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Hello, you have to fix your problem with charset before I buy your script :


I don’t think if there’s is any problem. Whether it is or not you will have my support about this class ;)

This class supports all possible chars (including binary datas)

Hello arl1nd,

First of all i fix the issue with my Country Detect and Redirect script. I used this script on localhost. Because of that reason it didn’t worked properly.

However, is there any way to use this system with multiple domains or at least with a subdomain?

Let say i have one domain which is On i created a cookie called “mycookie”. can read this cookie. its ok. But i want to read this cookie from OR

All script have same code/usage with superkey.

Is it possible?

Thanx, Xang.

Yes, for sure it is possible to use SafeCookie with multiple domains but there is something that browsers do not support for security purposes.

A cookie that is registered on cannot be seen from, but you can support multiple domains cookies with database based cookies.

SafeCookie is just a way of securing cookies and doesn’t affect the cookie virtues.

Thank you al1nd ;) I will do it with database and ancrypt. (i can create a string with ancrypt and send it to another wbsite. So i can decrypt and use it. Or i will use database system.).

Forgot to ask.

The second question is i want tu use Safecookie with ANCrypt STATIC file.

You always declare these two lines:



If i use them i can’t set static ANCrypt object.

So i use this:




static file instead of standard file. It worked without problem but i just wanted to ask if its ok or not.

Also, if i set a cookie with safecookie; i need to refresh page for the second time. Cuz, it not work with first time. It only set and show me blank page (for testing). After refreshing the page, cookie can be read. I always refesh the page for reading cookies… Whats the problem?


OK, SafeCookie is build in static and standard context under ANCrypt class.

It’s not important which class context you use for cookie encryption but I’ve chosen standard context for flexibility purposes.

ANCrypt it’s just a tool of SafeCookie and you don’t have to be worried about that, because SafeCookie works either in static context or standard context without need to import ANCrypt.static.class.php

And about your issue, that you need to refresh browser before cookie is registered, again its on browser side problem, and let me explain why. Every cookie that is registered through a session, for that cookie to be alive needs that page to be refreshed, and the way to do this on PHP code is by using the below declaration:

header("Location: mypage.php?refreshed");

I’ve set ”?refreshed” just to make you clear that page is refreshed, and then cookie is ready for use.

I’ve took this from PHP .NET site (

Once the cookies have been set, they can be accessed on the next page load with the $_COOKIE or $HTTP_COOKIE_VARS arrays.

My regards

Hi arl1nd,

Thank you very much for your reply and explanation! I understand that why cookies are not ready for the first time. I will redirect or refresh the page automatically with header().

You made a great job! SafeCookie and ANCrypt is just rock solid.

Please make some other stuff too and then i can buy it them too :D Your scripts are really useful!

Have a great day and good luck with your sales.


Thank you very much, soon I will publish a cool toolkit for PHP developers, you’ll see it, just click Follow to stay updated :)

Have a good day

what is the Data encryption method?

Hello SaLiVer,

Im giving you a definition from wikipedia of what is Data encryption:

“In cryptography, encryption is the process of transforming information (referred to as plaintext) using an algorithm (called cipher) to make it unreadable to anyone except those possessing special knowledge, usually referred to as a key. The result of the process is encrypted information (in cryptography, referred to as ciphertext). In many contexts, the word encryption also implicitly refers to the reverse process, decryption (e.g. “software for encryption” can typically also perform decryption), to make the encrypted information readable again (i.e. to make it unencrypted).”

Is there anything else you want to ask me?

But I also thought of your methode… AES or normally base64 cryption ^^

Sorry I cannot understand you clearly. This algorithm doesn’t includes any other encryption algorithms such as AES or DES but for data encoding it uses bas64 encoding system to protect binary data through transport, generated by the ANCryptor

I like to see such an active Discussion/Support Area ;)

Purchased. Great Script. Perfectly Priced.


Thank you very much

Hi – can the script Encrypt and Decrypt both html and php files/codes?


