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please see this demo the right hand section of the link cannot be clicked because it is somehow being masked by the social menu DIV container – the left side is OK – please supply a fix ?

Ok I have worked out a simple fix – just set “width:0” on the css3aw-social-menu DIV

Sorry for the delay. Please follow this link for the fix.

Hi, this very nice menu with reasonable price, love it so bad, but the thing i can not make it work into my template,

@author if you can help me place menu into my template i will pay for your time, thanks

Please contact me via contact form in the Author Profile Page
Hello, when im working local the menu icon show good but when i upload onto host and the icon does not show, please take a look at me photo

I can’t see the image. Can you upload the image to another host and send me a link? This may occur because of the fonts folder is not uploaded. Can you see if there are any 404 errors in the console? If you are using chrome, press Ctrl+Alt+J to access the web developer tools and select console. It will show you any errors. And check the css file if the link to the font files are correct.

You have this menu in the CSS section of CodeCanyon, but your demo clearly doesn’t work when JS is turned off.

Doesn’t seem like a true CSS menu.

Yes. It does use some js. But in the main download, the earlier versions are also included which uses pure css. You can use those if you really need to avoid js.


Does the menu have to be fixed on top? I’m trying to make it position: relative so I can have my own header on top of it, but when I do the menu doesn’t work on mobile. Especially the social menu. It always is “out” even when i haven’t pressed the icon, and it goes outside of the screen… Sorry for horrible explenation, I’ll add a horrible picture that hopefully explains it better :p

Loving the menu so far except for this one bit though.

Add “overflow: hidden;” to the li of ul#css3aw-social-menu

ul#css3aw-social-menu li { overflow: hidden; }

Hope this helps. :)