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KayraHan Purchased

hello, I wrote your profile at codecaynon. did you get my email? if so, could you answer me? Thank you

I can answer here:

I tested the application on your server – everything works! You have perfectly installed the script!

If you want a refund – contact Envato! I do not see any reason for accepting a refund!

If you use bad hosting – this is your problem, not a problem with the script!

Thanks for the comment. Thank you

Hi Friend! I have a Question! How can I set a limit on the images to be a maximum of 5 images per user?

Please explain in more detail

ok I tell you I want to leave the code like this, but what I want is that each user who registers can only upload a maximum of 5 photos, in order not to occupy so much space on the server, it is like establishing a limitation only for the images.

I think that’s a very bad idea!

This will alienate users from your application!

Disk space is very cheap, and also the application reduces the quality of images to save disk space!

On my server more than 10k pictures and it takes no more than 3GB – it’s very cheap and does not create problems, and users are very satisfied!

Hi, qascript. I would like to buy your application, but I need help with installation. Can you do this for extra-money or maybe you can advise some one, who can do this. If yes – we can continue in personal correspondence. Thank you


Documentation contains all the necessary data for setting up the application and the server part.

I know only one person who can do the installation for a fee: https://codecanyon.net/user/heisenberg1973

Pre sale is this include site also instalation intruction?


All source code: app, web site and admin panel. Documentation contains all information about configuration app and server part


Rd1LxAJp Purchased

How can ı add review photo ?

Excuse me, can you explain in more detail?

Or do I have to guess what you mean :)


Rd1LxAJp Purchased

when user upload a photo can we review that from admin panel ?

I’m sorry, this feature is not present.

You can track “Profile Reports” and check the accounts of the users who have complaints

Hello, after the last update, users is not showing in the search… what happens?

Understand. Ups. I have more than 60k users friend

I wrote above how to solve your situation.

Now I will make a new archive so that other buyers do not have this “situation” :)

Thank you for the information!

Problem is solved! Thank you.


silu44 Purchased

Updated to 3.5 website is ok all works

mobile app don’t save changes to ( new fields ” age – sex orient – height – weight ) but all field appear well .

which file from ( update files ) to monitor and review ??

This means that you have not updated some files – sorry, I’m not clairvoyant and can not tell you the name of the files that you did not update or where you made a mistake

Please Update the files that need to be updated. The update has no errors and all the necessary files are included in the update.

The files that are responsible for save and edit users settings:

“api \ v2 \ method \ account.saveSettings.inc.php”




silu44 Purchased

I’m sorry sir , i know the update doesn’t contains any error because you tested it and so i – on the demo .

Solved by reviewing ( “api \ v2 \ method \ account.saveSettings.inc.php” )

Many thanks

Be more attentive in the future :)

Hi qascript is there any way we can implement pop up ad on this. Cheers

Do you have the source code – why ask these questions? :)

You can realize everything you need!

I do not plan to add pop-up ads and “interstitial” – I am strongly against this type of advertising. I love clean apps!

Ok I like to show online users first when people searching

It is a bad idea.

File “SearchFragment.java” in line 74 set “search_online” to 0 by default


muhyal Purchased

Hi friend,

I want to change eg 1minute ago, 1month ago, texts (in Website and mobile app) but i cant see this texts in strings.xml file.

Please help me for this problem.


See and edit file: “you server\class\class.language.inc.php”


muhyal Purchased

Thanks for this and new question. Online / Offline text in website?


muhyal Purchased

I found :)

if ($profile[‘friendUserOnline’]) {

echo "


} else {
echo "



mnjain Purchased

Hi,I bought your dating app ,when i uploaded the php files in public_html but when i am running install.php the browser is giving http 500 error


There may be dozens of options where you see an error 500, for example:

1) The wrong directory on the server

2) Incorrect data from the database in the config db.inc.php

3) You are using nginx server. This script works on apache

In any case, look at the error log of your server

Hey Buddy,

Just saw one of your replies stating that its a Bad Idea to Place Online Users First in the Search Results. Was wondering would you mean by this that it affects the functionality of the app or just your own thoughts about the implementation?

