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Congratulations!!! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :)


Hi. Does this support custom post types? I mean this is good, but need to know if I can disable by post type, like disable $plugin by $post_type (ex: product)

I would like to see the option to disable $post_type and selected posts of $post_type

Thanks! I hope this makes sense. :)

Nice Work Bro. Thumbs Up ;)

Do you mean about the permalink change? This is actually also mentioned on the screenshot where it says Add New Rule… and also in the text where it says: “3. [Page] Select pages to extract URI from (it will update automatically if the page slug changes)”. Or do you mean something else?

Hi. Yes. I see it now. Just an oversight on my part. Thanks for coding it so!

Cool, no problem :)


elinmor Purchased

hello and thanks for great plugin. translate does not work please fix this bug.

Hello, thank you too. Sure, no problem, please send me an email so we can talk more and I can send you a new version to try the fix:

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)


Can it be used to disable plugins on wp-admin page?

Hi Nikolay, thanks for update. No worry, will wait till you manage to update this. we found an alternative solution for the moment.

Have a great day!

Great, thank you too.

Hi. Just to mention that now it has a feature to affect the back-end.


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Hi plugin chic !!! The fool is the one who does not buy it! But I have a little problem. I turned off on a mobile device js composer. But if you look at the page code, the style file remains


dsking Purchased

Yes, everything is great. I’ve done everything. Tell me. dropped the letter that the plugin has been updated. Something new?


dsking Purchased

I read everything. Super. Be sure to update.

Great! Happy to hear it :). Yeah, added some new features and fixes (seems you read them in the changelog already).

AWESOME Update man! Appreciate the global actions and rule groups feature A LOT!

Cool. Like half of the new features were your idea, thanks :)

This is a very useful plugin, good luck!

Thanks! Wow, you have a lot of badges, nice :)

Hi friend. Installed And now I get such errors

Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, bool given in /var/www/www-root/data/www/ on line 251

Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, bool given in /var/www/www-root/data/www/ on line 139

Hi. Sorry to hear that. Please give an email to send you a fix. Or if you do not want to publish it here, send me an email on and I will reply. Regards.

Posted in mail

Thanks, I replied now.

Hey @nikolaydev thanks for such a powerful plugin. It solve all the performance issues I had. Just one feature request, It’d be good to have an edit button.
When you add a new rule and want to update the rule, you can’t so you’d have to create a new rule and delete the old one.
What I realize is that if you create a new rule with the condition you liked in some instances it does not take effect. I guess you’d have to look into it to see if there’s a way to make the rules available for subsequent entry being conditional.

Again, Great extension. Saved me a lot! Love it!

Hi again. The edit feature is live bow :). Regards.

Good morning nikolaydev, you’re the best! I really like the way you work!
With regards to

And the other thing you say, am not sure what you mean. Do you mean that all rules are applied individually? Because this is how the plugin works, it applies all rules as they are described. So if there are two rules that deactivate on all except selected URI for one plugin, it would basically deactivate everywhere. Is that what you mean? Please tell me if it is something else, so I know if there is a bug.
I read what I was saying and realize I that your plugin had a great way to deal with the issue and I wasn’t looking at it logically.

If I could review this plugin again I’d give you a 10 our of 5 Stars!
Great work!

Great, thank you! I am very happy to hear that. In earlier versions the plugin had some, lets say logical problems, some things were not possible, but I later realised my mistakes, and now it is much better. There are multiple custom conditions in one rule. There is something else that I kind of want to be possible, but it is not right now. It is to deactivate on all URI except a page or a custom value. It can do multiple custom values, but not a page or a custom value. But it should’t be a big problem. We will see how I decide to handle this in the future though. For now I am pretty happy with it, now that it has editing and multiple custom conditions. Regards :) (Also I mean now, not bow in my previous comment)

A great idea would be to add a section called delay for plugin, something like in what order the plugins should be loaded to optimize the site. Something like lazyload of plugins haha.

