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Thanks, I’ve already figured it out

Great! :)

Hi how can I change the “Search:” & “records per page” labels? Thank you

Hi luigixpl, please check the jquery.datatables.js file and search for the definition of sLengthMenu in oLanguage.

Thank you


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hi buddy. i set the options but i can see the submit button at example.edit.php file

check here: http://site.liberdadereligiosa.org.br/contatos/example.edit.php


Then it must be something else. Please attach a screenshot of the network response in the Developer Tools of your browser to check the specific error.


ericsrp Purchased

theres another way to contact you to send the information? skype? telegram?

send an email via the contact form, so i can reply in there.

Hi, I have been trying for weeks now to get the form to work with datetime and time form fields but have had no success.

Do you have examp[les of this working so I can adapt to work with my form?



Hi, please check the demo. There’s an example on how to use the date field:

1. prepare field

$fields[‘birthday’] = array(true, ‘date’);

2. print field

<?form_date('birthday', $data['birthday'])?>

I need date and time not just the date.


The datamanager uses this jquery plugin https://uxsolutions.github.io/bootstrap-datepicker/ which doesn’t support time format in the control. Sorry. If you want time you have to implement a different jquery library within the datamanager.

Possible to create users login / out and user roles ?

It’s not actually implemented but I could have it done for an extra fee. Would you be interested? If so pls facilitate your email address to me.

Hi I am trying to figure out how to use the form select with an alias. By this I mean that I have a form select on my form and it is working ok with the following code….

<? $sql = ‘SELECT id_trex, trex_range FROM lawsons_trex ORDER BY id_trex’; $stmt = cnn()->prepare($sql); $stmt->execute(); $trex = $stmt->fetchAll(); ?> <?form_select('id_trex', $trex, $data['id_trex'], !$id)?>

But I don’t want the label for the form select to be “id_trex” I want it to be “Trex_Range” but if I change the code to <?form_select('Trex_Range', $trex, $data['id_trex'], !$id)?>

It fails with an error on trying to save records.

Im stuck and need a response as soon as possible please so I can hit my deadline for delivery.


Alan Edwards

Really appreciate your response and great that it was so quick but I do not understand what you are asking me to do

Regards Alan

The quickest fix would be to add this line just before your form_select() statement: $m[‘id_trex’] = ‘Your text here’;

Thanks andufo worked OK

Hi very nice script. I have question how can I assign two variable to action_edit: SO I WOULD LIKE TO ADD edit.php?id=” + data + and NAME=”data how can I add name in URL as well? if($action_edit) $defs[] = ‘{ “aTargets”: [’.$action_index—.’], “bSortable”: false, “bSearchable”: false, “sClass”: “action”, “mRender”: function(data){ return “”; } }’;

Hi alimehboob, I think that’s gonna be a complicated issue, because you’ll need to edit the datatables js file and php file. Can I ask why would you need to send an extra variable?

I am using this for a document management where I need to download file with its filename and ID.

The problem in your solution, is that the change will be applied to all datatables. Also, the parameter data that places the id in the edit column, has 1 value only, so there should be lots of modifications if you want to achieve your requirement. Perhaps there’s a better solution. Do you have the filename attached to the ID in the database table? If so, you could implement a php that just downloads the file that’s linked to the id. Check out this thread: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/7263923/how-to-force-file-download-with-php