DateRange - Multipurpose Responsive Date Range Picker

DateRange - Multipurpose Responsive Date Range Picker


DateRange is a Full Responsive jQuery Multipurpose Bootstrap Date Range Picker plugin. Code written in a simple way by which you can easily integrated at your site.

DateRange is Responsive Multipurpose jQuery Bootstrap Date Range Picker plugin. It can be simply integrated at your site with the documentation help. All the codes are clean, well commented and well organized with proper help documentation. It looks great with all types of devices. Try out the demo.

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  • Multipurpose Date Range Picker
  • Date Range Picker
  • Single Date Picker
  • Single Date and Time Picker
  • Full Calendar Date Range Picker
  • Easy month and year switch
  • Multi language (Included Instructions in Documentation)
  • 100% Responsive & Mobile-Friendly Layout
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Easy Color Customizable
  • Easy integration into your site
  • Well Documentation ( proper instructions for setup and color customization )
  • Dedicated Support
  • and Much More!

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        ----- V 1.5 Released:     13 February 18 ----- 
        - Updated: Plugin css files updated
        - Updated: Plugin js files updated just remove 1 duplicate line
        - Fixed: Icon display for IE browser
        - Fixed: Calendar display fixed (updated js files - just remove 1 duplicate line) for IE browser
        ----- V 1.4 Released:     25 January 18 ----- 
        - Updated: Design updated now more modern
        - Updated: Plugin css for improving design
        - Updated: html files for adding new styles
        - Updated: from non-bootstrap version removed unnecessary bootstrap.min.css file
        - Updated: Plugin js for adding new styles and design
        ----- V 1.3 Released:     7 December 17 ----- 
        - Updated: Design updated
        ----- V 1.2 Released:     19 November 17 ----- 
        - Added: 3 new pages/styles for Non-Bootstrap Site
        ----- V 1.1 Released:     15 October 17 ----- 
        - Updated: color options, skins, layouts, languages, Template Design
        - Updated to fully new modern and clean design
        - Updated: Documentation has updated - how to customize calendar color
        ----- Initial V 1.0 Released: 23 August 17 -----
        - Initial Released