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1) I’m trying to change the theme settings, but I get an error: Cannot access self:: when no class scope is active in */includes/site/utils.php on line 23

2) There are still errors in the administration panel. I wrote about them to you by mail, but the answer did not come.

I just checked and update your website, I can’t tell you what’s the issue because you are using an unaccepted version of PHP.

Also I just copied your coupons at my installation and it works like a charm :)

What you can do ?

Please contact your hosting provider and ask them about updating their softwares.

Coupons CMS works very well on PHP 5.4, but PHP 7 is a lot better :)

You are using a version which is not even supported and it’s olther than 5 years.

I changed the version of php. Now 7. With the search, the problem remained. If you type “часы” on the main page, you can see that there is 1 result but it is hidden.

I understand, ok .. let’s change the collation from utf8_general_ci to utf8_unicode_ci

If you don’t know how, please send me a private message.


jlamping Purchased

hello, the script run perfectly and with no problems. thank you!! however, i can not log in?? I may have mistyped the password. I have tried several variables. the “forgot password” option does not work. can i find it in my sql database?

jay lamping


jlamping Purchased

Thanks for the quick response. The front end login also fails. I created a new user and could not log in still. In the user table, there is no sign of a new user. user name is

Thank you.

Jay Lamping seems to be offline.

Please click on my profile and send me a private message with an account on your server (cPanel/Plesc, etc), I’ll take a look and tell you what’s the problem.

You web server did not save sessions.

I changed the directory where sessions are saved, it should be good now !

You can login with your account.

Where it is possible to esteem about opportunities of Coupons CMS 6? And you have a beaten link


Oh, now you can see the demo and you’ll see exactly how it works.

My server was offline for about 40 minutes.

Sorry about that.

Best regards, Daniel.

on main have forgotten to specify new opportunities of CMS 6


Copied from changelog:

New Version 6:

- Developers tools: – filters/actions – custom fields for pages/stores/coupons/products/users – custom widgets – shortcodes – more - A brand new theme - New type of input fields for date/hour/color picker - Theme options for themes, any theme can have own options - Sortable fields - Code improvements

Best regards,Daniel.

Hello Dear,

Recently, I check a Coupon CMS Script and wanted to purchase it. It is pretty cool but I need some changes Like – Theme design ( Can you install this theme with your CMS? and I want to show coupon code in the popup (Like in yourcoupon theme). Please reply ASAP.



I can convert any HTML to Coupons CMS but the price is hight and in this case I don’t see the reason because we have a theme just like for you needs with popup instead single pages for coupons, check this out:

Best regards, Daniel.

Hello Shadyro
What would be the costing of adding the above theme in Coupons CMS?
And in the Coupons CMS script, I hadn’t found any option to Generate Sitemap?
As you know, Sitemap help in Google indexing.
So any possibilities of adding this option??
And one more feature… I want to show the store rating on Google search engine (Rich Snippets Schema) Does it is possible using your script?


About the sitemap, it’s useless in Coupons CMS because our themes have all pages linked each other.

Google will index all your pages without a sitemap in just few days, you can check on Google, there are all our pages and all are indexed.

About rich snippets for store rating, it can be implemented in both our themes since both have single pages for stores.

Best regards, Daniel.


ronelgon Purchased


Thanks for the update but Is there hope to help us and develop a Native android App for your script and sell it as an addon like your other addons to the script? Kindly help us because the use of mobile phones is so much on the raise and people HATE opening browsers to enter urls. Some do not even know how to use those browsers on their phones.

The affiliate module also needs to be worked such that a referrer get free credits every time the referred happen to pay for any of the packages.

Thank you



Please write me a private message to talk about it, I’ll provide all you need for free but I would like from you to release that addon only if I consider it good. I work almost every day on this script to improve it and a bad app associated with it will not look good for my customers.

Thank you !