Custom Select for Twitter Bootstrap 3

Custom Select for Twitter Bootstrap 3

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What is this?

This is a jQuery plugin extending the functionality of Twitter Bootstrap 3. It allows you to turn a default select input field into an element completely matching the style of Twitter Bootstrap 3 with one line of JavaScript.

Why use it?

  • applies Twitter Bootstrap 3 style to a select input field
  • preserves native select input field behavior (you can use GET or POST methods to submit the selected value)
  • easily styleable
  • by default uses Twitter Bootstrap3 button styling and field sizing classnames, but this can be easily overridden by using custom ones
  • preserves select element custom attributes and populates them on generated input field
  • opens above field if there is not enough space below it
  • supports keyboard navigation (up/down/enter/tab keys)
  • supports quick navigation through the options by first character
  • supports change event
  • provides methods for easy enabling/disabling the entire select or single option
  • provides methods for dynamically getting/setting value
  • provides methods for dynamically adding/removing options
  • can be customised to filter out options on user input (typeahead/autocomplete-like functionality)
  • can be customised to show a scrollbar when there are many options

Easy to use



Please note: step-by-step explanation is in the docs.

This plugin requires

  • jQuery JavaScript library
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3 front-end framework


v 1.6 (2 January 2014)

Added methods to enable/disable single option

v 1.5 (19 December 2013)

Opens above the field when there is not enough space below it

v 1.4 (13 December 2013)

Fixed dynamic adding/removing options bug, when it was affecting multiple instances

v 1.3 (8 December 2013)

Possibility to customise custom select to accept user input and filter the options (typeahead, autocomplete);

Added methods to dynamically add/remove options

v 1.2 (7 December 2013)

Disable/enable methods; navigation with up/down arrow keys; close on enter key press;

v 1.1 (6 December 2013)

Quick navigation through list using letter/number keys

v 1.0 (20 October 2013)

Restructured plugin and added public methods: get_value, set_value

v 0.4 (14 October 2013)

Custom attributes on initial select element are copied to a generated HTML element

v 0.3 (22 September 2013)

Added javascript ‘change’ event support

v 0.2 (21 September 2013)

Autocomplete prevented on input field, typing and pasting prevented, added a new option – maximum items visible without a scrollbar

v 0.1 (27 August 2013)

Fix: prevented form submit on caret/button click

Initial release (13 August 2013)


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