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I don’t really like how this works. I would favor it more if the submenus showed when the main button was clicked, because when I move my mouse down to click an item and a submenu is before it, I have problems :(

Going to try editing the JS to do this.

With the css version the problem for if you click the link for the dropdown is each sub menu needs to be the same height, which would make customisation a big problem.

Nice item, I find it funny how the documentation goes from B to E :P

Thank you .. and good spot I’ll fix that ;)

hi, test it with ie9 and find : if Mouseout, position of “message” is not correct. I have no your email. I have printed screen.


If you like to email the screenshot to I’d be happy to take a look.

Hi: We have having trouble Laying the Pressed borders over a Rendered Image on HTML5 Canvas. Actually This Image on ‘one of the layers’ of the Canvas. How do you make it work over Canvas Elements ? Thanks.. KS

Hey, Any easy way to make the submenus appear horizontally instead of vertically? Should have bought the other menu I know but just wondering :P



Thanks for buying, it could be done you’d just have to rewrite the css a little, just display the sub menu anchors as block and float them left.


What font did u use in the logo ?

The font is called “Open sans”

I am thinking about buying this but I have so many questions because the description is very poor and doesn’t give many details.

First off, can this menubar be used for non-dashboard related items? For example, can I place “Home” and “Blogs” in instead of “dashboard” and “messages”. I am looking to actually use it within my website and not in my “dashboard” page.

Second, does this menu support sublinks within a sub link? For example, your “media” drops down 3 different sublinks, can those sublinks support other sub links if they were hovered over?

Third, can I replace that “Reflux” heading at the top of the menu with one of my own? Can a picture be placed there?

Those are just a few of my questions for right now, thank you!



Firstly yes you can use the menu in any way you like, it doesn’t have to be used within a dashboard. At the moment it only supports top navigation links and 1 sub-menu, and finally yes you can replace the logo as its just an image, you could just overwrite the existing.

Hope this helps.

Hi purchased both types of your menu and very pleased with them both, but I might have to stick with the css as using jquery to load pages seems to be an issue with google not crawling. So to air on the side of caution I am now on the CSS menu

Simple basic question for you which I have not figured out yet I am using separate pages for each sublink how can i get the menu on the page it displays to show the expanded sublink menu (Example the user still sees what section of the menu they are in) Many thanks P


I’m glad you like the menu :)

You could just add a class to the submenu and when you’re on that page give the class a display: block;

If that makes sense, otherwise drop me an email and I’ll help you out there.

Hi Many thanks. Sent an email last night for you P

Excellent script and so is the jquery version. As Google does seem to have some issues with crawling jquery loaded pages, i decided to buy and utilise both of these menus and use the css version for pages Google crawls and the jquery for the pages Google does not crawl. With help and support from Lee this option works great.

Both are excellent scripts and well worth the couple of dollars.

Thanks for the great feedback Patrick :)

Support from Lee on this product has been second to none. He has taken time out to assist me in adjusting the code to do Exactly what i want it to. Full credit to him

Hi Lee,

Love your menu. Small concern though, will I be able to replace the icons with our own design?

Also, I assume the number of rows is not limited as shown on the screenshot?


Thank you I’m glad you like it.

Sure you can use your own icons, they’re just positioned as background images. And yes you can add more list items no problem :)

Is this for Wordpress?

If I purchase it, will it be easy to install.. if you could let me know how it is installed, that would be great.

Hi there,

Sorry no this is just HTML & CSS for custom site bulds

i purchased it but cant find a way to make it work as you told me . i need to change the content of div “content ” when i click on the menu items and that doesn’t work ? please explain how to do that


I’ve emailed back :)

Beginner question: How do you add info in the dashboard tab, how do you make the view files, upload files and view folders tabs to actually work, how do you make the messaging options to work and how do you then upload that whole package into my wordpress?

Also, I want only my subscribers to see this, how do you do that?

many questions but I had no clue this was an all CSS, coding thing. I thought I was purchasing a whole ready to go plugin…

Hi there,

I’m afraid that this css side is only html/css and doesn’t link into Wordpress, it’s more for html templates.

Do you have html knowledge so that you can apply your links?

You’ll find an anchor in the code where you can include your link like so..



Yes I have “some” html/css knowledge, but I was looking for a customized dashboard (subscriber) that I could have a message when my client logs in and then a Files tab in the menu item where h can access his files. I saw your item and thought “perfect!” So do you have any idea how I can do that? Or tips on pointing in the right direction to customize your item to my specification?


If you just want the page to be static so you can display content on each tab then you can duplicate the index.html and rename each file whilst adding content. Then you can add the new page name to the anchor in the menu.

Hope this makes sense.


Hey, work this Menu on iPad? Taps?

thank you

Great work Good Luck With Sales….