Discussion on CSS3 Scroll

Discussion on CSS3 Scroll

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It appears this does not work for Firefox version 53. Can you get that resolved before I purchase your script? Would like it to be compatible with the major browsers before buying, works as it should on Chrome.

The live version doesn’t work anymore?

Hi, just bought it now. Can I implement this on my website? There’s nothing that tells me yes you can and how to get it done…

Demo works again.

Thanks! I might give it an update soon.

Love the presentation, good work m8 :) glws

Sounds great, I definitely give it a try. Thanks!

Nice one, bro

Hi there – I need something just like this … will this work with a

  • /
      unordered list
  • Yep, works on every div or textarea containing a scrollbar.

    Great presentation, glws :)

    Thanks Capelle!

    This works only in Chrome browser? :(

    All Webkit based browsers. So Safari too.

    Great Product :) GLWS

    You impressed me StampReady. Any hope of compatibility with other browsers?

    Thanks! Appreciate it.

    Let’s keep our fingers crossed. FireFox have not mentioned anything about CSS3 scrollbar styling yet. However, such an update wouldn’t cost much time over at their headquarters.



    very nick work. Is this compatible with -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch?

    Good luck with sales, Kevin

    Thanks a lot Kelub, as a matter of fact I haven’t tried it yet. I’ll be testing overflow: scrolling touch within the days.


    Nice work. But..

    Compatible Browsers: Safari, Chrome. If it work with all browsers, hundred sales <3

    Thanks and I know.. If only FireFox and Internet Explorer went Webkit.. :)

    Very nice.Worked with ie 7+ ?

    Nope. Internet Explorer does not support CSS3 scrollbar styling. It does however, support basic color styling.

    CSS3 Scroll works on Webkit browsers .


    You wouldn’t by chance know when/if FireFox is going to work with webkit do you? I’ve seen an increasing amount of scripts on CC that use it, but they don’t work in FF, which means I can’t even consider using them, even if I wanted to.

    To be honest, I have no idea. If we need to add support for firefox and Internet Explorer, we should bring in Javascript. However, it would take away the concept of this item.

    I’ll be updating the item whenever FireFix supports scrollbar styling.


    Nice work! Looks impressive. :)

    Thanks a lot Daniel

    I’m always on the lookout for a good scroll bar. I’ll bookmark this and eventually buy it i’m sure :) , nice work

    Great Stuff! But on your Live Preview, I cannot get it working. I use Firefox 24.0

    Hello appzab,

    CSS3 Scroll only works in Webkit browsers such as Safari and Chrome. Firefox currently runs on another engine but it shouldn’t take long before FireFox supports Scrollbar styling as well.


    Hope to see this soon. Thanks and Goodluck for Sales.

    Appreciate it. :)


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