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Frankyz Purchased

Hi !

Everything was working fine without any problems yet and also the website !

Now i have the problem with facebook login !—> to many redirects (was working fine before and i did not change anything since months !)

What is here the problem now ? Do you have any solution ? In my facebook app i figured out that i have to enter something in OAuth Redirect URIs

but if i enter the domain http://my.test.com/ nothing happens and again …to many redirects.

I know. Wait for the update

waiting for the update….

Is there a way to add custom banners for ads? apart from admob

You have the source code – add whatever you want! I do not use other ad networks, except admob and I can not help you in this matter

Also the facebook login and sign up seems to work fine in the demo but not in the download (too many redirects)

I know. Wait for the update

any estimation for the update?

A few days later the update will be available

Playstore rejects this app. i edited colors .then also google rejects.

i changed package name,application name. then i changed app_logo and ic_lancher. then which icons i have to change? should i change other icons?

What answer did you get from Google? Reason for rejection?

@qascript published my app. thank you.it happened due to no privacy page in website

Hi we want some modifications and installation too , where we can contact you for that ?

Sorry, no

I do not configure and install the script for users

Do you provide source ?

On codecanyon all source code is available


MWCD Purchased

Looking forward to see how this app works out :)

Hi. I´m just to publish it on Google Play. Should i wait for an update?

this is including the admin panel????



mghr Purchased

I want a gift!


MWCD Purchased

Quick question: I want to import my existing database to the app so I wanted to quickly check what method you use to generate the password.

It’s not md5 so I am wondering how you generate the password for the database so I don’t have to scan the whole code myself to find out. This would help a lot saving time.

Also, how would I request the “gift” from you? I picked the Media Network one and have sent you a message over envato but no reply yet :)

Thanks for your great products and support. Will get two more apps shortly.

Registration and authorization functions in the file: class / class.account.inc.php

Send a re-message to the gift request – maybe I did not see your message

no hidden cost anymore???or adding cost in the future??how about the hosting to put the server??no need server ??

I had just purchased Dating App template from Envato Market & I need the following :

1. ” I WANT GIFT” 2. There is no IOS ApK available in this download

Also if in case we need support from you on this APP how we can access you in future

1) Link to a gift sent to you

2) iOS App is available separately! Read carefully the description!

Just Purchased , “I WANT GIFT!”

I sent you a link

Got it, Thanks!

Hi I was going to get this and noticed it is going to be updated and thought I will get it after the update. The update was going to be a while ago but it hasn’t yet.

Where is the update I am waiting from 2 months. My facebook login problem is not fixed.

Dear, when the update is available – you will receive an email!

I do not need to write about this 100 times – from the number of your comments the update will not be available faster!

If I break Envato rules – contact Envato support!

Have a good day!