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I want to give professional status to everyone, how do I do that

There is no such function.

You can do this with phpMyAdmin. You need to set the value of the “pro” field to 1, in the table “users”

This can be done for all users at once by executing a simple sql query.


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Hi, I can not build apk in android studio because this error. I have followed the instruction in docs and even my mysql version is 10. But still got this..

Error:(21, 38) error: package github.ankushsachdeva.emojicon does not exist Error:(68, 16) error: cannot find symbol class EmojiconTextView Error:(72, 16) error: cannot find symbol class EmojiconTextView Error:(105, 41) error: cannot find symbol class EmojiconTextView Error:(109, 42) error: cannot find symbol class EmojiconTextView

I think that you made changes to the source code and made a mistake. For example, you could make an error when renaming a package

Hi, has someone maybe a solution to save the search settings? Users alwasy must change them when switching to “search”. thanks br

In the near future I do not plan to add this feature. the search function does not have hundreds of parameters, so I do not see the need for saving the search parameters. maybe in the future I will add this function

i understand. But user experience would still be better. This “Request” comes from users ;) thanks anyway. Maybe i check this my own way.

Hi, i got another question. I have a problem with the pro mode. When i receive a nessage, and click on the Notification to jumo direclty into the messages view in the app, when i want to answer, i get the message that i have to enable the pro mode. When i close the app, start it, go to messages, i can reply again. IÄm not sure if a have missed someting or hit a bug. thanks

@diehummel same problem, Pro mode doesn’t work correctly. Users very often must log out and login again.

Fixed. Please wait for update

@Heisenberg1973: i think it was my mistake. i found that i hade a wrong ( in the regex on the server side class.helper.inc.php. I changed it to add special characters. Maybe, when clicking on the notification on the mobile, then you jump into the app, you are not correctly authenticated and the upgrade status couldn’t be read. i also restartet the server. now i see much more chat traffic then before.

i set the regex not to: if(!preg_match(’/{8,20}$/i’, $password)) { in class.helper.inc.php

And in the Android App: String regExpn = “[_@!§$ x%x /()=?{}#+-\\<>a-zA-Z0-9]{8,20}$”;

Seems to be working now. Didn’t get negativ feedback from the users anymore.

Which PHP Version do you use?

Just the wrong oriented pictures is now left for me to handle. Thats a bit frustrating.

very bad solution! with each notification a request will be generated to the server and this will create a huge load on the server and database! Do not use this solution – wait for the update, the solution to this situation is very simple

ok.. thanks. hope it comes soon. users get angry and start uninstalling the app :(

Fixrd. Plase wait for update


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Hi Qascript

to suit my needs i changed many profile fields (carefully ) . it works fine to me and i like the app detailed images : https://imgur.com/Oe2EHyc https://imgur.com/yul3Prf

My question is (is this safe for future update ) do u plan to use any of these fields in future functions ?

like ( matching ) or love meter for example ? and this future needs or use any of edited fields ?


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i renamed Profile fields ( strings ) and added more options for each field

This is your personal concern! This has nothing to do with my original application and code


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Hi qascript I am not sure if this was answered But is it possible to disable pro mode so users can send unlimited messages like before.


There is no such function in the application.

You can change this directly in the database.

1) For example, edit the table “users” with phpMyAdmin, set the value of the “pro” field to 1 – all future users will get “pro mode” by default when registering

2) For example, execute a simple sql query for the “users” table and set the value of the “pro” field to 1, so that all users get “pro mode”

Hi, when a user deactivates his account, can he reactivate it within the app? i have tried it, but i couldn’t reacticvate it. The text for “settings_account_deactivation” is not used or displayed when deactivating. thanks

Excuse me, what you do not understand ??

In version 3.2, the deactivation functions have changed: now the reactivation of the account is impossible!

You can also change the textual constant “settings_account_deactivation” in the application to the text convenient for you: file “res / values / strings.xml”, constant “settings_account_deactivation”

i thought it should be possible to reactivate. now its clear. missunderstood it somewhere. thanks for clarifying.

Prior to version 3.2 you could reactivate the account, but after version 3.2 it is impossible


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Hi Qascript,

So when an account is deactivated, can a new user register a new account using the deactivated username? Thanks.


If a person deactivates an account – he and other people will not be able to use the deactivated username!

