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Does it have search option and if no, can you add it for me? I want to add text and users can search for some words while they are reading a book.


There is no search function, but I can do it for you. Send me a private message after purchase.

hi, I enjoy the plug-in just now having a problem. Converting from pdf to image. Message: send_pdf = 0 And send_pdf =. why is it happening? What to do I look forward to your prompt response.

where Send a private message ? i have a purchase code It ends:b53ad6e3d87a

The form is on the bottom right:

Your Purchase code “b53ad6e3d87a” is not valid.

mm077 Purchased

I uploaded a new sheet, + converted from pdf. And I can not see him on display. I have always written: /לבלוב-5 But now I write :לבלוב26 That’s how it says that it identifies the address and can not see anything! I’ll be glad to receive your help.


Send me a private message.

Hellol, does Wordpress 5.0.3 work? My plugin installation was working normally, however after WP 5 update stopped displaying the catalogs! I noticed that the WP page is not displayed in the Templat menu! and the Flipbook option also does not display the Jquery menu to choose the book !! How to proceed?


Your support period has ended. If you need support, you need to renew the support.

The FlipBook has stopped working on this page: How can it be fixed? Thanks. Jim


Send me a private message and give me data for WordPress (host, user, password)


my wordpress site is always down when i acticate the plugin:

nternal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator at [no address given] to inform them of the time this error occurred, and the actions you performed just before this error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

What can i do?

My Theme: The7

Other acticated and maybe relevant plugins:

wp rocket wordfence security

My purchase Code: e6f5b8e8-0655-479e-a180-3796c7152fe7

Best regards, Fabian


Send me a private message and give me a link to your website.

I am still having an issue with the book not working. I have purchased extended support. The book is here:

Thank you.

I replied to your email. Check your mail.


mcgyver Purchased

Problem ! Plugin stopped working i Converting from pdf to image I get this message: send_pdf = 0 and send_pdf =. Why is it happening? I don’t have a purchase code but I still have the invoice n°IVIP22191034 dated Dec2,2017 Thanks for help. Regards from France Jean


Your support period has ended. If you need support – you need to renew the support.


mcgyver Purchased

I have found purchase code. it is available as well as invoice.

You must renew the support.

Please read the envato rules. After purchase, support is valid for only 6 months:

Hello, i installed Flipbook WordPress Plugin Diamond but i have some problems. In the Diamond Book – jQuery menu, when i click ‘create from pdf’ and ‘Generate Book’ for Source Pdf, it doesn’t work. Also ‘creat from images’, ‘select images’ button doesn’t show pop up. so i can’t select images. Let me know some solutions. Thank you.


Send me a private message and give me data for WordPress (host, user, password).


Zusionn Purchased

Dear seller,

I have bought this plugin but the books I want to upload are many pages +/- 80. Therefore if I upload the document the plugin takes long to compress and upload, is there a solution for this?

Also when Wordpress updated, the books stopped working. I had do de-activate the plugin and then activate it again. Some books worked again, but others where not loading anymore. Is this problem familiar?


80 pages is not a lot. But if your internet connection is slow then it can take longer.

FlipBook works with the latest wordpress. If you have a problem with FlipBook, send me a private message and provide data for WordPress (host, user, password)

Hi Guys, We were using your plugin on our website. I couldn’t find the other account so I bought the plugin yesterday again for the update. And I updated your plugin on our website. But your plugin is not working Gutenberg editor. We updated our website to WordPress latest version. So Gutenberg editor is coming automatically with WordPress latest version. And also I tried shortcode in online catalog page but it didn’t work. Please fix this one and update your plugin for block editor latest WordPress version. Thank you in advance. and also if you need too much time to fix it. please fix my website as soon as possible. Thank you so much. Please check screenshots.


Flipbook works under the latest version of wordpress. I am on vacation now but I will try to help.
Send me a private message and provide data for Wordpress (host, user, password)

I just cleared cache and also I just de-activate and activate again your plugin. and it works :) thank you. have a good vacation.


Softme Purchased

Hi! We need your support! I chek SLL checkbox but when I “generate book” a pop up say to me “If your website has the SLL certificate ( the address starts with https ) – select the ‘SLL’ checkbox in the form.” It seems like the plugin doesn’t seen that I have just check SLL checkbox! Please help me!


Send me a private message and give me data for your WordPress (host, user, password). Additionally, give me a link to your pdf file. Maybe your server is blocking access to the pdf file.

Can I make the background of the book white?

Can I change the color of the light blue arrow when turning a book?

Is your support fast? Thank you.


RE: Can I make the background of the book white?

RE: Can I change the color of the light blue arrow when turning a book ?
This is as a png file. So you can insert another file.

RE: Is your support fast? Thank you.
Fast but I’m not available 24h :)

Thank you.:)

Can I create a table of contents in a book and jump to any page with a link?

About arrows on both sides of flipbook

Can I change the shape of the arrow? Can I change the background color of the arrow? And the shape


Yes you can do such a table of contents.
Arrows is a png file so you can change it.

Thank you.:)

I have a question about the book on this page.

Can you put a book in the middle? This page has a book on the right.

Can readers pop up when they click on a magazine? In other words, like Bookshelf Multipurpose on this page site.And Is it easy to set up for me?

Can I make Lightbox appear when I click on the original image?I want to connect the original image and Lightbox with a link. When I clicked the Lightbox on my mobile, only a black background was displayed. It displayed when I scrolled to the bottom. I felt very inconvenient. Can you improve it?

Lightbox support is very easy. Bookshelf works very well with FlipBook.

Where exactly did you click that a black background appeared? Can you post a screenshot? What device is this? iOS or Androiod?

how to edit thank you message on email submit form

thank you


I have recently purchased and started using your plugin. And it is really working awesome. Is there a way to change the default settings of logo and colors, to my preferred settings, so I do not have to change them every time for each book I upload on my website.

Also I need to change mobile viewport height settings.


You can use the “duplicate” function if you are creating a new book. Then all the settings will be ready in the new book. See screenshot:

Hi, does the plugin supports Elementor? does it support dynamic content? for example if I have a CPT of books and I want to create a single tamplate. Thank you!


There is no support for Elementor.

Diamond Book does not read other CPT. You just have to add a page in my plugin:

Ok, thank you :)