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u r the mann…. :D

Is this only a graphic template or a full working contact form?

It is a HTML /CSS (no graphics) tempate.

Of course no graphics. I meant, wheter I can use this directly on my website or do I need to buy a php contact system?

Yep, it needs some kind of system to get working

Any idea if this will work with Gravity Forms (WordPress plugin)?


Sorry for late response, I’m not working here at this moment.

I can’t say it for sure, I’ve never used this plugin before.

Hey, great product!

Quick question, what am I doing wrong on this contact form?


when I get an email from them it look like this with no content: From: E-mail: Message:


Tried to implement it through html in a standard WP content area.

However, when I save it, the .form class gets erased and the only thing that gets shown is the Description.

Do you know why?

Sounds very confusing. Unfortunately, I can’t say anything without looking on your code. Please contact me by e-mail if you need further assurance.

...just needed to subscribe…

I’ve already replied to your second comment. Sorry for delay.

Hey, I purchased it yesterday and it looks beautiful. But, in the future will checkboxes, file uploads, etc. be added? If so, five stars…

Thanks for the feedback. That’s good idea, I’ll keep it in mind :)

Do you know of any systems that work good with it to get it working?

Even simple php script will get it working ;)

how exactly do i link the css file in the head?? i’m new to this.

All you need to do is place this line of code in the head section of html file

<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/style.css" />

Take a look on the demo files in order to see how it works ;)

Do you have an example of a simple working php script that i can use for this beautiful form??

Sure, please contact my by e-mail and I will show you a ready script :)

how do i alter the size of the form i cant get it to go smaller can you point out where that is in the CSS possibly

Of course, the size of the container is flexible and every type of field in the form has its own width value. This is just one line (.56) of code in style.css file, marked in comments as “dementions of the fields”.


I got an email capture code from my auto responder

Name: Email: Submit

But the contact form looks like too simple. The question is if I can turn it beauty with this product you offer?

I need to put this email capture into a Fan Page.

Thank you

Where exactly do you want to use it? Which network?

I got a self-hosted script, and I want to you use a subscribe form to get leads, in my blog, also in a Fan Page.

This is the code:

<form method=’POST’ action=’http://www.qreative-marketing.co/cgi-bin/autoresponse/suscribe.pl'> <center>

<input type=’text’ name=’first_name’ size=’20’>

</center> <center>

<input type=’text’ name=’email’ size=’20’>

</center> <center>

<input type=’submit’ value=’Subscribame!’>

</center> <input type=’hidden’ name=’id’ value=’AUT00000036’> </form>

I want to a beauty subscribe/contact form.


There is no problem to use CSS styles from this item with this form.

btw: nowadays <center> element should not be in use, it was deprecated a long time ago – use CSS instead

Will you please give me the php script for this

Contact me by e-mail please, and I’ll give you the script.

i cant find your email address so please tell me what it is. Thank you.

You can contact me from the form on my profile page, from my website, or even from Deviant Art and Behance, there are really too many ways to do it ;)

by the way it look real nice but I need the script thank you

how can i use these?

I would encourage you to read the documentation first and then ask some more specific questions if you have any

can I use it in cms Prestashop pages?

It is plain HTML/CSS, you can use it in every framework.