Discussion on Custom Page Templates: New Way of Creating Custom Templates in WordPress

Discussion on Custom Page Templates: New Way of Creating Custom Templates in WordPress

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Dear Pavel, I can’t make the global tag to work/overwrite the existing taxonomy template. Our IT guys double checked it. How can I send you login credentials to the sandbox securely?

Hey there, you can safely send me credentials to your sandbox via private message, which you can send using the contact form in sidebar on my profile page


NWS-NGO Purchased

Hi, thank you! It was a database problem and we managed to solve it, thanks!

Sounds great!

Hi Pavelreva, I’ve just bought Custom Page Templates plugin, with the idea to edit the posts template in the7 theme. So after install the plugin, I’ve uploaded the Default template files to the the7child root folder, and added the functions php code to the functions.php of the7child as instructed. The problem is I still don’t see the the7 posts template, not even the Default template files in the WP admin plugin, what am I missing? and what should I do to work? Can you advice, please? Thank you!

Hi marcelplomp, that’s an unusual behavior. If you could send me a private message with WP admin access and relevant links/screenshots, then I would be able to take a look.

Best, PR

pm just sent, thank you so much!



Thank you for the amazing plugin. I have an issue with the Salient theme for single images. The shortcode attribute “Image” is not showing in the dynamic value tab.

I wanted to show a simple single image on my custom page but can’t make it work

Thank you, Have a nice day


Could you please send me a private message with WP admin access and link to the page in question so I can look at what you have there?

Best, PR

I sent you the WP admin informations and the link to the page

Thank you!

Thanks, replied.


We are having some trouble on working with your plugin and the Salient theme again. But this time, it’s an issue regarding certain configurations using the WPBakery Page Builder inside a template. What happens is the template would ignore certain values, like margins, paddings, borders, etc.

We’ve prepared a test environment so you can see the issues. Do you think you need to have access with login and password to this installation?

Normal page: Page using a template:

You may notice all the styling of those elements are generated and displayed inline in the normal page and the template page is not able to insert those inline styles.

If you inspect the , you will be able to see classes like top_margin_50px being there, but without any equivalent CSS.

We were thinking about customizing the cptemplate.php file to be as close as possible to Salient’s page.php so it maybe could be containing something have would make it able to insert those inline styles, but we haven’t been able to do it successfully.

It seems nothing happens when we insert the cptemplates_template_content() inside the page.php (into the child theme).

What do you think it could be done? In hold, thanks.

Hey there,

Thanks for setting up the test environment, I see the issue. Yes please if you send me a private message with the access to this test environment then I could better understand what exactly has been configured in the backend.

As far as I see from the frontend, there are two issues:

1) First one is that the base template is not matching the Salient theme’s page.php template and therefore there are no standard page margins.

2) Second issue is that custom styles that were applied to the page are not applied. If I’m not mistaken, these are those styles that WPBakery Page Builder handles differently from all shortcodes. In the plugin you mentioned WP ACF-VC bridge, this issue is handled automatically in the ACF Field Picker field. Particularly, WPBakery Page Builder parses page’s content and creates custom CSS from the page’s content and then adds it to the head section. Theoretically, you should be able to do the same for your custom page template by parsing the page’s content and adding it manually to the template during the page rendering using WP hooks. Here is the sample code that should allow you extracting custom styles from the page’s content:
    if ( function_exists( 'visual_composer' ) ) {
      $shortcodes_custom_css = visual_composer()->parseShortcodesCustomCss( $page_content );
      if ( ! empty( $shortcodes_custom_css ) ) {
        $shortcodes_custom_css = strip_tags( $shortcodes_custom_css );

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best, PR


We managed to set the template to be one in the child theme named page-2.php, as a clone of parent theme’s page.php. Some of the styling were improved, but the dynamic CSS is still missing.

We tried using your snippet in a couple of ways, but couldn’t get to make it work still.

We also sent you the access info of this test environment on your DM so you could have a look at what he have working so far. The parts you may look for are the margins, padding and border radius of the template row, where the styling are not being able to be generated.

Thank you!

Hi, replied to your private message


Just purchased the plugin, but I am not getting the option to edit in WP Bakery. The two blue buttons below title don’t show up for me when I go to create/edit a page template.

Please advise.


Try going to WPBakery Page Builder -> Role manager and make sure that “cptemplate” is checked, see the screenshot for reference

Best, PR

Perfect. Thank you!

Hello, I’d like to inquire as to whether there are any plans to update this for PHP8/WP6 as it’s almost been a full year since last release version

Hi, I really love your plugin! Is it possible to create a “WPbakery post grid” that shows some categories, with their description and image?

