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Is there a way to add or remove the countdown widget? For example if I want to add “weeks” and/or “years”, is it possible to just modify the HTML code to display the weeks and years with countdown?

Hello and thank you for your question. Right now, it isn’t possible to add/remove certain time period widget (e.g. weeks, years). However, this modification is really simple. In fact, I was thinking about adding such options in first update. Shouldn’t take long to prepare it.

Hi I’m thinking of purchasing this, but I have a need for it to be responsive, are there plans to add responsivness to this?

Also I use Joomla sites a lot and may need to display this in modified form in a custom html module. For that I need to be able to control the height & width of the images etc are these easily modified or code well documented with regard to amimg the total output a certain size?

Blessings Shannon

Hi Shannonn54,

regarding responsiveness – if you look at live preview, then types 1, 2 and 4 can be considered as responsive. It depends on height of container that you specify. Each section is floating to the left, so if you shrink your landing div container in height, elements will reorganize so they can fit.

Types 3 and 5 have option to specify height of the countdown bar itself.

I am thinking of adding 100% responsiveness support in next updates, but first I am going to add options mentioned to jch02140. I will probably add responsiveness by the end of this week, but no promisses :)

thanks for the fast response, I have purchased this and will look through the documentation etc.

I’m sure you will keep adding and updating as more sales and suggestions come in . Good effort and hope you get rich Blessings Shannon

Thank you for purchase. I hope you will be satisfied with the plugin. And in case that you need help, don’t hesitate to contact me. I will do my best to assist you with any problems with customization, etc.

Hi, I’m thinking of purchasing this, but I have several question about the documentation. I would like to have a countdown of 45 minutes per session. Is there an option for configuring specific time instead of an end date without calculating a date in the future?

Hello, right now, it is possible to only specify certain date and time as a target of countdown.

Nice Work «ceosDesigns»

Thank you

hello i purchase this plugin but unfortunately it is not support arabic language i want translate this for words days.hours,minutes,seconds to arabic is there any hope for supporting arabic ?

Hello…you can change text for days, hours, minutes and seconds directly inside .js file. Just search for DAY or DAYS in quotes and replace it with your phrase…The same goes for minutes, seconds, etc. If you have trouble doing that, let me know through email

Nice idea! GLWS

If only it did redirect on end and countdown of time (not date) it would have been AWESOME!