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Hi, I bought this plug in for my website:

I just wanted a cookie notification GDPR plugin, it’s not working on my website though?

I get a prompt to download: which I don’t need?

Can you help?


As shown in the title, description and documentation, CookiePlus requires MasterPopups to work.


I have a problem with cookie Facebook Pixel

I use plugin Facebook for Woocomerce and i cant block facebook pixel

Please help me

Hi. Most likely, you are adding the Facebook pixel freely, that is, without a cookie blocker.

What you have to do is erase the facebook pixel of any other plugin that is adding it and then add the facebook pixel within the CookiePlus option, here:

Don’t forget to clean all your cookies after saving the settings.

Hello, when we set cookies active by default (specially _ga cookies.) Even after when the user deactivates the cookies & save: the old cookies are not getting removed. Hoping to get your response soon.


Try to activate the following CookiePlus option:

Hello, I recently bought the wordpress plugin “cookie plus gdpr cookie consent solution for wordpress”.

I have trouble configuring the one. Indeed after making the first configuration, the popup is not displayed.

On the other hand when I inspect the source code, that appears well in the code but has a style css “opacity: 0;”.

Is this normal? how can I solve the problem?

It is this video on which I based myself to realize my “Cookies Popup”. But unfortunately, even the import does not work. Required to design the cookie popup manually.

I have this js error ```master-popups.min.js?ver=2.9.8:2 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘top’ of undefined at i.get_sizes (master-popups.min.js?ver=2.9.8:2) at i.resize_elements (master-popups.min.js?ver=2.9.8:1) at i.set_dynamic_styles (master-popups.min.js?ver=2.9.8:1) at i.before_open_popup (master-popups.min.js?ver=2.9.8:1) at master-popups.min.js?ver=2.9.8:1```

Hi. Thanks for notifying me of the problem. I have already corrected it in version 2.9.9 of MasterPopups, please update.


I installed your plugin and i try to make a popup for cookie settings but in browser’s console, i have an error that blocks the opening

TypeError: e.position(...) is undefined – master-popups.min.js:2:2786

(same error in front and when click on “preview”)

can you help me ?

I use : Wordpress 5.2.3 Master Popups 2.9.8 Cookie Plus – Master Popups Addon 1.3.5



Provide me the URL of your website to solve the problem

Please update MasterPopusp to 2.9.9.

The update fixe it, thanks

Hello, I have a WordPress multisite with both Master Popups and Cookie Plus installed at the most recent versions and activated. The plugins recently stopped working and I see this notice in my dashboard: ‘Missing plugin: Master Popups You have to install and activate Master Popups plugin before using “Cookie Plus – Master Popups Addon”’ Also, I do not see the Master Popups in the menu anymore. Site is Thanks for any help!


Verify that both plugins are activated in their versions.

MasterPopups 2.9.9 and CookiePlus 1.3.5

Yes, the two plugins are activated in these versions. I have deactivated them, and reactivated, with no change to the error message which appears after I reactivate CookiePlus.

Hi It is weird.

Give me your wp-admin data to review the problem.

is there anyway to close on scroll?

Hi. Use the following option:

Hi, I bought your software. I installed it correctly. I’m following the instructions on the website. When I try to make _ga _gat _gid appear, it doesn’t seem to work well.

Can you help me understand why they don’t disappear?

Thanks, See you soon Andrea Scano


Try to activate the following CookiePlus option:


Unfortunately, I have to inform you that your plugin is not good for me. So I want ask you if it possible to give me my money back.

Purchase Code: b14cdde6-0f88-4ed7-98bb-0a8b0d19bffc

Hi there,

I’d like to have the bottom setup tab always displayed even after accept all the cookies, now after accept them the tab disspear… is it possible?

Thanks so much in advance.


In the Cookie Popup activate this option:

Hi, thanks for your help. Actually it doesn’t work as we want.. Doing that we always have the information bar like here but we want to have the tab like Thanks so much in advance

I we have installed both the cookie addon and the master popups in a WPMU. The Master Popup seems to load (I see the panel in the backoffice and these things) but in any site we get 2 errors:

1) NOTICE: Undefined offset in: /nas/content/live/OURSITE/wp-content/plugins/master-popups-cookieplus/loader.php (This error above the backoffice)

2) A MESSAGE ON THE BACKOFFICE: Missing plugin: Master Popups You have to install and activate Master Popups plugin before using “Cookie Plus – Master Popups Addon” (But the plugin is already activaded and in use).

What is wrong? You say in the cookie add on that is valid for multisite.

Regards, Daniel.


Please provide me with the versions of both plugins that you are using.

We bought them this friday, so I suppose that both of them are the latest…


Thanks for letting us know about the problem.

It is already solved from the following versions:

CookiePlus v1.3.6
MasterPopups v3.0.2

Please update

Hi There,

I apologise but i bought this plugin not realising it needs the Master popups plugin as well.

Please can you assist on refunding me, i bought it today.



Some plugins I use set cookies. Can I delete and prevent all cookies with your tool, so that my site only sets cookies after the user has confirmed them? How do I do this?

Delete your cookies manually before testing.

Hi, I have already purchased 5 licenses of Cookie Plus and Master Popups, but I have problems with the settings. I think I have set everything right, but just the cookies from youtube, google and doubleclick are not blocked.

It should work now, then I buy more licenses for other sites. But now I have to get one set correctly.

Can you take a look at the cookies on my page? I have sent an e-mail.


I answered the email.

Hi there! I am very interesting to your plugin but before buy I have a question.

Is it possible to add custom type-categories of cookies ? Thanks in advance.


It is not possible to add more categories of cookies, but you can customize each category, rename, activate, deactivate it, and choose which cookies you want to block in each category.