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Nice product! What I am looking to do is have a “Text Me The Code” feature. I actual texting script works well. Can you provide guidelines on how I can integrate a new option “Text code” in additional to the existing Print Code/View Source/etc.?

Your quick response is appreciated. Thank you.


That’s a nice idea and it could be implemented in a future version, but it should work with email just like “Email Me The Code”, because if it’s a lot harder to make this feature work for all countries, I mean with ‘Text Me’

Best regards, Daniel.

Hi Daniel, I want to implement this myself, just looking for guidance. Which files would I update? Where would my custom file be stored? Right now, I don’t see any functionality to set the coupon to “Email me the Code” is this built in today? Please help! Thank you.


As I said, this feature does not exist now but it is a nice idea and it may be included in future versions.

Thank you !

Hi Daniel, I can’t get the subscribe to newsletter form to work. I see for the post action, it is set to ”#widget_newsletter” is this what it is supposed to be? When I click submit the page does reloads. I don’t see entry in database or backend either.



Yes, #widget_newslettes is just fine and it should only scroll until the element with id ”#widget_newslettes”.

And this is what should happen after click on submit, reaload the page but also above it should display a message, an error message or a successful message.

What does appear in your case ? If there is nothing please tell me what is your website address because I would like to take a look.

Thanks !

hi shadyro. what type of csv i have to use to bulk upload products/coupons? comma seperated, pip delimited etc? i create custom csv file for my website and upload it, but it cant import, also there is no any error. what is problem?


Oh, I’ll try to write an article in our support section about how to import items from a csv file.

There are no errors, errors appear only if the item could not be imported.

All you have to do is to make sure that Store url in coupons csv file are the same with a store’s url on your website.

With other words if you have a store named “Example Store” with URL, in this case in that csv file used to import coupons at row Store url should be exacly the same address:

Thank you !


I am wondering if you are going to include the feature for admins to include links underneath each coupon? Currently, when you copy a coupon, the customer cannot go automatically to the offer page. There is no link they can click on.

I saw that you have included a similar feature for the ‘deal’ section in the admin panel, where the admin can set which link the deal should link to.

I think it would be a great feature for the coupons as well. So when someone copies a coupon, they can click on a link underneath the coupon to take them to the offer page.


I’ll try to do it in first update, unfortunately I have to delay this for a period of time. Is very hard for me to work on this script in this period of time and it is a matter of personal problems.

Thank you very much for your time to write this for me and I always tried to listen to all customers.

Best regards, Daniel.

what about CJ


As I said previously there will be a new plugin for ShareASale and updated.

The delay is only because of my personal problems, it is a very hard period of time for me and I’ll try to start working on it even if is realy hard for me now.

Best regards, Daniel.

hello! im interested to obtain licence for coupons cms i have few question. #1 is that writen in PHP+mysql? #2 is that pure PHP or you used framework? #3 can i access all code? i ask because i want to modify the code to fit my business model.

thanks Martin

Hello, Hello,

I saw that you already purchased this script.

1. It is written in PHP + mysql 2. This script does not use a framework but own framework 3. Yes, you have access to all the code

If you want to modify the code, I guess this is one of the cleanest script.

Please send me a private message before you start working on it and also if you have some questions.

Best regards, Daniel.

Hi, we have installed the program in our server and the website is working but we have problems when you try to click on the buttons of the web like:




We have tryed installing again the program but still not working.

Please, can you tell us who to solve it?



Are you sure that your .htaccess works fine or it is uploaded ?

Please send me a private message with your website !

Thanks !

hi shadyro. it took too long time. I want to know that: 1. will you release cj plugin soon? if not, please give some documentation for developers, to hire another dev to make plugin(s). 2. which csv file format i have to choose? i tried many times but everytime no success. 3. will you release some feed servers for cj etc… feed data? i understand you have some personal problems. but it is more than 2 months, during this time i think it would be possible to update cj api. because it takes your 3-5 hours maximum. Thanks


1. Yes ! Cj & Share A Sale plugins will be ready soon. Soon means 30-40 days. 2. Any CSV file, but the order of fields should be the same as selected, make sure you have imported stores first and coupons after. 3. It really doesn’t take 3-5 hours to update Cj Plugin, or .. maybe I can get it work in 5 hours for the new version but for sure I cannot release it on codecanyon, because it should work for new versions also and I have to keep that in plan when develop it. This plugin was complatible with versions 3, 4 and 5.

