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z3h1r Purchased

Hello, Alex. Still does not have an update and the prices on the product page do not appear.

Sorry, what do you mean by prices don’t appear?


z3h1r Purchased Require Membership: / ok likes ok. No price displayed on item page.

If you asssgn Membership to an item, then user can’t purchase it, only users with valid membership access can download

I just installed the new version of CMS pro and Digishop, But I have 2 problems: 1- I can’t adding anything to the cart. 2- I can’t login or signup as a user, but I can as an admin. the submit doesn’t work at all.

Just checked, and I don’t have any emails from you. Could you please resend it, and make sure to use form on my profile page.

Could check it again please…

Got it now.

Hi, have a question about digishop, I can not add anything to the shopping cart

Thanks in advance

I already sent you an email with ftp data

Reply sent.

I installed and updated to the latest packede you uploaded on 11 March.. BUT the problems(ads to Cart and login or signup as a user) have not resolved. You can check by yourself in my website.. I tried 3 hostings and more the 3 computers.. SO please check it again from user-agent windows chrome or firefox. I really don’t know why.. and the demo in your site works perfectly

Reply sent

Hi Alex, how can I change the default show mode in Digishop to list instead of grid? Bests

Currently not possible, I will add it in next update.

Hi Alex, I added the digishop search in digishop module layout , but it doesn’t appear in the digishop index.. and I get this error: Array


=> SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2053 => UPDATE `layout` SET `place` = 'right', `sorting` = CASE WHEN plug_id = 38 THEN 1 WHEN plug_id = 37 THEN 2 WHEN plug_id = 36 THEN 3


WHERE plug_id IN (38,37,36) AND mod_id = 25


Can you please email me with admin login, and I will look into it?

just sent..

Reply sent.

I would like to know if there is a way to allow a certain membership to upload items to digishop? If not, how much would you charge to create it?

Currently that feature does not exists. As for the cost, that depends on the features needed. You can email me from my profile page with your request.


laminak Purchased

I can not add anything to the shopping cart

Thanks in advance

Reply sent.


folus Purchased

Hi i am having troubles creating new products, the green button just stays on the loading circle, also it is not uploading or createing the folder for the douments. can you pleas help me fix this.

Can you please enable debug console in /lib/config.ini.php and set DEBUG to true. Try again, refresh page and look for any warnings or errors within console. You can then email me error message.


folus Purchased

no errors just the spinning wheel please check screenshot

That does not help me at all. Could you please email me from my profile page with your ftp and admin access?

I was testing, discovered this problem: https:// .. if I want to pay with paypal. Do you have a solution for that? Thanks in advance to Wdw

I’ve found the problem, it’s only in digishop $ 29.85 it should be, but my shop is $ 29,85. Instead of a point he changes it into a comma, How can I fix it? Memberships work well, no problems with it.  greeting Wdw

I’ve solved the problem. The problem was the country code, if I changed it to Dutch then it goes wrong. have changed the script, changed comma to point. Thank you in any case for the response. Greeting WdW

No Problem.

Hi Alex. I sent mail.

Hi Alex. I sent mail.

Hi Alex. Only users with valid membership access will be able to download. If you choose all your memberships, you can not download the file. I sent mail.

Thanks Alex.

No problem.

Hi Alex. I sent mail.

please check your inbox

After uploading the files you sent, I get such an error. /digishop/?error=1

Hello, I can not add anything to the shopping cart

I need help as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance

Please send me your site url, from my profile page, and I will look into it.


Suggest feature for this script

When the person recommended by the user downloads it

Ability to pay commissions to referral users

If you have this feature, you will be able to sell digital products very easily

Sure, I will look into it.