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Hi, Can a FlipBook created through template be added into a post?


If you want to add to the post – use shortcode (do not use template)


tosun Purchased

Hi, Last version has some conflicts with The7 theme blog listings. But, when back to Version 29, it works properly. For your information. Regards

Hello, I got a problem with the books generated, if I view them in safari they are ok, if I view them in firefox and chrome I notice a difference on the images, as if there was more contrast and the colors are not from the original pictures. Let’s see please this link in safari and compare it in chrome and firefox:

https://donatabasile.it/index.php/sample-page/ https://donatabasile.it/index.php/60-fb/#60-vinales/page1

The css plug in

the css is the original one


You wrote the same email message. I gave you an email reply.


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Your plugin is awesome! Much better than the other dozen flipbook plugins I’ve been testing out.

Quick question: is there a way to load lower-quality images for certain devices? It’s laggy and slow when viewing on some older, slower phones.


There is only one quality of images. You can enable the lazy loading function.
Do not forget to give me 5 stars :)

Hi, May i know can i insert pop up function on this plugin? for example, i do a product presentation each product when customer click it will zoom in the product and explain product in more detail?


You can open the flipbook as a lightbox.

I am working on a website which seems to have it installed, but it does not seem to have an option of bulk upload. It says “Diamond Book -jQuery”, and there is no option to upgrade it to receive any updated version. How can I get an upgrade which allows the bulk upload?

@flashmaniac … RSVP.


You bought the jQuery version. Where you write is the WordPress version. Only the WordPress version has bulk uploads.

I have already installed the plugin, created a Book with 3 pages, but I don´t know how to find the url where it is published, can you help me please?


David Arias.


See the documentation:
“C) How do add a Flipbook in my theme?”

If you still have a problem, send me a private message and give me the data (host, user, password) to your WordPress.

Is it possible to search the text within a flipbook?

If not, when will it work?

Can I personally modify the code to include functionality?

thank you


There is no such feature now, I will add the next update, but I can not give you the exact date.
You can modify the code yourself.

Hi, I bought your Plugin in 2015,worked great but now I cant upload a new flipbook. I always get an error like this:

“send_pdf = SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0”

What can I do?


Send me a private message and give me data for WordPress (host, user, password). Also give me a link to your pdf.

Dear Sir,

I work at Publisher Company. Please reply my following questions:

1. Can I convert the source pdf / jpg files in to Flipbooks? 2. Can I embed Audio and Video to this Flipbooks? 3. How can I safe the Flipbooks files? Can I save on my server or Amazon S3? Please suggest. I think we wull issue about 1,000 new books EVERY month, 4. How can I buyer can access AFTER buying the Flipbooks chosen? 5. How can I sell the Flipbooks with Security Codes for each buyer?

Hope I can get the reply soon, Thanks. Best regards,

Mega Tjandra


1. Yes.
2. There is html support for page, so you can put html code from video or audio.
3. It can be a server.
4 ,5 You need to use an additional plugin for paid content.


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Hi, Two questions:

(1) Zoom using the mouse scroll events—I noticed in your comments page that you mentioned implementing this four years ago. Has this been implemented yet?

(2) When zooming in & out, the flipbook gets re-positioned to its center, rather than where the user clicks. Is there an option/fix for this?


I made an update. Please download the latest version.


nleejc Purchased

It works beautifully! Thank you so very much!!


nleejc Purchased

Quick request: On your future updates, could you start versioning your wp_enqueue_xxx calls? It’s for us to be able to automatically bust the cache whenever you post an update.

For example, add this to index.php:

define( ‘q5_FLIPBOOK_VERSION’, ‘1.33’);

And add these parameters in function.php:

wp_enqueue_style(‘fb5’,q5_BOOK_URL.”css/style.css”, array(), q5_FLIPBOOK_VERSION);

wp_enqueue_script( ‘q5_onload’,q5_BOOK_URL.”js/onload.js”,array(‘jquery’), q5_FLIPBOOK_VERSION);


Thanks again!!