Discussion on CountDown App (iOS) | Countdown Widget & Timer

Discussion on CountDown App (iOS) | Countdown Widget & Timer

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Hey dear, is it possible to localize date names? (e.g. in all languages june seems as june or day numbers automatically come in English (like 9th, 10th) event date selection. I can’t see spanish or any other translation etc.)

Of course, you can localize the date name to meet your specific requirements. If you need my assistance, please email me privately.

Hi, I have no coding skills. Do you guide about customizing and uploading this app to app store? Yes I have mac :)

Since you don’t have any coding skills, it’s hard to guide you about customizing this app. Therefore, I suggest that if you want to change something simple, I can make it for you. About uploading app to Appstore, there are many instructions on Google or Youtube you can follow them, for example:

Hi. For some reason, Google banners are no longer displayed. Can you check for yourself?

Func: bannerView(_:didFailToReceiveAdWithError:) : bannerView:didFailToReceiveAdWithError: Request Error: No ad to show from all configured ad networks.

Can you suggest what needs to be commented out or delete code to disable Google Ads in app?

To disable Google Ads in app, you just need to commented out all lines has “googleAdManager”.

Too bad that you cannot create widgets for each event, but you can create only for the first one in the list.

Wow! So fast. Can you suggest what files I should update for this function so as not to update the whole project?

It’s difficult to guide you via this channel. Can you contact me directly via gmail?


Hi. In the app, you can set the widget to only one event (which comes first in the list). You can’t make multiple widgets for different events, which is frustrating.

Thank you for your feedback. Do you mean create a single widget for each event? If that’s what you mean, you’ll need to create widgets equal to the number of events you have, and the number of widgets is constant so it seems impossible.

Yes, for example I have 3 events. But I can’t create 3 widgets (for each event). It doesn’t matter how many widgets I try to create – they are all created for only one event, which comes first in the list of events.

The number of widget type has been fixed in the project (which is only one widget type for the first event in app). Therefore, you can’t create widgets dynamically rely on the number of events.

Purchased but can’t get it to run on Xcode 13. Too many errors even after the latest update.

Ok thank you. As you know, Apple only reviews apps on the latest versions and it seems it’s always changing. Thank you for your support!

I have updated project to be compatible with Xcode 13 & iOS 15. You can check the latest version for now. Thanks for your support!

Thank you! Buy with confidence folks. Elitech-96 supports their customers!

does it notify by push notifications?

No, it’s just used local notification.

Can you show how “Widget” looks?

Yes, I will include a screenshot of “Widget” in my next version app tomorrow.

I updated a new screenshot of widget. You can check it for now.

Do we have an widget and also is their any ads integrated.

In current version, a widget (Today Extension) has been integrated already. In the next few days, I will upload new version which will include ads (banner + interstitial ads).

Thanks for the immediate replay, and I will purchase then.

I updated a new version app which included banner and interstitial ad. You can check for now.

Congratulations, Good luck with sales! :)

Thanks for your support!

Can this use the items in the calender?

Thanks for your question. The app currently does not have the ability to retrieve events from the calendar app in this first release, and only provides basic features. Based on the purchaser’s requirement, I will develop new features in next versions. Should further information is needed, I’m happy to assist.


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