Discussion on CSS Gradient Generator

Discussion on CSS Gradient Generator

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Preview not working again

Preview not working.

You’ve mentioned an update a few times, but no updates have ever been released. Are you going to post an update to the features mentioned in this thread?

Hello @scriptsgroup,

Actually I am very busy these days because I have a full schedule. However I am planning to update all my items on CodeCanyon in October. So please wait. You may like to provide me any ideas or features you see that this plugin needs.

it would be nice if you would provide the fixes and adjustments previously mentioned. color selection is buggy. when no comments is selected, some comments for ie conditionals (filter) is shown. when selecting the rotation, the wheel is buggy. can’t save angle of gradient. and there’s a lot more.

Hmmm. Very cool, however, and I am quite surprised this hasnt been requested/mentioned yet, I think the script could benefit from the ability to SAVE our gradients we create as presets with the default ones, I’ve watched the video and correct me if I’m wrong, but I did not see this feature?

Yes you are right it doesn’t have the ability to save the gradients. However it will be possible to add this feature in the next update. Now we are working on a WordPress theme and we are going to make the next version of this plugin after finishing the theme. So this feature and many other features will be added in the next version. If you have any other suggestions we will appreciate sharing it with us.

Thanks pharill for your suggestions.

Great, you are welcome. If i think of anything else I will be glad to help out ;)

Thanks your help is appreciated. :)

Hi, need to asked you. How come i cant see the predefine Presets in Google Chrome? Work fine in firefox. Thx

It uses AJAX. You must upload it to a local server or a remote server to work with Chrome

For the presets display (squares in the presets container), they are displayed at a -45deg angle. This is fine because it allows to more easily see the gradient. But when a preset is clicked, the gradient is added (and activated) with a -45deg angle. Is it possible to separate the two so that when the preset is clicked, it will have an angle of 0?

Yeah we got it. It is a point that we didn’t bear in our mind. We thought that it is OK and no problem with that but we can modify it.

Please continue telling us all the issues that you find and we will add it in the next update. We are working on a WordPress plugin and it will be finished within few days. After we finish the current project we will begin on the update and deliver it within three days.


Is it possible to add opacity to the json file? All I see is RGB and position. Would be nice to be able to add opacity presets.

We tried to add transparency to the presets during the last update but it caused many problem. The mathematical equation we wrote was unable to do the task so we didn’t add it. However we are planning to add this feature in a future update but to be honest I can’t promise you when we will add it.

There is a small problem. When you turn comments off, the comment remains for the filter property for legacy IE.

Hi dwpegues, thanks for this great feedback. We promise to fix these issues that you have reported and upload the updated version again. That will be very soon.


Disregard my post about the color palate not working in Chrome. My fault… I was not running my work in my wamp server. I just posted the site live on my server, and it works fine. The only issue in this single post thread at this point is the /* IE6-8 */, and this happens in two of the three framework options. Thanks

I was confused about this color palate in Chrome because I tested it and I didn’t find any problem. Thanks for this telling us about this point.

hi, Thank you very much for the beautiful script :) I would like to use google adsense with this, can you make it google adsense ready? Where’s your wordpress version of the same, please give me the link :)

Yeah I understand your point-> “If we do so, why to sell it on codecanyon” but…I thought its a tool one can host on their sites to provision it to their visitors just as colorzilla’s gradient generator.

that’s ok Thank you :)

Thank you for understanding. By the way, colorzilla is not a plugin it is a website that earns from ads.

Yeah I know it’s not a plugin, but I thought you are providing us this plugin, so that we can host it for public(just as colorzilla) or for individual use (I thought either ways allowed). I just came to know it’s for individual usage! :)

I just downloaded this, I needed a gradient generator for an offline computer. However, the presets do not show. Recommendations? I am running it in Chrome Offline.

This plugin uses AJAX so this may be the issue with Chrome Offline. The solution is to use a localhost server, WAMP Server is a free one for Windows users and MAMP Server is the same for Mac users. However you can use Firefox without the need of using a localhost.

Please let us know if this helped you to solve the issue.


Thanks for a lovely script. Is it possible for a radial gradient? Can’t seem to get one on this awesome script.


How do you achieve radial gradient? i can’t seem to find how to achieve it. maybe i am having a wrong version on the script.

You have a drop-down menu beside the big wheel. You can use it to switch between Linear/Radial gradients, the default is Linear. Check this video to learn more about using the plugin.

This is the video URL

Please let us know if this helped you.

confirm script working as it should @jim
beautiful addition to toolkit
installation was a no brainer and not a problem found yet

Thanks DuCarlion

We have made a new version of the same script for WordPress as you suggested. We have also added some new features to this script like supporting SCSS and LESS

preview not working!

It works! The preview is a video in Youtube as we can’t provide live preview for the script for protection reasons.

You can watch it here:


nice one. Can you add scss and eg less too?

I used since beginning and a standalone version like yours will be great.

What other features are planed next?


LESS and SCSS were on the script, I added the HTML mark up and the event listener on JavaScript but I deleted it when I was reviewing the final project.

I was afraid that it won’t be a necessary feature so I deleted it. So I promise you to add it back in version 1.1 as I kept the old JS file without change when I was revising my project.

Version 1.1 will be available tonight or tomorrow :) What do you mean by the next features? Do you have any suggestions?

i’ve been searching for something similar to this for quiet a while and been hoping a developer might place one one codecanyon
have you considered a similar idea for text shadow , box shadow and the like?
might do well with similar in wordpress if you have any knowledge in that field

couldnt be passed up

Thanks DuCarlion I’m working on converting it to WordPress and I’m working on another project for the rest of the CSS3 features.

Please follow me to know the last news of that.

Great concept … handing this over to our designers. If they give me a thumbs up, we’ll pick it up.

Thanks, I’m happy that you liked my work

Preview not working

There is a problem in the hosting site but it will be done very soon!

You can check it now


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