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i have to insert range dates in dropdown list as attributes for woocommerce course product. On backend i would like to select the ranges of datas each of theme displayed as variation select on the frontend. can you plugin help me?

Hi, this plugin will not support woocommerce product attribute. Please check online documentation for this Item to know how this plugin work. Thanks

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Hi, is it possible to use this plugin directly in the Woocommerce Checkout? Thanks!

Hi, if you check documentation and configuration you will see this Daterange is working based on form input field name. So if you set js belongs to woocommerce checkout form field name then daterange will work but this plugin will not work directly in the Woocommerce Checkout. For details please check demo, settings and documentation. If you have any more query let me know. Thanks

Hi, pre-purchase question… Since we organize tours, we need a minimum of 12 to 24 hours notice to allow any booking date to take place… I have read your Doc., but I do not understand it, to be honest :/ So we wish our date picker not to allow people to select a next day (e.g. less than 12 hours) date… Can we do this with your plugin (e.g. +12 or +24 hours mini)? We also wish for the date picker to be initiated to a field with some class or ID… Apologies for the inconvenience… I need confirmation before purchase and I do not have time to figure it out right now. Thank you in advance and Best Regards.


Thanks for your query message. Apologies for the lack of the documentation. And Sorry that you can’t understand. First thing this Plugin is just for a calendar with date range picker. This plugin not maintain your booking history and booking availability.

IN the calendar view you can set: var todayDate = moment(); var nextDay = moment().add(1, ‘days’); var nextWeek = moment().add(7, ‘days’); .................... .................... ....................

var next30days = moment().add(30, 'days');
var dt = new Date();
var cy = dt.getFullYear();
var minDates = '1 December, ' + cy;
var maxDates = '31 December, ' + cy;


var minDates =  nextDay;
var maxDates =  next30days;

Hope above code will help you how you will setup. You have to set code as like above code in plugin settings page.

You can check:

Check this section also: Style-8: All Past Day Disable and Short Calendar Label Text and Apply/Cancel Button Disable On date select will Show Alert Box for Selected date

If you have any more query please ask through Support Tab Contact. If and only if this Item can meet your demand then purchase this item.

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Does your plugin have the feature below :

I need to book a car for 5 hour validity 30 days or 15 hours validity 4 months …

Admin will set hours on calendar manually, each time the client use the booked car (Driving school business)

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Have you checked the demo. Please check demo especially style 15 to style 18 of different demo version. Also please check online documentation. Please be noted that this plugin is not a booking plugin it is a date range picker plugin as like a calendar. If you need you can customize the plugin as you need based on the documentation and existing features. If you have any more query please sent me email through Support Tab. Thanks


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Hi, nifty script!

One question though, is it possible to remove the current date as the default value of the date field? I’m using the single datepicker for the date of birth field and do not want to populate this field automatically.


Hi, Thanks. Yes possible please contact me through Support tab contact I will give you the required js. Thank You