Discussion on Crypto Escrow - Decentralised Web3 Escrow Platform

Discussion on Crypto Escrow - Decentralised Web3 Escrow Platform

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Hi, can you explain more in deep about this business? How does the admin make money without having any backend?

Actually no backend means a decentralized backend on blockchain (not traditional backend). Admin will receive fee parcentage on every successful escrow.

Thanks, can you explain more about the admin side? How the admin make money? how is this configured?

I know about the fee part (that’s how you make money) but how? Is there any wallet address that I have to put in the code so I can get the fees per every transaction?

every blockchain program (contract) have a deployer. If you deploy the contract using your account, the account will be used as admin and the fee receiver.

The demo seems to have a lot of issues. Can you update that so I can review before I purchase.

Hello, we are upgrading the product for some deprecated packages. Please send us your email to be notified when the upgrade will release

Hello, the item is just updated. Consider to purchase before scheduled price increase.

how do i integrate this system to work on together with my wordpress website? or should this system run on nextjs server together with the wordpress payments system?

Hi, thanks for your interest. Would you send us your detailed need?

I have a couple of quiestion

- How much ETH (mainnet) to deploy the smart contract for make it’s working? - When buyer create escrow, how much ETH it will be used?

it will depend on the network state. try in demo site

but demo only goerli, i want know for ETH mainnet, can you telling from experience too?

Goerli is a testnet identical to mainnet. So, you can get a idea from it. From experience 0.0026 ETH to 0.010 ETH max

what’s the php required

Sorry, we didn’t get you. It is not a PHP script

Is their a combo package of Token and Crypto? Or a program that runs both together on the same site/platform?

It needs customization. Please contact through mail.

What if there are more than two parties; for example, 3 or 4 people exchanging funds for one business contract?

You said in an earlier statement that transactions usually involve two parties. The question is can transactions involve 3 or more parties? Example: Two people (brother and sister) bring funds of $100.000 worth of Bitcoins each, and another person, their uncle adds an extra $150.000 worth of Bitcoins for the purchase of one and the same house. All three insists on not adding their money together as a lump sum. They would like their donations to be shown as separate payments. Is this possible?

If you say “YES”, I’ll buy both Escrow Softwares;-)

YES, it can be possible through customization. Please contact us through mail.

sorry, but i cant figure out utility of this app. Can you explain? Is it like freelance market but with crypto payment?

a platform where two parties exchange funds in a decentralized way for their business contract

Hi, If we buy your script, could you provide customization and estimation for the changes requested ?

Yes, we provide customization service. Consider mailing us

Hello dear Thesoftaxis team i will create freelancer system with wordpress .it is integrate with wordpress or how can i do integrate ? Thanks Regards

Thanks for your interest but sorry to say that it is not a WP plugin. You can’t be able to integrate it within WP. You can only link this app to your WordPress site.

Any discount for this item?

Sorry, currently we don’t have any discount on envato

Are the contracts audited? Where do the funds go when they are being held, are they held in a wallet owned by admin or does anyone have the key to the wallet it is being held in? Or is the transaction between the two parties just delayed somehow without being held in another wallet?

1. This contract is being used by many business owners already. You can audit it by your own. We have followed industry standard for the contract.

2. Funds is being held by the contract itself. Not the owner. This system is totally decentralized with no backend actually. Admin/Owner, Seller, Buyer won’t be able to break the system.

interested, but can you add another chain for this script?

if your chain is EVM based, you will be able to add it

Great work

bro, consider to rate us. not a comment actually

can install with shared hosting cPanel?

nope, you have to deploy it on nextjs supported hosting

This as an wordpress plugin for wcfm or dokan vendor would be great. Is something like this in planning?

Thanks for your interest. Sorry to say that, we don’t have any plan about WP

It’s not connecting with ConnectWallet – displays no errors.

Thanks for letting us know. Let us check the issue

Hello, we tried to connect via Walletconnect. It’s working perfectly.

How can the admin cancel an escrow payment do that it will return to the buyer?

admin or seller will be able to refund the escrow to buyer

hi what is the difference in both app i see you have 2 with diffrent price

Thanks for your interest. “Crypto Escrow” supports chain native currency like ETH, Matic, BNB, etc. Where the “Token Escrow” supports all the custom token like USDT, USDC etc (erc20, bep20, trc20 standard)

can u add other blockchain also like avalanche or other L1 blockchain like Ethereum?

This script will work with any EVM blockchain including Avalanche. You just need a RPC url of the Avalanche node

Hi guy,

Your link demo not work.

Application error: a client-side exception has occurred (see the browser console for more information).

Would you please consider to send us a screenshot!


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