Discussion on Custom Page Templates: New Way of Creating Custom Templates in WordPress

Discussion on Custom Page Templates: New Way of Creating Custom Templates in WordPress

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Your plugin is great, congratulations. I need help. I created extra fields in the user’s profile, but when I insert in the pages, they are not being loaded.

Hello, how are you? I need some help: Based on the thread above, I’m trying to make Essential Grid show the current custom post type’s archive:

Where TAG_ID would be the current custom post taxonomy archive post (called Destination). In this taxonomy, it will list an image, a description and an image, so it’d be shown in the Essential Grid dynamically, depending on which Destination archive the user is browsing.

The issue here is that I’m not being able to query it correctly, can you give me a hand in the query syntax?


Hi mate,

Based on this example of query_posts function

you should be able to achieve it with:
[ess_grid alias="list-itineraries-featured" settings='{"additional-query":"destination=__TAG_ID__"}']

Let me know if this worked.

Best, PR

Thanks for the response, it unfortunately didn’t work at all, even typing the ID directly, as in
[ess_grid alias="list-itineraries-featured" settings='{"additional-query":"destination=601"}']

I’ll contact the Essential Grid support to see if it’s possible to use the grid inside an archive template and if I’m doing it right.

Best regards, ND


Ok, yes that would be the best to ask them how you can pass custom attributes. That shortcode I’ve sent you was according their documentation, so it’s strange that it’s not working.

Hope you find the solution.

Best, PR

Hi what did you do to my website that I cannot see the PLUGINS tab in the menu?

are you preventing me from troubleshooting my website?

No one else but you accessed it before it happened.

I will contact support because this is unwarranted. I will at least hope for a refund for paying you to hack the site.


Seems you’re experiencing some serious issues and I’m sorry to hear that. But why do you blame me in such a disgusting thing?

First of all, I could not do any of what you’re saying just because I had not enough access. E.g. you never gave me access to files.

Secondly, what I did was that I logged in your website, went to page templates, opened that template that you mentions, and saw what exactly you meant. I also looked at what plugins you have installed and which versions you’re using to compare if I have the same setup on my own server. After I saw the issue you mentioned, I sent you an email that this issue should be debugged and I need access to files. Otherwise, it’s impossible to do anything about it. You never gave me access afterward.

If you want a refund it’s not a problem. But this refund will be due to the plugin conflicts in your setup which leads to incorrect functionality, instead of your blame that I’ve hacked your site according to your assumptions, which are 100% based on your emotions instead of real facts.

Best, PR

Love the plugin. Still need help on achieving something. I have a custom post type with custom taxonomy and am creating a template for the taxonomy pages, but when building the template, in the post grid element in WPbakery, I can’t find data source to be the taxonomy page and am able to choose only the custom post type. In this case on a custom taxonomy category, all posts are displayed instead of just the posts from the specific category. I tried everything and nothing works for me. So I am now creating separate template for each custom taxonomy category which is a lot work and I believe there is a quick workaround, but can’t find a solution. Can you help me out?

Hi, glad you find it useful for your project.

Data sources should be the “List of IDs”. Then you’ll find a new settings added by the plugin to Post Grid at the bottom of the edit panel called “Query override”. Set it to “Main loop”.

Here was the blog article showing how to do this for Author pages It’s absolutely same for the category pages (or custom taxonomy term) pages.

Hope this helps.

Best, PR

Hi, I really love this plugin! I have an issue with ACF Fields integration: 1) I create a Page Template and I create a rule to apply this template Sitewide.

2) the Posts don’t show the “Dynamic Values” values coming from ACF fields.

3) if I manually assign the very same template to the very same post with the previous issue, everything works fine.

So I think there is a problem with the template applied sitewide, because it does not get ACF fields correctly.

Can you please help me with this issue?


I’m sorry you’re experiencing this issue.

Could you please send me a private message with wp admin credentials, so I can take a look? Please also include a link to the post with that issue and a template you’re using.

Best, PR

Hi, I’ve created a new template and added the SKU (both using the product meta element and also with replacing using dynamic values) but when you are on a variable product and select a variation the SKU doesn’t change like woocommerce product page without a cpt assigned. Thanks!


