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Nice bars! I’m getting my data from Google charts. Its been a lengthy calculating px height and percent values of each bar out of 250. Is there a gui, or a way to build the chart fast from a Google chart link? its taking about hour to calculate data for a 15 bar chart. Over the next 60 days I’ll be making about 50 of your bar graphs, mostly different. This was well worth the 3$ but I’d like to know if you have a way to convert from a Google chat. For example: http://chart.apis.google.com/chart?cht=bhs&chs=400x220&chd=t:31,27,16,13,12&chxl=1:|Migraines|Lack%20of%20appetite|Pain|Anxiety|Stress|0:|||||&chxt=x,y&chco=ded63a|a3e031|aad162|9dde8a|c0f0c0&chbh=a&chds=0,31 please assist

Thank you and sorry for my late response! There is no gui for Google chart link. I can prepare some for you as a custom job. Let me know via contact form in my profile if you’re interested.

I love the hover effect on the bars :) Great Job !

Thank you mate! :)

is it possible to pull in information from a csv and insert a graph with this information into an individual post?

Hello, it’s not a WP plugin. You can insert graphs into a post by embeding a HTML code and importing additional CSS files to your WP installation. Regarding csv – bar graphs don’t have such functionality build-in at the moment.

Hello I have still not purchase the plugin but i will purchase it in few days.I have a question how could i integrate in codeigniter script? Can you Please let me know and it will be much appreciated. Thanks

Hello, I can help you only as a part of my freelance job. If you are interested please contact me via contact form on my profile page. Thanks.

Hey! Nice job! I’ve been tinkering with the CSS. Any insight on what to change to make the bars horizontal on the y-axis? I have a graph that requires an ongoing amount of bars & it won’t fit horizontally on screen so I was hoping to do horizontal bars, but am having trouble configuring it. Thanks for your help!

Hello. Thank you. Horizontal graphs would require a lot of modifications. Actually it could be a separate product.

Well that explains why I was having such a hard time lol No problem. I’ll look for another solution for that. Would buy yours if you created it though. Thanks.


Could I use CSS3 Bar Graphs in wordpress?

Hello. Yes but… you would have to attach additional CSS files to your wordpress installation first.

I can’t believe you. How can you take that rating? You are using static values in your CSS files!!! width x px height x px ???

And also hover effect, that’s not a big success…

Thank you for your comment.

Can I use it with mysql data? if can.. you provide tutorial for how make it works? and for last can made lines or only bars?

Hi. Of course you could but please note this item is only CSS framework with static values for presentation only. It would require additional work to use it along with mysql.

does that work in a wordpress site?

No, it doesn’t.


quick question i to get a label on the x-axis vertically?

thanks for the quick respons. just one more question how to get a legend in there

hi never mind about the legend i fixed that. how do i make the spacing smaller between the bars ?

Please find “left” property in main.css

Hi – is it possible to remove default values on the left hand side of the graph?

Hi, yes you can remove or change them.

Hi QuanticaLabs, I’m really impressed with your plugins. Before I purchase this one, is it responsive? Also, I see it hasn’t been updated for about 3 years. Do you plan on an update? Does it use the latest jquery? I will be using this plugin primarily on mobile devices. Most importantly, can I use this on WordPress? Thanks!

Hi! Please note it’s not jquery based, it’s pure CSS3 + HTML. It’s not responsive by default but with some media queries you can make it responsive with ease.

Hi, okay thanks. Do you have a demo page so I can test it on all browsers before I buy? I see it hasn’t been updated for a long time (over 3 years ago).

It hasn’t been updated because it’s only CSS. It has been tested on all major browsers. Please take a look at “Browser Support” paragraph in item description.

Hi, okay I’ve purchased :-)! Now how do I make it responsive? Thanks!

So if you can keep your word that would be great.

Yes, you can make it responsive. Our item support doesn’t include customization and installation services. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Well then I need a refund please.

hey. I have one question before buying… I need to make sure your package just have CSS right no JS files. Because our website will not support external JS.

Hi, it’s just CSS + HTML.

is there and example where i can use variable for column height “li class=”bar nr_1 blue” style=”height:125px;”> 55% “

what i want to is make variables with counting so i don’t have to change the html sheet set set height of column

Hi! I have replied to your forum post. Thanks

Hello .. I hope you have great sales at this site .. Follow me TOO :D