Possible reuse (after deactivation) for email and facebook id


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Dating app It was stopped by error (ChatListAdapter.java:94) (ProfileFragment.java:186) (NavdrawerAdapter.java:90)

Dear, why do I need your mistakes ??

In the screenshot you can see two things:

1) You use my package name “ru.ifsoft.chat”

2) The layout contains an unknown class (I think that the unknown component)

Possible reasons:

1) Perhaps you made changes to layout files and made an error

2) Maybe you missed some updates and now do not understand what you are doing

3) You replaced build.gradle and made incorrect changes to the file

4) If you have changed (or replaced) layout files: in layout-files, you must also change the package name to your own package name

In any case – This is your mistake!

I recommend: Use my original layout-files

Where is displayed counter free messages??

I think the best place for free messages counter is “Upgrades” section, nearby with button for buying “Pro Mode”

I’ll add it in the next update.

Maybe better in toolbar in messages

I will test this when I make an update

thanks for advice


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dear creator, When I test the app by sign up using email, i got this message. When loading data error has occured. Check your network connection.


Sky is blue. Why? Please describe in detail the reasons for this situation. For example: this happened after the update was performed or after the script was installed

Possible reasons:

1) Because you made a mistake in the server part code or a typo

2) Did not correctly update: forgot to update the ability to make some files or failed to comply with the database correction

3) The time zone on the server is not set

4) Enabled strict mode on the server

The reasons can be many, but without information I can not help you – I do not read people’s thoughts.


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Dear Qascript

after update 3.3

it ask to add maven in gradle (project) , i did that but it still show red line under

compile 'com.android.support:appcompat-v7:26.1.0'

i searched on stackoverflow but nothing works

All com.android.support libraries must use the exact same version specification (mixing versions can lead to runtime crashes). Found versions 27.0.1, 26.1.0. Examples include `com.android.support:animated-vector-drawable:27.0.1` and `com.android.support:design:26.1.0`


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hhhh sure , this future is available in Web version for the user to choose his language , do you plan to add it to the app ?

translation is Buyer matter

Maybe I will add it in the future. Now there are more important functions that need to be realized. For example, the functions “seen and typing” in chat


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thank you ! :) we are waiting for all the new functions.

Hello, İ updated 3.3 but ı dont see smileys i see ?????

How to add emoji support – please read the documentation

Hello, Hope you are doing well !. I have a small Issue if you can assist me with it. I updated the app, All is fine. But on the website (Admin page) there is a Display issue when I go to user account The recently registered user list showed in the top of the page and the Blue Menu Bar come down to the Middle of the page. Kindly Assist.

I just would like to Inform you that I fixed it Now.. Everything is Fine )))

Just a question, is there any chance that you will add an Option in the Admin Page to mark a user as PRO. same option with AdMob and Ghost and other features in the next Update?

Dear author I will buy your product, download the demo to prove it and I find an error in the user registry: First install the app on my mobile phone with android 4.2 and it works perfectly the user registration Then install the app on another mobile phone with android 5.1.1 and in the registry enter other information, by clicking on the button SING UP stays on that same page and does not progress (does not perform the registration) Is it an Android version problem or what is it? I am looking forward to your response a greeting


It’s not a mistake! It is forbidden to register multi-accounts!

For example: you can not register more than one account from one IP!

I think that you are trying to register a second account from the same IP, for example, I use the same Internet connection!

If you created an account, then for 6 hours, you can not create a second account with this same IP!

Thanks for the comment.


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Hello, it seems that the “pull down to refresh” in the search view is not refreshing. It is just refreshing when i open the search menu and press ok. Cann you please check that? thanks br


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i changed in searchfragment.java in public void onRefresh() if (App.getInstance().isConnected()) && currentQuery.length() != 0) { to if (App.getInstance().isConnected()) { //&& currentQuery.length() != 0) {

Then its working


There is no mistake!

I did it: for the update to work if there are characters in the search bar. Ie, if you use search, and do not use preload.

But if you do not like my choice – use your own algorithm :)


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ok. i didn’t work for me. its just a little change. Now its the same like in the other fragments :). thanks


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App generated but there are no connection between my hosting and app, kindly suggest how to do the needful.


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Sir I sending you email

Also give me you two configs: db.inc.php and Constants.java for testing

my email: raccoonsquare@gmail.com

I do not see your email with config files …