BALAKA – CRM and Inventory Web App Based on ASP.NET Core 5.x.x MVC

BALAKA – CRM and Inventory Web App Based on ASP.NET Core 5.x.x MVC

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BALAKA – Open Source CRM Plus Inventory System in ASP.NET Core MVC Web Application

ASP.NET Core Version => ASP.NET Core 5.x.x

More about .NET 5 can be found on this link: Microsoft .NET 5

More about ASP.NET Core 5.x.x can be found on this link: ASP.NET Core 5.x.x

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CRM features combine with Inventory features

Your first end to end web application that works! From security, role, CRUD form to dashboard with beautiful chart. Common and simple programming task, but not everyone can do and finish the job. This project will help you and saving your time. Feel free to try our Azure demo.

Full Source Code

The product come with full source code. You can customize the source code and use it as starter project template or ready to use web app.

Perfect for those who wants to learn Microsoft latest modern technology stack, ASP.NET Core MVC combine with Bootstrap, jQuery and selected plugin such as chart.

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Functional Features:

  • Dashboard Chart & Graph
  • Rating
  • Activity
  • Channel
  • Stage
  • Account Executive
  • Lead
  • Opportunity
  • Branch
  • Warehouse
  • Product
  • Stock
  • Vendor
  • Purchase Order
  • Receiving
  • Customer
  • Sales Order
  • Shipment
  • Transfer Order
  • Goods Issue
  • Goods Receive
  • Download Excel, PDF, CSV
  • Table Search
  • Responsive / Bootstrap

    Updates: (21-March-2021)
  • Upgrade ASP.NET Core Version, From: ASP.NET Core 2.x.x, Into: ASP.NET Core 5.x.x

  • Development Environment

    Microsoft ASP.NET Core is Microsoft latest modern technology stack for building apps. it was simple, intuitive and very easy. The development environment:

    • PC/Laptop with Windows 10 OS
    • Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition (FREE)
    • MS SQL Express Edition (FREE)
    • ASP.NET Core 5.x.x

    How To Run The Project:

    • Open the project using Visual Studio
    • Rebuild the solution
    • Change connection string to target your selected database server
    • Run code first migration script “update-database” on package manager console. This step will automatically create database and tables at database server that is configured on ConnectionString
    • Run the project by pressing Play / Start button
    • Done. The project should be running now.

    Project Deployment and Hosting

    For project deployment and hosting, please follow Microsoft official documentation because they have created complete and thorough guide about this: Host and deploy ASP.NET Core.

    Technical Features:

    • Identity Security
    • User management
    • SendGrid Email
    • SMTP Email
    • Dependency Injection
    • ASP.NET Core Using MVC Approach
    • C#
    • EF Core / Code First
    • JQuery
    • Modal Form
    • Image upload
    • Latest jQuery and .NET Web API tricks

    Azure Online Demo Available

    With this product, we have provided online azure demo. Feel free to try and enjoy the demo.

    Demo link, click =>

    Product Support

    We support this product through comment and or email:

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