Most likely you just need to add “product” class to the VC row where your product information is placed because WC scripts have selectors set to .product class.

Please confirm if all works afterward.

If you are experience any difficulties adding that class name, then please send me a private message with wp admin credentials, so I can do this for you.

Best, PR

Having an issue with the plugin. I had set up a Custom post type with CPT UI and ACF Free. After I installed your plugin (Custom Page Templates) it said that it has to use ACF Pro, which is bundled and that I need to disable ACF Free. I did that and Uninstalled ACF Free but now there are lots of console errors that show up in regards to ACF.

This is especially apparent when I go to Custom Fields and I Edit my custom field group. I dont think this is the layout as it should be.

I figured out the issue. I had to go into custom-page-templates/vendor/ and upload the Advanced Custom Fields Pro folder to the plugins directory. I’d love to see these steps outlined in documentation or set up guid / troubleshooting.


Sorry to hear you’ve experienced such issue and glad you’ve found a temporary fix.

The steps you did is not “the proper” way for resolving issues related to ACF plugin and therefore this method can’t be mentioned in the documentation. At least the ACF PRO plugin is connected from the vendor folder and shouldn’t be moved anywhere according to the ACF PRO license.

If you have errors, they must be debugged to figure out the real reason for them. If you send me a private message with WP admin and FTP credentials, I could look into this for you.

Best, PR

Hi, I really love your plugin! I’m trying to create a Custom Author Page Template as per , but I can’t see the option: “query override”. I am on a development installation with just your plugin and WP Bakery, TwentyTtwenty theme. Can you please help me?

Hi, sorry to bother you again, but the issue is not resolved. I just recorded a 2 minutes video to show you that on a fresh installation of Wordpress I can’t see the “Query override” option.

My enviroment is: Webserver Apache Php 7.4 Wordpress 5.7 Theme Twentytwnetyone WP Bakery 6.6.0 Custom Page Tempaltes 3.1.0

I can share you the credentials to login to this test installation. Please help me, this is a big issue for me because I can’t complete an important project for my customer!

Hi, sure.

Please send me a private message with the credentials to this test installation and I’ll take a look.

Thanks for the video btw.

Best, PR

Hi, thank you for your support, everything is OK now. Great!

Looks like the perfect plugin! I have some presale questions:

1. I use the Elessi theme (hope it will work well with this theme?). And I only want to make small changes. Can I use this plugin to make small changes but keep the design from the theme? Normally when I change for instance product pages in Elementor via templates, the styling cannot look like the theme any more.

2. In the plugin description you keep mentioning Visual Composer. Do you mean Visual Composer or WP Bakery? I really hope it works with WP Bakery? 

Thanks Jacob

Oh and I watched you nice video for product templates. What I am missing in this video is also changing the breadcrumb design and position. Is this possible as well?

Hi there, sorry for delayed reply.

1) The plugin allows changing layout using WPBakery Page Builder. It means that if the theme supports it, then most likely you can achieve. I say most likely, because every theme is developed in a different way and sometimes developers hardcode specific parts of the website which makes you stick with what has been initially designed.

2) Yes, it means WPBakery Page Builder.

3) The plugin allows building layouts using existing page builder components and shortcodes. So, yes you can change the position by placing such breadcrumbs component in a different location. But it doesn’t let you design them differently. If you want a different design you can either find a corresponding plugin that offers such a shortcode, or manually adjust CSS or whole breadcrumbs function/template.

Let me know if you have other questions.

Best, PR

PRE-PURCHASE QUESTION : I want to make a template for PAGES with dynamic contents which are a taxonomy to insert into my theme VC blocks. Do you think I can do that with your plugin ? And still have the begining of the page displaying free contents in the main content of each pages ? Is it making a template page I can pick into the template metaboxe on each pages when I want to trigger it ?


I’m not sure I understand what the structure you’re going to create based on your description.

Please see the YouTube videos here and check the articles here to see if it suits your needs.

