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Hi Max.

After reviewing many cookie notification plugins I downloaded and installed Cookie Plus. Then I discovered that to make it work I also had to buy Master Popups. I was, however sufficiently impressed by the versatility and features of your plugins that I decided to pay and play (even though it’s expensive). And it looked great on the edit page, but no way could I get the cookie notifier to show on my website.

My details are as follows: Mac OS X (10.12.6); Wordpress (up to date) using OceanWP theme (up to date). Additionally, I’m not a newbie to web weaving, so it’s not simply a matter of user error – it’s probably due to theme incompatibility. Therefore, most regrettably, I am asking for a refund on both plugins, so please advise on how to facilitate this.

Yours respectfully in web-weaving. David.


Don’t worry, if you decide you can request your refund here.

And if you do not see the popup, chances are you have not created the notification popup yet. you saw the video tutorial?

Hi, I’ve bought the Cookie Plus plugin and then it tells me that I have to buy the other Master Popups plugin, please refund the money. Thank you

Hi, does this plugin allow me to deal with the consent to allow personalized / contextual Google Ads?

Hi hugocan. I’m sorry,. but we don’t have that option.

Hi there,

I have a question, on your demo page it’s written :

“Your website looks good, no content is hidden, ie all content is always visible.”

How do you make all content visible with No Cookies at all ?

If the content (Youtube video for example) is visible, then the visitor sent his IP address to youtube to get the content, and then Youtube knows your visitor is on your website: that point is not compliant with GDPR.

If an external link is allowed then datas are exchanged with 3rd party.

To be 100% compliant, every cookies must be selected. For example you should be able to accept Facebook and refuse Twitter, not accept or refuse all social buttons.

Or maybe you use something special ?

Hi support-enligne.

Our plugin is only for the compliance of Cookies GDPR, that’s why it has that title.

We block that any script or plugin create cookies in the user’s browser without their consent. Maybe other applications can exchange data as you say, but we avoid creating cookies.


I have some questions before buying.

1 – Are cookies automatically detected? or do they have to search and record by hand?
2 – Are cookies blocked in advance by your plugin / banner?
3 – Are all types of consents memorized? Live chat, newsletter subscription, contact form, woocommerce subscription, wordpress subscription etc.?
4 – Can all consents be shown or sent in the event of a check of the guarantor?
5 – Are the consent boxes for the forms added?
6 – For the forms that already provide the consent box, are anyway registered the consents from your plugin?
7 – For services or plugins not integrated with your plugin, can still be configured, locked, salavti consents in your plugin?
8 – WPML is supported?
9 – Can the administrator easily manage all forms and consent requests, and data update, easily on the back end?
Is the administrator able to export consent list for possible checks?
Will it be able to delete all the data of a single user?
10 – Are emails sent to be customized?
11 – In case a user does not accept cookies, does he still view the site well?



You have mentioned almost all aspects of GDPR, that is, you need a full GDPR plugin.

As you can see the title of my plugin, it is only for consent of cookies GDPR.

1 – Are cookies automatically detected? or do they have to search and record by hand?

There are two methods of blocking cookies.:

If you use method 1, then all non-essential cookies will be automatically blocked.

If you use method 2, then it is necessary to enter or associate cookie names with your groups of cookies.

How To Use Cookie Groups

This is because each website is different and uses different cookies and it is impossible for us to organize and categorize cookies by groups automatically.

2) Yes.
3) All cookies will be blocked from any script or plugin that you use on your website until the user accepts cookies.
4) No
5) Yes.
6) No. Cookies consent of other external plugins are not registered.
7) You can add here the cookies of other services that you want to block.
8.) Yes.
9) No.
10) No
11) Yes.


hallo i have a little problem..

“Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function CookiePlusAddon\Includes\is_plugin_active() in /web/htdocs/ Stack trace: #0 /web/htdocs/ CookiePlusAddon\Includes\CookiePlusAddon->plugin_loader() #1 /web/htdocs/ CookiePlusAddon\Includes\CookiePlusAddon->__construct(Array) #2 /web/htdocs/ CookiePlusAddon\Includes\CookiePlusAddon::get_instance(Array) #3 /web/htdocs/ CookiePlusMasterPopups() #4 /web/htdocs/ include_once(’/web/htdocs/www…’) #5 /web/htdocs/ in /web/htdocs/ on line 105”


What version of Cookie Plus are you using?

Give me your email to send you a possible update.


tnks but solved with last update!! there is some docs for Facebook pixel setup?


You just have to paste the facebook pixel code in that field and enable the integration.

Hi !

I wanted to comment that the activation of the “Cookie Plus” plugin that I bought today, I caused a fatal error on my site *Here I show two image captures after the activation and then the recharge of the site …When I reload the site, it still shows error… The site is: *When I delete the plugin from the cpanel file manager, the site works again ! What could be happening? That the plugin to activate breaks the site in error 500…. The plugin download it from the codecanyon-envato download page !

You will need, admin credentials to make the test to activate the plugin ?

Thank you.

Ya está solucionado.

Todos los cambios lo he hecho en mi plugin y siempre estarán disponibles en las actualizaciones futuras así que no tienes que preocuparte.

Enviaré la actualización(1.2.3) a Codecanyon más tarde y luego de que la acepten, ya estará disponible para que lo descargues desde tu sección de descargas.

Versión actualizada es 1.2.3.


