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amp0907 Purchased

Pinch to Zoom I do not see this functionality which most mobile users are accustomed to using. Am I missing it? If it is not currently available, are the plans to include it in the near future? Thank you.


It appears at the next update.

Before I purchase I would like to know few things.
1) I want to use “Diamond FlipBook”, I need to leave 10% of screen area at all sides. Will “full area” fulfil my requirement ?
2) Can I change page by swiping figure in mobile?


1. It may require a little custom coding.
2. You have to take the corner and drag.

Have purchased the Diamond FlipBook – jQuery on 10 May, 2016 with purchase code: d6e24007-aed0-4956-aba1-77e9e2c5113e.

The created website is published two months ago. Most of the functions are working fine except SEND MESSAGE icon: cannot send message to any email address. It was working for about six weeks. The host for website is GoDady. The browser I am using is FireFox. Please provide suggestion(s) to rectify this issue.

Thanks and regards,



Make sure that the function “mail” on your server is enabled.

How to add page after book is loaded?

could you at least answer my question on how the pointer works, though?


You can more accurately describe the problem? I do not understand you. Send me also a private message and provide a link to your flipbook.

Hi I was able to fix the problem. apparently I just need to clear event handlers… thanks

d6e24007-aed0-4956-aba1-77e9e2c5113e Hi, This is my second email in regards to Diamond FlipBook code as I cannot receive email from my website velvetylife.com. Your answer to this problem was: “Make sure that the function ‘mail’ on your server is enabled”. I checked with website host (GoDaddy). As per suggestion the “Remote Mail Exchanger” in MX Entry (cPanel) was activated. This did not help and they believe the problem is related to the code of the page (Diamond FlipBook) as there is third party involved in the code. Web developer checked the code and he believes it is fine as the ‘mail’ option was working in first several weeks upon lunching website.

Please provide suggestion that will help to resolve this crucial option on website (there is no interaction with website visitors).

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The form works perfectly. Make sure that the e mail messages are not in the SPAM folder .If the problem is still – send me a private message.

Hi, one question It’s posible change the background Txs


Yes of course. You can change the background.


I have purchased plugin and install in my wordpress website.

My requirement is to create flipbook from PDF file.

As per documentation,I have followed below steps:

1) Set Link to library turnjs 2) uploaded my PDF file in website 3) Create a book : for this i have open tab “Create from PDF” and fill value in “Source Pdf” with the link of pdf i have uploaded in website.

On pressing a button “Generate Book” next

I am getting 2 alert box saying below error in sequence: 1. send_pdf = 200 2. send_pdf = SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0

Could you please help me as soon as possible.

Please inbox me on bhumika@thehopefactory.com if possible



Send me a private message and give me the data for WordPress (host, user, password)

Hi! Just purchased… in the js folder turn.js file is missing!


Please read the documentation “installation”. File “turn.js” you have to download yourself.

Is there a way to test the plugin before buy it?


You can view online how it works.
Operation and management is easy.


Just wanted to know if I you help me out really fast.

How and where can apply an autoplay (autostart) code to open my magazine to pages 2 – 3 immediately? I know some js and html5 so I only need to know the information not the service.

Thanks in advance.


Send me a private message.


rcdev Purchased

Hello, I used this plugin in my recent project. Everything is working fine but I was tasked to change the appearance, Specifically in the “Show All Pages”, what my client likes to achieve is to put the popup on the left side of the book. I tried doing it in CSS at first, but it just makes the pop up don’t work. And after that, I tried customizing the JS but still failed.

Is there any work around enable for me to really achieve that kind of output?


There is no such function – this requires custom coding.

Hi, Once I added 2 more pages (double page) to original code, last page doesn’t show. It automatically returns to the first page. Hope you can help us to solve it. I saw that someone has already asked this question. Thanks.

Sorry, never mind, I think I figure out this one. Would’ve been nice to have it in instruction document.

How do I hotlink the pages in my book? Can I hotlink different areas of the page to different links?


Links hotspot are possible in this product:

hi sir you send me example file of full page.. But i lost the file. could you send me once again. Because this file spam.

Reference link https://codecanyon.net/item/diamond-flipbook-jquery/3146425/comments?page=26&filter=all#comment_14173058

thank you


I sent the email again.

Hi thank you .. Bus still i did not get .. also not in spam..


Send me a private message.


Can I see the documentation before buying? I need to integrate it with PHP, like when clicking to go to the next page, the URL changes and PHP/MySQL generates a new page for the flip book, is this possible?



Using PHP is very easy to generate is the flipbook. Send a private message to me – will show you the documentation.

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how to make menu bar on top?



There is no such function – this requires custom coding.
If you need custom coding – send me a private message

I read in a previous comment that there is only a back button since it is full screen. Is this still the case or is it possible to have the Wordpress menu links show above the Jquery Flipbook?


Nothing has changed. If you need custom coding – send me a private message.

A video showing exactly how to set this up and use it would be very useful. Not everyone is a coder and spending hours on not-so-intuitive instructions does not put you on my list of favorite providers.

With 3,095 sales you could have hired a professional to record a tutorial video. With Fiverr available to everyone, I do not understand why CodeCanyon sellers do not have complete video tutorials.


Thanks for the suggestion.

Hi there,

I’ve purchased your FlipBook, thank you! Now I wonder how to link the page thumbnails displayed in the slider to actual pages, in order for the slider to work as navigation.

Thanks for a hint :) Pataka

Sorry, I see that my problem is actually in displaying any pages after No. 13 (which is the “famous” spread No. 7, discussed above). All pages are present in the html, all images are present in the pages folder; you can even see the spread 8 load correctly for a split second, but since the URL shows “end” suddenly, the book flips back to the first page.

The issue with the slider not linking correctly is the result of the above: the respective page doesn’t get displayed, so you get always back to the start. The same goes for the manual input – “show page No. 27”, for example.

What am I doing wrong here, please? How will I achieve displaying further pages in the book?

Thank you!! Pataka