Discussion on Custom Scrollbar for WordPress – Scroller

Discussion on Custom Scrollbar for WordPress – Scroller

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Coming from envato elements, this plugin does not play nice with blocksy

You are right, please see the vid: I was referring to the sticky menu in blocksy. It breaks it.

Please note, the Scroller may not be compatible with other scroll control plugins. If your WordPress website has a smooth scrolling plugin or another custom scrollbar plugin installed, they may not work together.

We can consider the issue and help with other plugin/theme compatibility individually as a custom service. For this, please contact us via

Hi, when I install the plugin and activate and set rules to ANY, the scroll bar to the right is changed but not the scrollbar for my woocommerce thumbs do you know how I can fix this?

As I can see the scrollbar is displayed correctly on the provided page It has been checked on Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari, it seems to be working correctly.

Yes the main sidebar is customized but not the thumbnail one, see here: is it possible to customize this with your plugin? Sorry for so many questions, appreciate the help!

Sure, you can customize this scrollbar.

You should add class scroller for conatiner. Here is quote from the plugin documentation “In order to activate the scroll for any child container, use the CSS class scroller

Find out more about plugin settings from this article

Pre-purchase question : I’m looking for a plugin to make some horizontal scrolling galleries in pages. But I wonder how it would be on mobile. At some points, I will need the gallery’s images to reduce in size. You don’t have much to see in your demo. I see just some text scrolling, no gallery sample.

The scrolling block is not automatically adjusted to the size of the content. To solve the problem shown in the screenshot, you need to apply some additional CSS styles.

ok, so it’s possible with your plugin. My actual plugin doesn’t allow this as the height is set into the shortcode.. tried many things without success.

Yes, it is possible, but please remember that it does not automatically resize the block according to your content, only with the additional custom CSS styles.

Do not buy this plugin…..This plugin is faulty and buggy as hell. It broke my website complete. Complete waste of money. It simply does not work. Inside plugin there is literally nothing which he has advertised. I need my refund.

Hello! Сan you specify which of advertised functions are missing in the plugin and provide your site access detail or at least your site link to consider the problem?

I dont know where to begin with. There is a huge list of it.

I removed your plugin from my website because it broke everything in it. YOu have advertised that your plugin works good and is compatible with uncode, avada theme…I have tried in both.. Your plugin broke both of the website. I asked support team of uncode and avada and they said the plugin you are using is not compatible with uncode or avada at all.

so first is this.

coming back to plugin…to show how bad the plugin is…I will need to make a whole video on it ….every single option whatever is there….it makes the website even worse.

Currently I have removed the plugin so giving you access to website is really no point in it.

I will make a video and put on youtube and share you the link to show you how bad the plugin is. I need my refund.

We have tested the compatibility of our plugin with the mentioned themes again and didn’t reproduce any issues, the scrollbar bar and its settings work correctly. Make sure your environment meets the requirements via the Status tab. Besides, try to temporarily disable all third-party plugins to make sure none of them affect the work of the Scroller plugin. If you really want to solve the problem, it would be better to provide your site access details via and do not waste your time on the video since it can speed up the process of resolving the issue.

Hi, how can I configure that the scrollbar is horizontal in just 1 section of a page?

Hello! To add the scrollbar for a specific block use the class “scroller”. For example: <div class="scroller"> <h3>Your content</h3> </div>

Bug in demo preview (mobile)... Nothing scroll… :-(

Hello! Thanks for your note, we have already fixed it.

I downloaded the plugin from Envato Elements, but the plugin requires an “Activation Code”.to make the features work .

How do I get one if it was downloaded from Envato Elements ?

Hello! The plugin activation is not required if you do not have a purchase code, just skip this step. All functionality is available without plugin activation except for automatic updates and item support. In any way, to get the license, you need to purchase the plugin from the CodeCanyon.

Is there a setting to add it to a child container like what you have on your website the second paragraph that has the vertical and horizontal scrollbar? Or, is the child container something that would have to be coded? Thank you!