Hi. Interesting… But delay the plugin until when? And how would that speed up the site if the same number of plugins are just loaded in a different order? Or you mean to delay until after the page loads?

Hi, if I refer to both, I’ll give you an example:

order time

Loading Page

1. wp rocket 2. woocommerce 3. revolution slider

after loading page:

4. social login 5. woo notification

Unfortunately I do not think that loading a plugin after the page loads is even possible. Plugins hook into various events during the WordPress loading process and make their changes. This is why WordPress loads them very early. After the page loads, all those events have now long passed, and the data is already calculated. I don’t think that plugins can work like that. Regards.

Hello. Can with your plug-in see in which page which plug-ins are enabled? For example is there a button on sample-page-1 to show me what plug-ins are enabled? Or you have to blindly disable them from the backend etc?

Ok i understand. Thank you for the info. For number 1. take your time. is not mandatory now. Just a future request. Thank you.

OK, great. Thank you very much for the review! Regards.

Hi. I added the option for all rules with custom URI selection to also affect the back-end (except some pages related to controlling and updating plugins). Keep in mind that If you enable it and you have a rule that used to deactivate everywhere on the front-end it would deactivate on the back-end too. So to make a rule that deactivates only on the front-end while the back-end option is enabled, you can just make a rule that deactivates on all URI that do not contain /wp-admin/ for example. Regards.

Hello. I’m wondering if your plugin works with nginx.

I see that you purchased the plugin. Thank you! If you see any problems let me know. Regards.

It works beautifully on nginx! Thanks, Nikolay. I can’t figure out one rule, so I’ll contact you via your support.

Great :)

Hi, I’ using Elementor Builder for build all page in my website. In has installed 5-7 addons plugin for Elementor (every addon include 15-30 widget), when I create 1 page, inside a page i use max 7-10 widget on elementor addons. My web page always load slow because I load all .js and .css of all addon elementor builder. So, Deactivate Plugins can be detect addon plugins running on my page for me easily turn of this? Hope see your reply. Thanks.

Hi. With my plugin you can deactivate the addon plugins that you are not using on each page, but you have to choose which ones manually. It cannot detect which ones you have used and which not. You add deactivation rules for each plugin (or a group of plugins) to be deactivated on certain pages. Regards.


How does this plugin works with caching plugins? I was reading a documentation of similar plugin and it mentioned that it might conflict with caching plugins if the caching plugin try to minify javascripts and css on each page? Thanks in advance.

Hello. I haven’t heard of such problem with my plugin so far from other clients (granted my plugin is pretty new for now), but since there are all kinds of different plugins out there anything is possible. All I can say is that If someone reports me a problem, I fix it. So if you see an issue let me know. Regards.

Thanks for the reply.

I am an advanced Wordpress Developer and am VERY IMPRESSED with your plugin organization tool. Excellent job.

I have used all of the available plugins that attempt to tackle this situation, even the ones no longer available, and yours is absolutely the very best.

A couple of changes / recommendations I would like to see:

- Allow the ACTIVE PLUGINS section to be collapsed (with a down arrow icon) and hold its state between sessions. Or allow the display of that section to be removed altogether with a settings checkbox. I do everything in group and I think others will also.

- In the EDIT PLUGIN GROUP interface, put a visual indicator next to the plugins that are already selected as part of another group so I don’t overlap.

- In the EDIT RULE interface, when DEACTIVATE ON ALL URI’S EXCEPT is selected, allow the STEP-3 CUSTOM URI CONDITION to be blank OR (see below)...

- In the EDIT RULE interface, create option to DEACTIVATE ON ALL URI’S (with no exception)

Thanks for considering these things. You are on to something really awesome here. My congrats and my support to you.

By the way, you can select all URI with a custom rule if you choose for example “does not equal” and give it a random value like fre534hdiuyw4. I still need to add it as a feature, but I thought I should mention this alternative for now.

I discovered that and just ended up entering // for all of those instances, which works fine.

Ah OK, good.