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Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :)

nice work :) all the best for your upcoming sales and have a nice day !

Best of luck with sales! :)

Thanks !

Great work, GLWS!

Is it possible to display selected number of posts at place of infinite slide.

Hi, Thanks for purchase our items. it not possible in this version but your opinion is so important for us. we try to release our next version as soon as possible with this features.


Thanks..:) will be waiting for the update..:)

Hi .. I have a rental vacational site … Can I set the slider for FEATURED CUSTOM POST (properties) in a RANDOM mode ?

Hi, You can display any post type using post slider pro but not featured custom post only. you can display post order properties in random , popularity etc.


Hi, I have two presale quesions:

1. It’s possible to build sliders in amazon style like (below the header)?

2. I use advanced custom fields pro (ACF) for posts. It’s possible to show an acf field of a post in the carousel?

Thank you!

Hi, Thanks for your query . yea it possible to build slider same as amazon below header, maybe need some simple css customize to make it same as Amazon .

2. Custom post slider support any custom post types but i’m not tested it .


Hi, I purchased the post slider pro and tried some templates. The purchase code is 1acb9068-033d-4f9f-add7-f65044991bb9.

Now I have some questions:

1. It’s possible to set the original ratio of the images instead of only the height?

2. How I can make the entire picture clickable in template 1 instead the icon only? I want to remove the icon like in Template 4.

3. I don’t need the “excerpt” and “read more” field but have to replace it with an advanced custom field of the post. It must execute shortcode.

This can be insert as shortcode or php.

The syntax is

[Acf field = “field_name”]


<? Php the_field (‘field_name’); ?>

I tried out something but the templates are very difficult for me.

It’s possible to create own templates and save it without overwrite with updates in future?

I know, there a lot of questions but I hoped, I have more possibilities in the content settings. It’s very rigid in backend settings without possibilities for own content.

Thank you for support.

Hi, We added some new option in plugin option page. now you can easily manage everything via option page. we are not advice you to customize it because when we release a new version you lost your all customization work.

Fix Issues :

1 . Now you can set original ratio of the images or custom image height . just change (Image Height Type = auto or custom height).

2. Now you can make the entire picture clickable in template 1 . just check the (Hide Link Icon) checkbox and update it.

3. Added two new option for show/hide excerpt and read more option.

also advanced custom field shortcode need more time to check this issues.

Please send us a test email : we send you the update files. if it works fine in your installation then we release a new version .


Thanks for the incredibly fast support, I sent you an email.

Send you the update file.



JH_1978 Purchased

Good morning, what should I do to use several slider models on the same page?

Hi, Thanks for contact with us . sorry to say several slider models on same page not working in this version but we already resolved this issues. we release a new version of this plugin as soon as possible. if you want this development version just send us a test email via our profiles page. we will send you the update files.



I have set up my plugin, its supposed to be working fine, but its conflicting with the default plugin that came with my theme, i am using both of them on the same page, but the custom post slider functions fine, its just that when i activate the CPS plugin,it messes up the navigation on the default slider, it brings the default slider navigation from left handside to the middle without prompting and the right and left slider comes closer together

Thanks for followup, I have sent the details to your gmail,

Hello johanspond, am still waiting for your support, the problem is still there

Hi, We are working on it to fix this issues. we hope we inform you as soon as possible.



I Guess you have been so busy, i have reported an issue with the plugin for some days now, this plugin is having some conflict with a slider on my site, please kindly take a look and see how you can fix this, so i can have the natural use of the slider, Thanks




I purchased the plugin 5 min ago.

After installation I set post slider from single category.

Trying to click on “Publish” the post, breaks the site.

When trying to view as draft, the frontend is broken, no sidebars, and no slider.

Please refund sir,


hi, we check our plugins everything is work fine here. you must need to paste shortcode page or post to view preview slider. if our plugin not working correctly we refund you 100% guarantee.


can I hide the date, and author?

Hi, Thanks for your question. sorry, you can’t hide author information in this version but you can hide date via options page. if you want this features our developer added this and release a new version. Best Regards