  • If is your are not happy to wait another 30 days I can make this plugin work and give it to you. And just update it when it is ready.

But for this you can send me a private message.

Best regards, Daniel.

Hello, How can I identify what page I am on? I want to customize some formatting and scripts. For example, if I want to display custom text for all “Category” pages or only custom text for the category “XYZ” page. I understand I can update the category.php file, but I want to check the page name on another file, like site_footer.

Thank you.

Oh my God, view it here:

Thanks for the quick response! Would love it if there was full documentation for the script!

100% sure there will be a full documentation for this script !

In next 30 days (it could take a little less) I’ll release two add-ons, these are actually connections to and networks using their apis.

After that I’ll write at least 20 articles about developing plugins for this script, using extra fields and everything about functions that could be used in themes.

Best regards, Daniel.


I have a question about Seo Links:

In “Store link” we need a url ilke—>

we can´t do it right now because th backend need to use “store” on it—>

Is there any posibility to change de htaccess to get it?

Another question:

We would like to order the coupons on the shop page. The coupons with highest discount would appears in the first position or something like this. Is possible to order them or give them sime kind of priority in the coupon´s list of the shop?.

I hope you can understand me :)

Thank you.


You can’t remove that word “store” from the link for now, but you can change it if you need it in other language. From admin panel -> Settings -> SEO Links

About how to order coupons on store page, here is a list with all values available for ordering coupons on any page: rand, name, name desc, update, update desc, rating, rating desc, votes, votes desc, cvotes, cvotes desc, views, views desc, clicks, clicks desc, start, start desc, expiration, expiration desc, date, date desc, active, active desc

Thank you !

Hi again, We have an automatic installation of CouponCMS v6, and the admin panel widgets section is causing us some problems.

1.- I can not choose categories when adding a “Right Side Widgets”, when I try to add a field only stores appear. Also the message “Widget does not exist, delete it!” Appears.

2.-The same happens when you edit a “Search Box” in “Right Side Widgets”.

3.- I do not have the option to display in the main page several positions of Feature Coupon TOP or BOT Widgets (and same in “Products”). I can add them with different positions but only one displayed in the home page.

Sorry for my bad English and thank you for your attention.


  • I think your english is just fine ! :P

I understood all your problems are caused by widgets, please make sure that you have VARCHAR on widget_id in widgets table just like:

Because in previous version this column has INT instead VARCHAR and if you updated the script from version 5, it maybe remained like this.

If this issue is stil lthere, please send me a private message with a FTP account and an account on your website and be sure that I’ll fix it as fast as possible.

Best regards, Daniel.

Hello again Daniel, thank you for your kindness with my English jijijiji. We certainly had widget_id = INT. Problems 1 and 2 have been solved by changing widget_id = VarChar (255). But I still have problems with point number 3. I add an image to try to clarify a little.


Oh, now I see, I fixed this issue but I forgot to publish the update, I’ll do it right now.

To fix it as fast as possible please edit this file:


and change to function show_widgets( $id ) and change:

@require_once $v[‘file’];


@require $v[‘file’];

it is on line 736

If you think it is complicated, send me in a private message a FTP account and I’ll change it for and you don’t have to wait until the update is approved.

Sorry about this !!

Best regards, Daniel.

Please provide rewrite SEO url config for nginx?

Thanks you.


Used this tool:


charset utf-8;

location / {

if (!-e $request_filename){

rewrite ^/(.*?)(\-(\d+))?([.]\w+|\/)?$ /index.php?$1=$3&hta&ext=$4 break;



I tried but it download php source code instead execute php.

Update: i change break to last It’s work

Well, I see it works fine ! Thanks !