Dear author I have configured the app and the server and I only have one problem, when the camera is opened to take a picture it does not work (in taking a picture of the gallery it works well) but when you open it in the camera it takes the picture but it stops. I have tested your google demo demo app with several android versions and the problem remains the same. Please review a cordial greeting

1) I tested this on different devices and it works!

2) I do not see any such comments from other users!

I think that you are using an emulator or “unique” devices for testing …

In any case, I need more information to understand your problem


coolgroup Purchased

Hey! i have last version…. and works but when i go to photo detail close app and shows in debug line ViewImageFragment.java:261 and right here mListViewHeader = getActivity().getLayoutInflater().inflate(R.layout.image_list_row,null); can you help me please. thank you.

I think that your internet connection can not download pictures from your server – maybe a problem with https certificates

Try in your config files db.inc.php and Constants.java to specify links to the domain without https – use http for testing


coolgroup Purchased

ok really thank you for your time and help. i will check now. thank you again


coolgroup Purchased

I did with you original code change only url and works. Thank you.


Rd1LxAJp Purchased

Hey I installed the script but he say

You can not create multi-accounts!


Rd1LxAJp Purchased

woow Thank u :) its working I have a other question

when ı upload a photo and go to Stream Photos its List is empty.

I go to the Account Info from user I can see photo but when ı click delet photo

406 Not Acceptable This request is not acceptable


Rd1LxAJp Purchased

I give access Filezilla photo 777 :/

Excuse me, do you understand what you wrote ???

I see absolutely incomprehensible information!

Please, formulate your question correctly.

The photos you use for the profile or cover are not displayed in the “Stream” section!

Do you provide installation service based on extra payment?


I’m sorry, I do not have time for this.

You can refer to this person: https://codecanyon.net/user/Heisenberg1973


reynoso29 Purchased

Hi, Where can I change the main window when I open the app. displayView(13); ?



reynoso29 Purchased

Ok, Can you send me the solution to update the code please? Thanks,


reynoso29 Purchased

Good. Working. Thanks,

Hi, Why in “Matches” in the menu, the distance always say 0.0km in all the users and that number is not true.

Great update Dmitry. Good job.

Thanks for the comment.

hi, after updating the app i have one issue,upload profile photo compulsory before but now it is not. tell me in which line i have to put this code now ? because the file lines are changed now. In the file “SignupFragment.java”, after the line number “1005” add the code:

if (selectedPhotoImg.length() == 0) { Toast.makeText(getActivity(), “Please select photo!”, Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show(); return false; }


1) In the last update, the file “SignupFragment.java” did not change!

2) My original file “SignupFragment.java” never had the lines that you mention!

3) The code that you mention is your personal code! Sorry, but I’m not obliged after each update to edit the code for you! Your personal code – This is not my fault! Now you can add the code that was mentioned after line 1073

Have a good day.

hey qascript.

when ı will delet profil photo from user become a Error messeage:

https://i.hizliresim.com/Z9qlmG.png <==

From Stream Photos workings Fine But from edit profil doesnt work

Dear, sorry, when you write the correct questions and comments ???

You created dozens of comments – 90% of your questions are absolutely not logical and not clear! I understand that there is a difference in languages, but there is google translate!

Explain to me what the “edit profil” function has to do with the function “Stream Photos” ?

I created this script and do not see any relationship between these functions !! Or I do not understand the functionality of my own script ???

I previously answered a similar question from you: The photos you use for the profile or cover are not displayed in the “Stream” section!

Why create spam and duplicate messages ????

ERROR 403 is the error of your server, which tells you – you have problems with access rights to a folder or file

Next time I will deny support for duplicating issues and creating spam.

Thank you for understanding. Have a good day.