Cupid love iOS/Web App

Cupid love iOS/Web App

Cupid Love is a dating app with interactive UI and also included web version. From this app users can like, dislike people around them and also can chat with them after match.

XMPP ejabberd server configuration for Windows/Mac

We chose XMPP ejabberd server for chat functionality for obvious reasons, it’s a mature and maintained protocol with widespread acceptance and lots of off the shelf solutions,Which is efficient realtime message passing as well as easy to install/configure. Please click here for video tutorial.

You can use Terminal for Mac for connecting to AWS Following is the command.

ssh -i “YourAWS.pem”

Below is the video link for Connecting AWS using MAC.

Cupid Love IOS App Feature List:-

  1. Login/Sign up with Facebook User can Login/Sign up with Facebook
  2. Login/Sign up with Email User can login/Sign up with Email Address on both apps (IOS/WEB)
  3. Date Preferences User can send date request.
  4. Discovery Preferences User can view other users based on users preference
  5. View Users Profile
  6. Likes – Dislikes Swipe left-right
  7. It’s a match ( Users like each other)
  8. Message from admin
  9. Chat (Online/Last seen, Messages, Date request and calendar reminder)
  10. Unmatch User
  11. Block System User can block other users Forgot Password
  12. Report User
  13. Forgot Password
  14. Admob Advertisement ( Banner and Interstitial )
  15. Remove Ads(In-app-purchase)

Cupid Love Web App Feature List:-

  1. Responsive Web App
  2. MVC based Web App
  3. Google Captcha
  4. Implantation of conversejs
  5. Interactive Registration Page
  6. Matches System
  7. Likes System
  8. Block System

Cupid Love Admin Panel Feature List:-

  1. Powerful Admin Panel
  2. Informative Dashboard
  3. Registration Statastics on Dashboard
  4. Enable/Disable AdMob
  5. Send Notification To multiple users
  6. Search and view Users profile
  7. View Block Users Request
  8. Unblock Users

Demo Link:
Front User:
Password: 123456

Admin Side:
User Id:
Password: admin123

Thanks for checking out Cupid Love!

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. You are the reason we are here! We would love to hear any constructive feedback.

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VERSION 3.0 – 4th July 17

Added: RTL Support and Minor bug fixing.

Description: We have added support for RTL iOS App and Web App.

VERSION 2.5 – 12th June 17

Added: modules to Manage Religion, Ethnicity and questions

Description: Admin can add/edit/delete the religion, ethnicity and question which are reflected on the registration/edit profile page.

VERSION 2.0 – 6th June 17

Added: Multi-Language Support & Report User

Description: In iOS and WebApp we have added Multi Language Support. Admin can define Default Language which will be set on Both iOS and WebApp. As well as User can Report the Other Profile and admin will be Notified.

VERSION 1.5 – 16th May 17

Fixed: Referencing Path issue - IOS

Description:  Resolved the Referencing path issue in iOS app for Pods and Google FrameWork.

VERSION 1.0 – 13th May 17

Initial Public Release

Description :  CupidLove Dating app with SignUp/Login (Facebook/Email),Profile SetUp, UserListing,Live Chatting(XMPP) and more functionality Included.