art,cdr,psd,dwg , and is this allow to place adsense or not please let me know , thank you

You will need cms pro in order to use digishop module. Users can download free or paid products. Any file type could be enabled. As for Adsense, you can use built in ads module.

you mean download pro script ?

No, I’m referring to digishop script, which requires cms pro, there is also Digital Downloads pro, my other stand alone script. Both will do the same job, it’s just a matter of additional features,

Hi Gewa, did email you on a question… can you please check the email and advise further :) Thank you

Got it. Will reply shortly

i can not find money bookers in cms pro.. please advise

Money bookers is skrill.

okey thanks… add 2checkout :)

Shop Module not working properly dont see the buy button etc.


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