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Hi. Do you still support your script? If I will buy it and i have a problem will you help me with installation on my site?

Is it payment one-time?


Yes, of course. If you will have problems with installation, then send me FTP and cpanel (or plesk etc) credentials on email. Also tell me the place when you want to include this widget.

Yes, it’s one-time payment.


How to include this Widget on Wordpress ? Thanks

I don’t see problem here. You upload php file and then pass URL in widget initialization. For example:
    localRateProvider: 'api_currency.php', // This is the same as http(s)://
I can configure PHP script for you if you will provide me cPanel credentials.

I find a way to get it work, uploaded all the files under a new folder, and then added the html code as a widget and added the url of the website to call CSS JS, and PHP files. It’s working fine without using the code mentioned above. and the only problem now, that the the loading gif animated image is not showing. please give me your mail to send you cPanel credentials check the code. Thanks

Use this form please: Also include please path to file and link to online version.


behigh Purchased

Hi! Google added BTC and a few other currencies. When will the update of your script?

Hello. I think on Monday or Tuesday.

Hi. I updated the script. You will find in change log which currencies were added.


behigh Purchased

Amazing! Thank a lot

Thanks for the new update :)

You are welcome :-)

Presale question: I see it works with Bitcoin but I need also Ethereum and Litecoin. Is it working? Thank you very much :)

Hello. Sorry, but this script does not support Ethereum and Litecoin.

demo not working

Hi… api which you are using for live updates is free or we have to pay for this?

Hi. Currently it’s free. This script is using both APIs: and google.

Quick question, I like to use this in with a dynamic price table. Can the input form on the converter be disabled? so the value is giving by the price table. Thank you.

Unfortunately script doesn’t support this feature.


I’ve added SSL to my website, now the plugin is not working anymore I’m getting this error: Server temporary unvailabe

jquery-1.8.3.min.js:3 Mixed Content: The page at ‘https://www.*website*.com/' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure XMLHttpRequest endpoint ‘http://www.*website*.com/api_currency.php?from=TND&to=AED'. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS.

Could you please help on this?

Looking forward to hearing from you


Hi. Just checked on my demo site and seems it’s working. I’ll try to do mroe tests.

Hi. It’s fixed now. updated the files. Thanks

You are welcome


Plugin was working fine and suddenly stopped working, i’m getting “Server temporary unvailabe”. I checked your website and it’s working. Really weird

I don’t know whats the issue! All the files are up to date and nothing touched.

Please advise how to fix it


Hi. Please ignore next update since we’ve fixed an issue.

Ok, Thanks:)