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Hello. That’s fine by could we disable transitions ? Regards.

Yes it works fine with or without transitions..

Hi - just purchased your excellent cross browser menus, but I have one small issue – an asterisk is showing up on the menu bar, I can’t find it in the code. How do I remove it? Here’s the url:

Thank you!

Find this line of code in the stylesheet ”.dropmenu > li:first-child + li + li + li + li + li:after {......}” and remove it from there. That’s it

I don’t understand how you set up this megamenu, it’s rather complex, have you got any instructions?

See the documentation of this menu and if you face any problem. Email me..

Hi, is possible that the choice of the current page is highlighted? I require a menu for this site, not wp but for me to stay html equal to this in wp, you can achieve this with your script?


I don’t understand about “current page” .I think you said about the highlighted background on submenus. If it is that then you can highlight it adding background on "subdrop li a:hover" selector. And if is not that then please describe in detail or mail me.

Oh, I think you require a menu with tabbed like navigation If it is that then see my light UI Pack in which I included tabbed navigation menu but without drop down. If you want that type then in future I’ll definitely make it with dropdown

Hi- I noticed on the message there is a notification bubble- is that php dynamically updated…Can I link this in my WordPress Website and when new blog posts pop up it will notify them? Thanks!

Sorry, but notification bubble is not dynamic at this time. I’ll do it in the future.

Is this menu responsive?

Unfortunately not.

I just purchased this item it’s so cool. But i have this problem; I want the menu bar to be more width like this pic:

i’m like trying in css but i don’t know which one or where is it.

Thank you

See the email in your inbox for help Thanks

I’ve implemented the CSS3 Drop Menu onto my site and I’m having two problems. The first is that the “resets” in default.css are conflicting with another stylesheet containing “resets” for “DDSlider” which I’m using on the same page. I’m not sure how to fix it. Secondly, when I load the page onto my iPad the menus do not recognize touch input and therefore do not function at all. Is there a way to fix this? Otherwise, excellent script.

First of all, you do not need to include default.css file in your code. It’s only for presentational purpose. I suggest you to make a separate CSS file of HTML5 reset code to avoid future problems. Secondly, this menu is not tested on iPad however it works fine on Android based tablets. For dropdown menu work on iPad you may find this article helpful.

my client likes your menu but it doesn’t work on ipad. any ideas why?

The menu is not responsive and work only on desktop browsers.

I would like to add remember password checkbox and also Login with Social ID like FB/Google or just replace it with other login form at codecanyon. Is that possible?


Is it possible to add a down arrow for menus that have a sub menu like on your other menu? Also, can the sub menus go to the right like your other menu?

Thanks, Mark

Yes, it is possible to add a down arrow simply by making down arrow icon in photoshop or other graphic software, and then add it to

  • element. Also, you can add sub-menus to the right.
  • hello i have a question, is there any javascript or only css?

    This is beautiful and it works great in FF and Chrome. However, it bombs in IE9 . Any ideas? Thanks.

    —my bad, it is no longer bombing. Unremmed the IE checking and tags. Thanks!


    I’ve sent you an email yesterday, and haven’t got a reply yet, so I will post here: Can I purchase your Drop Menu (css) direct from paypal instead of code canyon. I don’t want to get charged additional from codecanyon fees.

    Tyia, Brian

    Sorry, but my paypal account has been blocked and it takes 3 months to recover. Therefore, I use moneybookers and payoneer

    hello, i have customized this menu exactly how i want but cant get it to work at all in IE9 not sure what is meant by “runnerrunner’s” comment “no longer bombing. Unremmed the IE checking and tags.” all i see is a boarder in IE9 and it rolls over all jarbled looks totally fine in chrome and firefox? help?

    Hi. The menu does not work in Safari if there’s a Flash file embedded in the page. Once I remove the Flash file, it works. This is only happening in Safari. Any ideas?

    Hey man, Is it possible for me to pay you directly via Paypal? If not, I won’t be able to purchase your CSS-Code.

    yes, ofcourse

    1. Your live preview is not working. 2. Is it possible to create a “drop-up” menu (to be used in the footer), rather than drop down?

    Please reply

    Hello, what can I do to delete notication buble

    please, can you give me a reply …

    search for selector .dropmenu > li:first-child + ... { ... } and span.notification:before { ... } in the menu.css file and delete it.

    And please send me mail, instead of commenting there.