Discussion on Diamond Grid - WordPress Image Gallery Plugin

Discussion on Diamond Grid - WordPress Image Gallery Plugin

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Hello! I just purchased the Diamond Gallery, but I am having issues with the admin page freezing after adding images. As soon as I add to the gallery, the page starts to update, but never finishes. I can do everything else but add images and, therefore, the meta data. Does not matter which grid I use. Your help is appreciated. Thank you.

Hi! It sounds strange.

Contact me via the contact form if you are able to provide access to the admin panel. We will try to figure out what is happening

Is it possible to disable the navigation in the gallery when the gallery shows all items? For example: on desktop my gallery shows all items, therefore the navigation (next, previous) doesn’t make sense. Or can I somehow hide it on desktop?

Hi. No,not in the current version. In the next update the gallery will have vertical layout so it will be possible later

Is 24 the max. number of pics per gallery? I’v just got 3 rows of 8 pics each. Thanks

No. The number of images is not limited. But it will be always 3 rows


I have bought the diamond-gallery-jquery, But I got the WordPress version!! How I can get the jquery version???

Already done that. Did you received my email?

Yes thank you, it’s working perfectly. I have a question, how I can present a Character instead of an image? Sometimes I don’t have an image so I put the character like this: A.

How I can implement this?

Sorry,the plugin was’t designed to do this. The only thing I can suggest to achieve this is to create an image with the character

I purchases the plugin and I was loading my pictures into the gallery and I started getting errors after loading 12 images..1 of the errors is: shutterstock.jpg:HTTP Error and the size of the image is 3.33MB – Can you please help me with this?

Well. I just checked it again. The plugin has no limitations on file size or number of images. Only thing i can suggest – image format itself. Is it png or jpeg/jpg? Another thing – the plugin update has just been released. Try an updated version – it may solve the problem. Alternatively, you can give me access to your project, I’ll take a look

I found the diamond carousel does have a file size limit which is 2MB and the files I were uploading was I did resize all the images but the main problem I am having now is that in the diamond shape I have resized the files down to 291 w X 500 H MB but the image is still are too big to fit. Is there an exact size each image needs to be fit in each type of carousel to be seen legibly? I sent in a ticket to Envato and they basically said I would need to contact the developer for this information.

Hello there!

Once again – the plugin has no file size limits but WordPress itself has. You will have to increase the file size limit manually. Try to google “How to Increase the Maximum File Upload Size in WordPress “

The plugin was designed to avoid blank spaces in the gallery images.That means that it will enlarge image by X or Y axis to cover all the available space. In your case I can only suggest to play around with “Carousel->Item->Aspect ratio” setting. Another way is to choose a square images

Do we need the jquery plug in installed to use the diamond gallery? Are they both purchased separately?

No. You only need the wp plugin for wordpress website. The plugin includes all the necessary js files

I just saw another person ask about the rows and it blocked at 3 rows. Can you do 3 rows, put some space and add another 3 rows & so forth?

Ok. I will build it

Make sure I get notified when you do. I hope this makes you a butt load of money.

) deal!

For the Diamond Gallery can you mix the diamonds, hexagons, circles & squares to create a photo gallery theme/page? How can you do it, if so? I want it like Diamond, Square, Hexagon, & Circle. I want to do this in like 6 rows. In each row maybe mix it differently. Can you explain or give me instructions on how to do this?

Hi there! No, you can`t mix different patent in a single gallery. Technically it will be different galleries with different patterns on one page

*different patterns

Hi! Great work! Is it possible not to use the lightbox and link to an article on click?

Hi there! Sorry but it’s not possible without code customization

If you are still interested, now it is possible – gallery images can now act as links

Hi, i have few questions for this plugin because a looking for your diamond/hexagon system for my portfolio :

1. Its possible to add more rows or its blocked at 3 ?

2. Its possible to filter preview icons by theme (ex : animals, vegetables, ect) ?

3. Its possible to add a description by icon because i have seen one general option for that ?

Thx you :)

Hi there! Thank you for your interest in this plugin.

1. For a number of reasons it is blocked at 3 rows. Only number of columns can be changed.

2. No, there is no such filter.

3. I’m not sure I understand your question. You can add a separate description to each icon in the gallery

Thank you for your quick response :)

is it possible to hide prev/next carouesel, and just have next/prev on the lightbox?

this is only possible by editing the js file. There are no built-in settings for this

Great work!! Good luck for sale…!!!☺️

Thank you!

Image Carousel with Lightbox – GLWS!

Thank you!

you have a jquery version on your site is that available for purchase?

Unfortunately not. It is currently rejected by the envato team


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