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for Customer Support

There has been no responses to my support requests for the past 3 month even after extending the support.


Author response

Hi, new update is available for download with more features

for Customer Support

He promise lot of things and when I payed extra, then he have no time or dont reply to my message. DONT BUY HIS PRODUCT!
I wait for his support over 6 month.. but nothing :/

by FS - Turkey 4 years ago

by GP - Ecuador 5 years ago

by LA - United Kingdom 5 years ago

for Other

by SC - Saudi Arabia 6 years ago

for Code Quality

by AT - Bangladesh 6 years ago

for Bugs

by AL - Egypt 6 years ago

by OS - Colombia 6 years ago

by SM - France 6 years ago

for Flexibility

by AN - Lebanon 6 years ago

by MB - United States 7 years ago

by FT - Turkey 7 years ago