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And how can i change currency for member to make a payment ?


Please, in main directory is a file named settings.php, you will find it there.

Regards, Daniel.

Hi Shadro, I am facing a couple of quick issues,

1. I want to integrate SMS Gateway for the OTP in the registration page, but I am not able to find the registration Page itself in the code.

2. When I am placing a HTML code in the CMS Pages it showing the HTML Code too. How can I add the HTML code in the text pages.

Please reply me as soon as possible.

Regards, Anil. Ch

Hi. How can I make coupons available for print or download in smaller devices? When I click on print it says it must be from a larger device, and I know you can now download instead of printing coupons. Thank you.


Go to main directory (where you script is) and open Misc/print.css

All you need to do is to find this lines:

@media (max-width: 500px){

.container { display: none; }

.smalldev { display: block; }


And DELETE them !

Regards, Daniel.


help me, i don’t know where to find this information although i created project on google

i solve my problem with Google API but i got problem with GO LIVE Paypal, i created apps, fill details but got this :

PayPal error: Got Http response code 401 when accessing


Make sure that your Paypal app is live and also in your admin panel select Mode: Live from Settings -> API/External Accounts. (to Paypal settings).

Also please double check your Paypal app and make sure that you set all permisions that you need.

Regards, Daniel.

Hello I want to know before buy if you have the french translation ?


It could be translated, but it doesn’t come with French language installed after you purchase the script.

Regards, Daniel.


May I know when are you releasing new version of COUPONSCMS. I am interested in buying this. Thanks.


I’m working on version 6 already, it will include code improvements, support for more complex themes, dynamic widgets sections and a new theme.

Regards, Daniel.

Hi Shadyro, when i try to open a products or coupons or store rss i revìceive this message:

This page contains the following error:

error on line 7 at column 20: xmlParseEntityRef: no name Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.

And this one for products:

Can you please help me?




Can I see your website ? I never got this problem, I could be a problem from your server/php version.

Thanks !

Hi, i sent you a message yesterday with my website link.

Thanks and have a nice day


Hello I have buy this script but doesn’t work. i try to install in local with the webinstaller but password for database i requiered and when i upload manualy the database and modify the setting file i have a page white with text Without design. How do ?


If you tried to install it manualy, all you have to do is to set the details correctly in settings.php

But I would like to recommend you to install CouponsCMS automaticaly, you have a tutorial here:

If you are able to put your website online I will be happy to install it for you.

Regards, Daniel.

couponscms can use on nginx server?


It should work without problems, htaccess may be an issue, but there are a lot of converters online, (and that only if you need to use seo links)

Also, if we don’t figure it out to work as in demo, I can give you the refund.

Regards, Daniel.

Hello, would anyone have the French translation and share with me please?


We are working on a new update and we will wait until then with translations, at this moment we don’t have an addon for french language.

Regards, Daniel.

Hello, when will the update come out please ?


I estimate this for 3 weeks, theme will be a lot more complex. Theme options, rich widgets and many other things. It will be name Coupons CMS Pro and the good news, it will be free for anyone who purchased any version of Coupons CMS. Plus a Lite version of a new theme which will be also free.

Thanks !


Do you support the Arabic language?

Is it possible to work in Arabic?


Of course I will help you !

Best regards, Daniel.

I want the site to be in Arabic

Will you help me turn it into Arabic

Because I do not know how


ursseo Purchased

as per u says i approved the refund but not received pls

You wrote a stupid review for 10 times ! (wrote and deleted, and so on) Sent me 10 emails where you blackmail me if I don’t give you a refund for NO REASONS you’ll write bad review ! I accept refund requests from people who really have a reason and not because I’m blackmailed with bad reviews. ALSO UNDERSTAND, I received dozens of mails, comments and reviews from you and my time is very limited right now to stay and talk with a guy who doesn’t know what THE RESPECT is !