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Hi, same at me, please help ( )

BrandSquire PURCHASED 2 days ago Flag

Hi! How do I adjust the scroll to anchor point when you click on the NEXT button? For my website, it’s scrolling too high and it cuts part of the form. I’d like to have it scroll to the same default point minus 100px. Thanks in advance!


We have taken a look at the referenced url and the scroll aligns perfectly with the top of the form in Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Can you please verify that the issue has been resolved?

If the issue persists, please tell us which browser are you using.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

BoldThemes team

Hi, I have the cost calculator working but I want to remove a cost calculator item from my page, when I do this it seems to also remove and break part of my other items. Should I just be able to delete that item from visual composer? because when I do that, this is when it breaks.

I added a screenshot in dropbox to make it easier to understand.


You should be able to simply remove it in Visual Composer, but it seems that your Visual Composer elements and corrupted – as far as we can see, the topmost two calculator items do not have edit buttons (little tool bar which VC adds). This is the indication that something is not right with the underlying VCs shortcode structure.

The solution is to switch to source mode of classic editor and try to figure out what exactly causes the inconsistency or to rebuild the calculator by copying and dragging elements from the existing one to a new one. You would have to add new items instead of corrupted.

Kind regards,

BoldThemes team

Ok thanks, i made sure i had the latest Vc and the latest plugin and rebuilt the page and it seems ok, the only issue, i must have somehow renamed the Address filed as something else and when i updated the plugin it reset it to address.( for the contact part of the script)

Can you tell me where i can rename the field.?


The safest way to do this is to create the “translation” file where you would redefine the Address label. This is the only method which is update proof. If you want to leave the rest labels as they are now, you only need to redefine this one item in language file.

Please refer to the following article on how to do this:

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BoldThemes team

Hi, Currently from what I understand, we have the options for “total” to be of two ways:

1. the lead form 2. paypal check-out

Is it possible to tweak the form for our calculator to function both ways? What we want is for the prospects to be directed to the paypal check-out AND get their lead information at the same conversion. Thanks.


Currently it is not possible to have both features at the same time, although you would get some buyer info from PayPal in the confirmation message.

Kind regards,

BoldThemes team


I want to buy this plugin for digital print shop site. now i want know, This plugin has the following features?

1) I want to be able set Measurement Price for large format print.


We should be able costs for large format based on measurement units like centimeter determine.

Of course, costs are not fixed and by selecting options such as “type of paper,” “coverage” by the

customer, the price must be changed.

And the client by entering the length and width dimensions of his project in order to display the total

amount for him.)

2) I want to be able set a field for “number of pages” and a field for “copies” in one form at order page

for digital print, And calculator could gather “number of pages” field and other cost fields (for example

“binding”,”cover”), and Total costs multiply the number of copies and the total amount to be displayed.


The cost of printing per page is NOT fixed. And by selecting options such as “color or black and white,”

“type of paper” and etc,The cost of printing per page must be changed.)

3) I want to be able set this plugin with other WooCommerce plugins.


i want a plugin that i could set it with other WooCommerce plugins such as “each bank gateway, delivery

date, discount codes and etc.”)

4) Customer can upload files for his project.

5) customer need a box to write a more detailed description

(FOR more information

Sign-in page order for customers need a box to write a more detailed description.)

If I know your email, I can send you my request by infographic

Kind regards



Currently the last three requirements are not supported – Cost Calculator can not be integrated with WooCommerce, there is no upload control within contact form and you would need to modify the form to create a description of order – although we can help you with the last one :)

Kind regards,

BoldThemes team