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I am REALLY happy to hear that Responsive could be coming in the next update. It is really needed. This Pricing table plugin is fantastic – jut no responsive is causing major problems for me at the moment.

I also wanted to know how to add a ‘Featured’ banner like most pricing tables have. Is it possible to do that?

You can only add some banner using own code. Plugin doesn’t provide such a feature.

Is there any way to make these responsive?

Right now I’m not planning to add an update with responsive feature.


Is there a simple way to avoid hard coded path http:// for the google fonts? Unfortunately, it breaks website running on https.



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Just purchased and found that pricing tables are not responsive.

This plugin, not being responsive is completely useless! If you don’t want to lose a major part of your website’s traffic that comes from mobile devices, don’t buy it.

Yes, plugin isn’t responsive and there is no information in description, tags or item title that it is responsive, so I don’t understand your negative comment and rating. If you wasn’t sure about responsive feature you’ve might ask before purchasing.

Definitely do not consider this as a plugin option. This plugin is manajar complicated, it is not easy to configure. Good that greatly influences not responsive. aplarte when you start layout is complicated because everything is damaged.

I bought it on August 30, and if they make an update that improves mind everything said above. Are other comments stating whether it is good option to buy.

Español: Definitivamente, no consideren este plugin como una opción de compra. este plugin es complicado de manajar, no es facil de configurar. Bueno el hecho de que no sea responsive influye mucho. aplarte cuando uno empieza a maquetar es complicado porque se daña todo.

Lo compre el 30 de agosto, y si realizan una actualizacion que mejore todo lo dicho anterior mente. Are otro comentario informando si es buena opcion de compra.

Could you give me more details about what is damaged and broken in layout? Maybe there is a conflict with your theme or there are some additional tags around shortcode in WP editor like <pre> tag for example.

i had purchased this plugin a year ago…but its not showing in my downloads anymore…WHY?

Please contact Envato Support they should be able to help you with this.

I had purchased this plugin for wordpress a year ago… why is it not showing in my history?.. i need to take support…

Please contact Envato Support: http://support.envato.com and notify them about your issue. The Envato Support team should help you to solve this.

Its a shame this isn’t responsive, its a lot nicer than your other plugin…

Any plans for an update to make it responsive?

Right now I’m not planning to add responsive feature.

Looking really nice but is it possible to remove these small grey “v” shape icons which are placed before each text line ?

Please add also below css code:

ul.vt_clearfix li.vt-line:hover div.vt-content ul.vt-features li
    background: none !important;

ok thanks. Its working

You’re welcome!

Hi, this looks cool and I could use it. I need it to be responsive. Is it responsive?

No, unfortunately plugin isn’t responsive.

Hello, Plugin used to work perfectly earlier but now it is showing this messed up table: http://bit.ly/2aCZ81Z

Can you please tell me what could be the problem?

Thank you so much


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Hi, I tried it but forum is available in only read only mode to me. Please help me.

I would really appreciate if you can tell me here that how it can be resolved.


Yes, you have to buy extension of support. Otherwise, you have access to forum in read-only mode only.