Discussion on Flipbook WordPress Plugin Diamond

Discussion on Flipbook WordPress Plugin Diamond

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Before purchasing, i just wanted to know how SEO-friendly the flipbook is. Would the content even be indexable by Google, not to mention H1, H2… tags?


My clients have never had a problem with indexing.

ERROR – Hi after installing your module I got this error in administration:

Warning: Undefined array key "taxonomy" in /data/*/web/wp-content/plugins/jquery_diamond_flipbook/lib/dfb-structure.php on line 849

How to fix it?


Send me a private message ( the form is on the bottom right )

You dont reply for long time, however I want money back. Thank you.

I wrote back to you on October 14. Check the SPAM folder.

Hi there. Is it possible to include a movie into the flipbook? Thnx Frank


Yes it is possible. You can add youtube videos.

Can blank pages be added to the flipbook? can advertising code like adsense, be added to the flipbook page or pages


Yes you can add blank pages. Advertising code should work. Send me a private message – I can check it for you.

A quick pre-sell question – can I deeplink directly to an interior page of one of these flipbooks? Is there anyway to search the book for specific keywords? Thanks!


RE: can I deeplink directly to an interior page of one of these flipbooks ?

RE: Is there anyway to search the book for specific keywords ?
There is no such function.

Hi, I’ve installed this plugin to my website. How can I incorporate / embed a flipbook onto a page?


Have you read the documentation? Everything is described in the documentation.
See point – “C) How do add a Flipbook in my theme?”.

1- Hi, If i create a book from pdf and on my pfd i have permalink, the link should be open? If yes wnat is the good whay because now isn’ not work…

2- Is possible to remove on the left of the first page the ’’How to read a book’’, ’’Short description’’ and ’’Start Reading”“


1. Send me an email. The form is on the bottom right –

2. Tab “Translate”:

I have created a FlipBook but I do not know what the Shortcode is to be able to put it into a post?


Press the “Help” button:

Could you disable the download option? or could you ask for an email before downloading? thanks


You can turn it off in the plugin configuration:

If you want to send me a private message – the form is on the bottom right:

I cannot find your contact to pm you. I tried as you say it is not working. I requested the refound i found something that actually works. please check my ticket thanks


The form is on the bottom right:

Send me data to WordPress (host, user, password)

can i embed a virtual tour using an Iframe?

Hi, I’ve installed the plugin and created my first book, but I can’t figure out where to erase/change the default language that appears to the left side of the first page of the book – “How to Read a Book”.

I also don’t have an option to select a template on the my Page Attributes – “Diamond Template” referenced in the instructions.

Thank you!

I think I found what I was doing wrong with this. However I did find another major concern that I can only have one flipbook on a page which wasn’t listed as a limitation that I saw upon purchase. Is there anyway to resolve this? This is a major design concern as I need to have multiple books on one page.


Change of description “How to Read a Book” – Tab “Translate” –

You can put multiple books on one page as a Lightbox. See documentation – “C) How do add a Flipbook in my theme? – The third method – lightbox”. You cannot put multiple books on one page as shortcode because there will be a deep linking conflict.

Hi, I got send_pdf=200 and send_pdf = SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0 Error. I use lastest version 1.35. At the other hand, I again tried to upload previous pdf, loaded properly, still I got some error messages. Could you advise me how can I solve it? Best Regards Selahattin


Your support period has expired – you need to renew support.

Dear sir,

I purchased your Flipbook WP plugin but it does not work well. When I try to add new page it shows “error loading book”

Please help


You sent the same question to my email. I wrote you back, but you didn’t write back.

Please write back to me and provide the link to your FlipBook.

Hi, please can you let me know what the differences are between your 3 products:

Flipbook WordPress Plugin Diamond, Flipbook WordPress Plugin Newspaper, Flipbook WordPress Plugin Ambre


Diamond has no support for links in a pdf file. Because diamond needs to convert pdf to jpg – it doesn’t read pdf live.

hello, I got this message after install the plugin on a fresh installation Notice: Undefined index: taxonomy in /home/miloter1/public_html/wp-content/plugins/jquery_diamond_flipbook/lib/structure.php on line 994

how do I fix it?


Send me a private message.

hi. i want to use this plugin in my theme’s code . i have a custom post type (book) that have a custom field that accepts pdf files. and i want to use and embed your tools in my theme ’s code so that when book’s thumbnail is clicked ,pdf appear as flipbook ( your tools ). is it possible to i use your tools in my theme’s code?


The FlipBook code works wherever shortcode works. Shortcode definitely works in wysiwyg editor.

Example: ( use of shortcode )
[diamond_book cat = 'my_book']

Hello. The “double page” thing… its a great feature. but it would be great if this could be selected initially when uploading the PDF. I had to manually edit nearly 50 pages today, unless you can think of a faster way! Thanks for a great plugin.


Ok thanks for the feedback.


Please see my purchase code below to confirm purchase of Flipbook Wordpress Plugin Diamond 0f8707a8-88bb-400f-ba91-9645644bbb02

We tried using a free version of your product but found that it didn’t present the PDF in a clear way that we wanted.

What we wanted to do was have a similar presentation as used by this website PDF viewer, with the capability to show many PDFs (1 New one each month)...

Our developer has produced this based on how they feel the viewer can be used.

My issues are…

1) I need more PDF than one so can the paid version present multiple PDFs?

2) The website has lost all of my branding so can the purchased product be within a window on my website in a similar manor to Mastermelts website ?

3) is further development required or can this be done ‘out of the box’ ? As I say I’m not wanting it to be identical just simple and intuitive for my websites visitors while keeping my website look and feel

I’m not a web developer so I will forward your response to my web developers.

Thankyou in advance.

Phil Sims


You can create an unlimited number of books –

If you want to have all the flipbooks in one place you can use the Lightbox (more in the documentation – “C) How to add a Flipbook in my theme? – The third method – lightbox”)

You can also use a plugin that is compatible with Diamond FlipBook –

Hi, does the plugin supports Elementor? does it support dynamic content? for example if I have a CPT of books and I want to create a single tamplate. Thank you!


There is no support for Elementor.

Diamond Book does not read other CPT. You just have to add a page in my plugin:

Ok, thank you :)