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super neat super easy :)

Thanks for the purchase :)

Love it! BTW I ’ve sent you an email, hope you can send a reply soon. :)

Thanks, redlips. I’ve got your message and already sent a response :)

purchased! awesme job!

how can i making it to be right to left? including the icons…

Left is default. To make it right change the text-alignment of the main div and background-position. If you have any troubles please contact me by e-mail.

Love how simple these boxes are created and all in clean and valid html code. Nicely done and highly recommended!

Thanks, Woodi :)

Very good job, eucalyptuss !!! Highly recommended ! Thank you very much.

Bruno from Italy

Thank you, Bruno :)

how to close the bar? I thought it was a closable bar.

Sorry for late response, I’m not working here at this moment.

It can not be closable, it’s CSS category, not Javascript.

This may sound stupid but I have no idea how to implement it. I edit my site with Weebly. Please help.

Unfortunately, I’ve never worked with Weebly. If you want to implement the boxes into the system, I suggest you contacting the Support Centre of the product.

Thanks, I’ve contacted Weebly

great style , very useful ! Good job