Yes of course, it encrypts contents, whatever type it is, it will just encrypt, and to be used properly again, you must decrypt and save as the original file format was.

Thank you arl1nd. I appreciate your prompt response. YaMon-

Thanks a lot for this class. Works like a charm. I am glad that I bought your class to use it in my project.

Thank you mate, I am pleased to hear this, and good luck with your project


I don’t understand. How do I setup the interface/control panel you have in the demo?

All you have to do is upload files on your server. Just make sure you are using PHP version 5.0 or higher

Can someone give me an everyday use where this ype of data encryption then decryption would need to be used on a daily basic or a type of website it would be useful. I understand, whatever you enter becomes encrypted, then a person with the passkey can decrypt it? can you set how many times it can be decrypted…. as this would be good for advanced php programs when a person buys a license he can get decripted (but that would need an option to allow (optional how many times a code can be decrypted)

Can anyone give me some ideas – even working with other code that this wold come in useful as part of a web service….

I’m interested in adding to to my Short URL Service, but it would need freelance work (if anybody has understanding & would understand to visit the URL a key must be put in to give actual URL + build the shortURL service with my own php/mySQL – but coding knowledge is needed – very interested.


Just downloaded your free file of the month and will try it one day. Thanks for sharing. Looks perfect to use to encrypt cookies.

My pleasure sir :)

Have fun using it


I have this file as free download and have not used it but was testing your online version and realised that when you save the file it adds .enc to the end of the .php extenstion.

Is this a bug or intention and what is the purpose of having this extension at the end if the files are encrypted.

Other than this when when I manually removed the extensions the files could be used to view in notepad/wordpad perfectly.

Can you also advise if this file can be used to encrypt and decrypt normal html/js/css files.

Can I make one suggestion for the next upgrade.

Having the ability to encrypt a files within whole folder or even website rather than individual files.


Hi buddy

The main reason for .enc extension is just to note that the file with that extension its not usable because until is decrypted so, it creates the idea that file has to be decrypted first. If you open with notepad/wordpad it still looks a mess inside.

Yes any suggestions are welcome, and I’ll consider adding this feature. Thank you

Thank you for the quick reply.

I have another question.

If I was to encrypt the files and upload with the .enc extension will they work normal??

also if I was to remove the .enc extension and upload the files to server will the end result display the file as workable??

Kind Regards

Yes, they will work normally no matter what extension they have, even if they have .psd or another one, the main condition is: The files that have been encrypted by ANCryptor, those can only be decrypted with the used key on encryption.

I hope I am clear.

You’re welcome anytime

Thank you arl1nd for your script. But I have a problem using Url encrypt because of special char :) I used urlencode and urldecode functions but it doesnt work.

Do you have any idea? :)

Hi EsPUnholy

Can you tell me which type of characters did you use to become to this error? I must try it then I can make a fix for it.

Thanks for purchasing this item.

The chars are : + , = and /

I converted url encoded but it didnt work. If it is possible special chars removed encrypt string I think it solve the problem.

Thanks for your answer. :)


Nice Product, i am having a small problem with the decryption,

The decryption seems to work fine except the file extension goes to “filename.jpg.enc.enc” instead of going back to “filename.jpg”.

Would you be able to suggest a solution ?


I am having the same problem as EsPUnholy – and need to figure out a fix as soon as possible. Was a fix for this ever implemented?

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Hello, Is this a php application? Does it encrypt binary file?

Hi cc21, can you please post with the account you bought the plugin, this way we can verify that you’re a real customer as we do not offer support to users who doesn’t have “Purchased” badge.

Sorry for misleading you. I meant, if I buy this software, can it be integrated into web site?


This is simple PHP class, so if you include the file CountryDetect.class.php you will be able to use the Class API.


getting errors was working. one error Notice: Undefined variable: show_encrypted in

Hi grimeg,

Is it possible to give me the URL of that page and tell me how do you reproduce this issue?

Kind regards,