Hello! Yes, you can add the scroll for a child container, please read

Awesome work merkulove! Everything work PERFECT with the latest update!

Thank you!

Thank you for update merkulove but we absolutely need an option to deactivate the plugin on mobile and tablet.

Thank you very much for pay attention to this issue. We will fix it as soon as possible.

Still have problem with the Scroller plugin on IPAD with IOS 13.3, my website scroll don’t work on Safari. It’s a pain with chrome too. Absolutely we need an update, hope you can make an option to deactivate the plugin on ipad & ipad mini devices.

We definitely fix this issue. Thank you for pay attention to this.

feature request: option to make the width of the bar more bigger

feature request: option to deactivate the animation on hover

Sure, we can add this in the next update. Thank you!

Thank you so much for your help merkulove I just rating the plugin 5 STARS! Keep going!

Thank you!

If i move my mouse point arrow at the end screen near the scroll and I try to select it and move up and down I can’t. I have to select only the “inside” bar with my mouse point arrow. Practically something that worked before doesn’t work anymore. Even the preview page has the exact same problem. I have send an email with video to explain the problem, hope you can look into it because the standard scroll bar don’t have this problem. Right now the user experience fall down. I will rate the plugin once this bug it’s completely solved. I hope you can release a fix for that in short time many of my users have complained already 2 hours after installation :(

Update: I solved it by adding custom css .ps__thumb-y { right: 0px; }

Noted. Thank you!

On my website the scroll don’t work on Mobile no color change nothing…the preview site work perfectly on mobile…any idea?

By default, the plugin is disabled for all touch devices:

I’m able too see it on Android Chrome…default settings..

Thank you. I will check this.

I have activated the scroller plugin and the smooth plugin no longer works because scroller overwrite the smooth plugin…I just want only to change the color of bar…not the smooth scroll.

Yes. Scroller captures scrolling events and creates its own scrolling bar and events, so probably no one smooth scrolling plugin will not work together with Scroller. We tried to combine Sroller and Smoother, but we managed to achieve only partial compatibility in some browsers. So speaking in general, you need to choose what to use the Smooth Scrolling or the Beautiful scrollbar.

Hi, 1/ is it possible to set the scroll speed? 2/ does it include a smooth screel feature? Thanks


1. Yes, you can adjust the scroll speed on the plugin settings.

2. Not. There is nothing in the settings that would control the smoothness of scrolling.

Same here, did a little test and not visible:

Thank you for reporting this. Unfortunately, I can not advise you anything, because support is only available for CodeCanyon customers with purchase code.

Just purchased & downloaded. First thing I noticed after installation (2 minutes later): “There is a new version of Scroller available. View version 1.0.1 details. Automatic update is unavailable for this plugin. Please visit the plugin page on the Envato market to download the latest version.” Please advise.

The new version notification is because of the difference between versions at rule 7 & 19 and 62 of scroller.php.

In my theme the plugin also doesn’t work. I see a few mistakes in your code, but don’t have time to fix it for you. I will also request a refund. Please approve.

Thanks. We already found a bug with version numbers and fixed the plugin. Please go to the download section to download the latest version.

You do not need to fix anything yourself. Let us know if you see any error. And we will fix it and release a new plugin update.

Hi, your plugin is not working on my site. Also it keeps sayings there is an update but when I update nothing happens, it’s an elementor theme. Please fix this or I’ll ask for a refund to purchase your Smoother Plugin, hopefully that works without having to contact support.


Please share a link to your website so that we can understand the cause of your problem. You can do this here or through the support form

We did not release updates after your purchase. So you should not have seen any messages. We will check this. Please clarify the current version of the plugin do you have now?

This is the Scroller plugin page. If you need help with the Smoother plugin, please write about it on Smoother plugin page. Or contact me via email, or Smoother support form

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you very much!

Congratulations!!! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :)

Thank you!


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