I have already created a custom image field for the categories.

In other words: I don’t want to show the posts belonging to certain categories. I want to show the categories itself.


Hi, is it possible to try the plugin? Is there a demo site? Videos are not enough, I would like to see how it really works. Thank you


Unfortunately, there is no such a way. Pretty much everything has been described on the website and its blog

If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask.

Best, PR

Hi, I get following erros for related products.

WC_Product::get_related is deprecated since version 3.0! Use wc_get_related_products instead.

Can you update for this?


This has been fixed but is awaiting for approval, which is pretty slow these days. You can send me a private message and I’ll email you back the latest plugin version.

Best, PR

Hi Pavel,

first thank your for your great plugins! I love these (CPT & VC-ACF-Bridge) and use them for years now without any problems!!

Now I have two questions regarding your “CustomPageTemplates”-Plugin. 1.) I use “Dynamically Background Image (like described in your user guides. For (normal) pages this works very well. I want to use the same for Page Templates with CPT too! (for example archive pages …) But that doesn’t work at me Can you help me out here?

2.) I’ve done all my Post Grids with the wpbakery grid builder. This works perfectly – also for the product grid (WooCommerce). Now I want to extend my Grid design for products with the add-to-form. This works too, but I want the add-to-cart button to work with Ajax. And that doesn’t work out-of-the-box! With the normal woo archive pages I got this working for simple and variable products. I’m open for payable customizing (if your can or will)!

Thanks Patrick

Hi Patrick,

Sorry for delayed reply, I had personal issues and almost wasn’t working.

Please send me a private message with the wp admin credentials and links to both pages: where you implement background image and where you have post grid. I need to look at this myself.

Best, PR

hi, the plug will be useful for me and I will write phrases money I wrote by envto market help Ask for a refund plugin can only turn elements on or off, row, and if you want more, you have to know css, and I can’t, I want to quit the plugin will not be useful to me.

Your refund request has been approved.

hi, the plug will be useful for me and I will write phrases money I wrote by envto market help Ask for a refund plugin can only turn elements on or off, row, and if you want more, you have to know css, and I can’t, I want to quit the plugin will not be useful to me.

Your refund request has been approved.


Fatal error: Uncaught Error: [] operator not supported for strings in /home/eetmexic/domains/ on line 3784

Call stack:

mfn_builder_print() wp-content/themes/eet20/page.php:23

include() wp-includes/template-loader.php:106

require_once() wp-blog-header.php:19

require() index.php:17


Sorry to hear you have such problem. The best way to move forward is to hire a developer who’ll provide you an assistance recovering your website.

Best, PR

Hi, I’ve tried the plugin but it won’t do the trick. Is there any option for a refund? Thanks. Kind regards, Chris

PS: Why do I have to write public comment when pressing support button?

Hey Chris, replied to your email and approved the refund request

Hi, sorry to bother you again, but I have another problem with the Custom post type Archive Template + Masonry Grid + Query override settings.

I get unexpected results in the list of the archive, because there are posts that are from a different Post Type. Please remember that you gave me assistance with the issue “Query override”, so I have a cptemplate.php file in my theme.

Please help me with this issue, I can give you Wordpress credentials. Ciao Alessandra

Hi Alessandra, replied to your private message.

I just got this error (as well as closed access to the entire site) once installing:

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function acf_update_setting() in /home/forge/ Stack trace: #0 /home/forge/ ACF_Local_JSON->__construct() #1 /home/forge/ acf_new_instance() #2 /home/forge/ include_once(’/home/forge/sta…’) #3 /home/forge/ acf_include() #4 /home/forge/ in /home/forge/ on line 29

Please help????


Please send me a private message with the access to FTP and WP admin, so I can investigate.

Best, PR

Dear reader im trying to accomplish the following: Is it possible to show dot in number field such as 55000 with 55.000


1) Yes i mean a dot. that’s how we show thousands in our country. so instead of showing 140000 (wich is 140K) i want to show 140.000 2) no im not working with ACF the data is showing with the dynamic values option in the template page.

Thanks in advance.

Hello, Im still having this problem. Could you please help me with a solution? thanks in advance.

Hi there,

I got Covid and can’t work currently. Please contact me in 5-6 days.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best, PR

I have installed this and am working with the Salient child theme. Everything is working out well but my featured image has disappeared on my custom post type. It is unhidden in Advanced Custom Fields PRO. Any idea on how to get the Featured Image back on the post page?


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