Reviews for CountDown Pro WP Plugin - WebSites/Products/Offers

Reviews for CountDown Pro WP Plugin - WebSites/Products/Offers

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for Customer Support

Very easy to use plugin and the LambertGroup support team was uber quick solving my requests. This guy is also THE BEST freelancer here on envato, HANDS DOWN. He customized my website and literally SAVED my business. I own this guy big time !! THANK YOU VERY MUCH LAMBERT, you the man !!

Author response

Thank you!

for Feature Availability

This is a premium plugin.

I needed to set my website in 'maintenance mode'. After I finished the website update I needed a countdown for a product promotion. This plugin did both tasks and all done in a couple of minutes.

Also, the support was outstanding: the answer came in less than 15 minutes and they added a new feature which was important for me. It was not a big modification, but they were kind enough to add this new feature for me.

5* and a big thank you!

Author response

Thank you!

for Design Quality


I can't even begin to express how terrible this plugin is. The UI would look outdated and tacky in 1995.

The main reason I bought this plugin, the slick black clock design isn't even included in the plugin. The other design looks terrible.

The code quality is awful adds bloated unnecessary code and impacts performance, the decent looking electronic clock design isn't bloody included, instead there's a very poorly put together tutorial video that is full of "ums and errs" is difficult to follow coz he fails to get to the point most of the time.

Doesn't explain why he's doing any of his actions or what effect they're having on the outcome and even though I followed the instructions exactly, I ended up with a completely different design than he did.

There's no separate controls for bottom and top margins they're put together? All the CSS is added inline!! The class and div layout isn't even constructed well.

You can't even remove the terrible CSS that is there without custom editing the hard coding of the plugin which uses inline css which is bulking and bloated code, but that means if the plugin is ever updated it will overwrite any edits I make to make this thing better.

The more I use this plugin the more I hate it. The only reason I'm not demanding my money back is because I need a countdown timer with a 24 hour reset function and this is one of the only ones I can find, on codecanyon. Also why can't you have an option for a global setting that controls the look of all the boxes at once instead of having to edit them all individually, that's just retarded. You don't even have the option of hiding counters, so I have to manually write the CSS to get rid of it. How has this sold almost a 1000 copies and still gotten a 4 star rating?

Actually I don't care I just want my money back!!

I would say this items falls under Item is "not as described"

Author response


The plugin does what it was advertised.

The UI is the standard WordPress interface.

You can customize each clock accordion to your design (color, size etc) that's why you don't have a singe parameter. We've been asked by clients to add all these parameters to allow them to customize the plugin as they need. It seems that you have difficulties ti select some parameters.

For refund requests, please follow this link:


for Design Quality

Please look else where.

Notice they don't show you the backend?
Headache inducing user interface $14USD for the headaches of trying to set this up, It's not worth it. You are far better off looking in to other options for far less than this.

Also be sure you're purchasing the right plugin they offer two versions this and Visual composer add on, the sites are skinned the same with no clear titles so it could get confusing when it comes time to buy, a mistake they don't care to help out with.

In Response to the Authors reply.

Please see
That's how you show the backend, in the screen shots and live preivew, I don't watch How to tutorials before I buy a plugin maybe thats just me, take screen shots and show it in the screen shot and live preview section. Also the one star is mainly for the design and usability quality on the backend for such a price. You might also want to title the live preview pages so they all don't look so simular across your plugins. I feel buyers could get more value else where but thats just my two cents.

Thanks for your reply.

Author response


What do you mean by 'they don't show you the backend'? You have detailed video tutorials on the product page under 'Video Tutorial' section which shows how to configure install and configure the plugin.

It's not very clear for me why did you vote 1 start fro a product which offers so many options and comes with detailed video tutorials.


Author response


The product has tons of options to customize the countdown as you wish. The interface is very easy, as can easily be seen in the video tutorials.

You voted 1* because you bought the WordPress plugin and you wanted the Visual Composer add-on. I've told you that a refund is not possible due to Envato rules and after the refund was declined you voted 1*.

I understand your frustration but this is not the correct way to act.


for Customer Support

I can't rate this plugin highly enough. I have literally tried every well known countdown timer and they failed due to the local caching + CDN. This works flawlessly! And the support is top notch as well. They went way above and beyond in the pre-sales time and support after purchase was fast, accurate and helped to solve my issue immediately. Again, can't rate this one high enough! Well done!

for Other

Original review below:

Horrible user interface, way too many options, not user friendly. Plugin has it's own menu item?! Integration of plugin is absolutely cringe worthy (brown and naff icons). Final straw was the 5+ minute video on how to make the countdown non circular. Avoid.

Also, the amount of scripts you are including on the frontend are absolutely bonkers?!

How did this get past the reviewers...


Replies to Author's comments below.

1. Outstanding? No, I stand by my comment 100%. You have check boxes, input fields and UI sliders all over the place. No actual thought on what would be the best way to design this plugin. You have 15 options alone for the headings... It's extremely cumbersome.

2. Why do I need a 5 minute video explaining how to make the Electronic version...? Could you not have 1 option to select between either the circular and electronic version and limit further options based on this? For one "simple" timer, you have 112 options... Seriously for a countdown time...

3. I have no comment here.

4. I don't think you understand the problem here. You have included all of these files that will SLOW THE WEBSITE DOWN, and serves no purpose being included on the front end of the website below - Do you care about performance??

I had to remove these and only show them in the admin panel.

Author response


1. Since these are options, you have the 'option' to use them. You don't
HAVE TO use them, only if you need different values than the default. Again,
complaining about the amount of options is absurd. You should complain about
the lack of options. I keep getting mails if I can include a new option, a
new parameter etc. I have never received complains (and 1 star rating) for
too many options.

2. The tutorial has 5+ minutes because it's done for everybody to follow.
The modification between circular and electronic version takes no more than
30s. It's true that we could add a parameter to set some default values for
electronic version. But you should have the same options to change the
default values for electronic version. So it can bring confusion.

4. We'll reduce the number of jQuery-UI files included with the new update.

P.S. 1 star rating does not reflect the product quality. It's a plugin than
can be used inside a page/post, as a coming soon coundown, as a maintenance
mode for your entire website.

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