Best, PR

I mean I have to build a template page with VC blocks which display some contents like posts grids, video grids and so on, and I wanted to know if I could dynamically fill the filter category field into the VC block settings with a custom field were I would say on the page which category slug it is.

My page template exemple My VC structure The filed I want to dynamically change on each page


Hi, replied to your private message.

Hi, I purchased your plugin and wanted to use this along the Smart Sections Theme Builder plugin to format post content (

I have applied format to my Smart Sections post content, but for some reason whenever I use these sections along with your plugin, it removes the formatting completely such as backgrounds, shape borders etc.

Please can someone help me?


Well, I’m not aware of “Smart Sections Theme Builder – WPBakery Page Builder Addon” and not sure if these 2 plugins are compatible. If you’ll send me a private message with wp admin and ftp credentials along with the links to the pages under question, then I can take a look and see if it’s possible to integrate both.

Best, PR

Hi thank you for getting back to me. Unfortunately the plugin is not compatible with the one I am using and no longer need this. Please can you issue a refund? Thank you


ellnut Purchased

Hi pavelreva,

I have been using your plugin and really appreciate the flexibility it gives me with creating dynamic custom post types. Is there a way to have custom content inserted into a CPT based off a radio button (that I set up in ACF)?

I set up an ACF radio button field with two options. If the user chooses option A, I would like some custom content inserted into the post. If they choose option B, I want different content inserted into the post. Let me know if this is possible.

Thank you!

Hi there,

Glad to know you find it useful for your projects. Yes, such a custom replacements are also possible. You need to extend the Dynamic Values component with your own replacement options and write a function that does the logic you describe. Here is the blog article on this topic

Please read the article and let me know if all is clear or if you still have questions.

Best, PR


ellnut Purchased

Oh this is great, thank you!

Regarding the updates, I have a question if there are any planned updates? Compatible WooCommerce 5.0.x and WordPress 5.6.x?

Hi, new updates are usually appear when there is something that affects the plugin functionality. So far there is none.

Let me know if you have other questions.

Best, PR

Does this work with the most recent version of Salient Theme?

Hi, did check with the latest yet, but was working with all previous. Should work fine. If any impediments, feel free to send me a private message for assistance.

Best, PR


sageroo Purchased

I have installed this and am working with the Salient child theme. Everything is working out well but my featured image has disappeared on my custom post type. It is unhidden in Advanced Custom Fields PRO. Any idea on how to get the Featured Image back on the post page?


mdv1988 Purchased

Dear reader im trying to accomplish the following: Is it possible to show dot in number field such as 55000 with 55.000


mdv1988 Purchased

Dear PR,

Thanks for your reply. The data is already in the database without the dot in it. Because we get the data from a third party. Im now trying to add a dot with a bit of php code. but it does not work as intended. Maybe you know a way?

Hi there,

Ok, few questions: 1) When you say dot, do you mean decimal separator? In your example it was 55000 with 55.000, where dot doesn’t seem to be a decimal separator.

2) How are you displaying data? Are you feeding it to the ACF field?

Best, PR


mdv1988 Purchased


1) Yes i mean a dot. that’s how we show thousands in our country. so instead of showing 140000 (wich is 140K) i want to show 140.000 2) no im not working with ACF the data is showing with the dynamic values option in the template page.

Thanks in advance.

I just got this error (as well as closed access to the entire site) once installing:

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function acf_update_setting() in /home/forge/ Stack trace: #0 /home/forge/ ACF_Local_JSON->__construct() #1 /home/forge/ acf_new_instance() #2 /home/forge/ include_once(’/home/forge/sta…’) #3 /home/forge/ acf_include() #4 /home/forge/ in /home/forge/ on line 29

Please help????


Please send me a private message with the access to FTP and WP admin, so I can investigate.

Best, PR

Hi, sorry to bother you again, but I have another problem with the Custom post type Archive Template + Masonry Grid + Query override settings.

I get unexpected results in the list of the archive, because there are posts that are from a different Post Type. Please remember that you gave me assistance with the issue “Query override”, so I have a cptemplate.php file in my theme.

Please help me with this issue, I can give you Wordpress credentials. Ciao Alessandra

Hi Alessandra, replied to your private message.