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Hi, Is there any way to change the speed that the box drops down? Thanks

Sure :) Just replace the time value ”.6s” with anything you want (style.css, line 64-66).

Loved it! :) but would like to have it in css3 coded form. Will you update it with css3? and whats scales are available in purchased downloadable package ?

Looks Beautiful :) Awesome :)

This item is all CSS3 , there’s no need to update. In purchased downloadable package the same scales are included as in the preview.

How can we make sure we’re getting the right size for our webtemplate? Is it scalable?

And by the way… would like to say awesome support, you responded very quick. Loved it! :)

& How about cross browser compatibility? Does it support all the browsers without any loosy?

The buttons aren’t auto-scalable, but you can easily change the dimensions by changing width parameters in css file, it’s a few seconds to adjust it. All modern browsers are supported, you can find a list of supported browsers in the sidebar. Though, older browsers like IE7 don’t support e.g. css gradients.

I’m awaiting ur reply plz :)

Reply was sent :) btw don’t be so impatient, you’ve posted your comment just a few hours ago and for me it’s a middle of the night… ;)

Hey sorry, euculyptuss :) It was out of my excitement and anxiousness on your very own item :) I’m sorry. Awesome support in timely fashion, Indeed you are very quick, yeah I agree I’m impatient, I’m extremely sorry about it :)!

Thanks alot for such a lovely and quick support/responses once again :)


No problem, don’t take it so seriously :))

Hi, Is it possible to make it responsive?

can you release an update for the same with responsiveness?? or else can you create another product of the same ( in styles/theme & concept wise) in responsiveness and submit it to codecanyon for the new purchases.

I have it in plans, but not in the nearest future.

Can’t I just use CSS3 media queries for different resolutions and make it responsive?

Can’t I just use CSS3 media queries for different resolutions and make it responsive?

Yes, you can modify it with media queries

hi, Thank you very much! :)

Is it missing something, that latest browsers wouldn’t support that smooth transition the button used to have?? Does it need some update kind of?? coz the button has lost it’s smooth transition that dropsdown on Hovering. Even On chrome!

I’ve changed lines 63 and 68. Fix is 63.

I would like to know why positioning, “TOP:0” was not required before but it’s required now?? what’s stopping the animating property without having the element positioned “TOP:0”??

Thank you Best Regards :)

Actually, what is in the current version is the most proper way of working with CSS transitions. Why some browsers were less strict about it before is not a question I can answer :)