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Hi very useful extesion! but i cant make it work, i folow your instruction, it works on admin but on frontpage nothing work, i see on top of frontpage this error:

config->get(‘theme_panel_status’) == ‘1’) { include(“catalog/view/theme/default/stylesheet/customstyle.php”);} ?>

i test it on localhost.

allso i think you make a mistake at the path: Step 2 : Now open catalog/view/theme/common/yourtemplate/templates/common/header.tpl, open header.tpl file. Paste below code inside tag

please help thank you!

Dude, you are right there were couple of mistake in help file. Thanks a lot for pointing out, i just corrected and uploaded help file.

Thank you for the most fast suport!!! i am sory my mistake, problem solved…

No problem, glad that problem solved.

Hi there

this really looks great – almost exactly what I have been looking for. Do you plan to expand it at all? custom logo uploads, extra modules etc?

Thank you for your hard work


Hi, already opencart provide custom logo upload so there is no way doing it again. What do you mean by extra modules??

If there are good amount of sales and more feautre request from buyers then yes i may.

Apologies for not being more specific

I guess its hard to explain what im after but I think I may have to buy it and see if i can modify it to my needs, if it can be done ill then have to buy an extended licence

Wish i had a little more money in my account to afford this, its really got my creative juices flowing!

Let creative juice flow, its good sign :) All the best.

How easy is this to use and customise? Can we have a look at the documentation for this module before purchasing?

Well you need to have basic knoweledge of php to use this, and to customize you need to have good knowledge in HTML , CSS and PHP .

Well sure have a look at here

hi my friend. your extesion is very usefull. i need some help to add some more configuration to admin panel for example color choose for top links , and for modules . can you guide me what should i do;

some quick example please

i really thank you for the help, i am sure that this help others allso to buy this special plugin!!

Hi Dude,

Thanks for purchasing, and am glad that you liked it. Couple of lines code need to be add in all files so its not easy to explain here.

Do you know php? if so it will be easy for you to do.

Hi, settysantu

Can you add Google fonts? For example, body fonts and heading fonts.

Thank you.

Thank you, settysantu. I’m waiting for it.

Well sorry but it takes time, am bit busy now.

Take it easy. I’m not in a hurry. :)