Perfecto Max!

Muchisimas Gracias por tu soporte rapido y comprometido…

Voy a probar todo como funciona en los dos plugins (Master Popups y Cookie Plus) y luego te califacare a 5 estrellas en los dos, en soporte ya te lo ganaste ;)

Muchas Gracias por tu predisposicion y amabilidad!

Un gran saludo!

Excelente muchas gracias… Estaré pendiente para cualquier tipo de ayuda que necesites :)


art2com Purchased

Hello, we have bought this from : - Master Popups – WordPress Popup Plugin for Email Subscription - Cookie Plus – GDPR Cookie Consent Solution for WordPress

This is the website where we have installed and configured both :

When we click on “Refuser” (“Decline” in french) it reloads the page and the google analytics cookies is not installed. But the popup re-appear on and on. Why ?

Thank you in advance,



To not show the popup after “Reject” the cookies, you must disable this option.

art2com Purchased

Hello Max, thank you for your answer. We have disabled the option as specified and we have still the popup re-appear on and on. >


You have deactivated other options, it is not the option I indicated in the previous message.

And if the option does not appear, then you must download the latest version of CookiePlus.

WPML does not seem to be supported well. I see your comments and documentation where the main popup content translation is supported using duplicate master popups, and settings are supported via WPML string translation (see and

However, this still doesn’t work for us. Our popup doesn’t have any content within master popups. In fact, I don’t even see the nav bar for content within the master popups section like you have at Perhaps your documentation is outdated. All of the strings are within master popups > cookies plus > cookie consent, and I’ve set it to use WPML string translation for each language. But the string translation does nothing; it displays whatever is in master popups > cookies plus > cookie consent, not what’s in WPML string translation.

Is there a fix for this?


If you have text here: “master popups> cookies plus> cookie consent” then you must use the “WPML string translation”.

Exactly in this image the way to translate each popup is described. (Popup 1 and Popup 2)

The popup 2, you can create it from 0, or you can use one of the templates that are available.

The video describes a bit more how to create popups.

Hi, What does the purchase of the extended version really mean, please? Does the purchase of the extended version give me the right to install it on all my websites that belong to me but that when I sell one of my sites I must in this case only you buy a new version for my customer

hat is to say, I bought the extended license because I did not understand, so I have no use. Will you agree to make a commercial move, to allow me to buy the missing plugin in place of my previous purchase of the extended version ?

Extended license fee 39 Dollars – 9 Dollars = 29 Dollars. And give me instead Master popup that costs 21 Dollars. Me in exchange, I offer you the 8 Dollars restons. Regards,


Send me your purchase code to my email and we can see what we can do.


I installed CookiePlus (and masterpopup) But, I can not change the texts and options. When I click on “Save changes” the default version reappears.

I asked the host to change php settings but it has no effect and there is no error message

do you have any idea where the problem may come from ?



Send us a message with the information on your website to check it.


When the user declines the cookies, it is generated a loop with the popup. How I can avoid this behavior? I want that the popup disappear when the user push Accept or Decline.

Thanks in advance.


Go CookiePlus Settings:

And disable this option:

“Show Popup After Decline Cookies” turn Off

Hi there!

I am encountering 2 issues with the plugin:

1) I cannot translate the ‘Cookie Settings Popup’ using WPML because the strings do not appear. I do see the ones under the “admin_texts_settings-cookieplus” domain, but even after translating those, the popup text does not translate on the front-end. Any ideas here? Am I missing something?

2) As mentioned in a comment above, when saving the settings of this plugin, the values of the settings stay unchanged. However, if I refresh the page, the correct values show. Still, some options (like the text options) are very stubborn sometimes, and require several saves and refreshes for the changes to take place. I have however configured the plugin to my liking eventually, and the only issue I am currently having is the translation mentioned above.


Probably a cache problem, can you send your wp-admin data to check your website?

Hi. Problem 2 has already been fixed, it is available from automatic updates.(MasterPopups version 2.3.9).

Please update and try again.


BG-media Purchased


Can I load a differend template for desktop and for mobile? Or can I create two Cookie pop-ups one that only appear on desktop and one for mobile. How can I select on what device it’s shown?



Use this option:

BG-media Purchased

Thanks, that is wat I was looking for. I’ve set one pop-up for desktop and one for mobile. The desktop version is shown, but the mobile is not. check scanit nl


I need the URL of your website to review.

also send me screenshots of your settings of both popups.

sampra Purchased

hi, I just purchased the the plugin but it requires master popups plugin in order to work. I do not intend to install the master popups. Please issue a refund and revoke the license of cookie plus as I will not use it.

thanks you for your support and understanding


Hi – is it possible to have this at the top of the page on mobile, and at the bottom on desktop?

Thanks. Can I do this just with Master Popups, if I purchase that?


Master popups will allow you to display the cookie notice but will not block cookies. That is, if you only want to show notice (popups) of cookies to your visitors, then yes, only buy Master Popups.

But if you also want to block cookies up to the user’s consent then you need CookiePlus.

CookiePlus allows you to block Cookies.


dpetya Purchased

Hi, I really love your plugin. However I have a small issue with cookie settings popup. The problem is it gets cached by wp-rocket and when a user opens the settings popup the toggles do not represent user’s actual choice (which i set in the cookie). When I clear cache and refresh everything is fine. Wp-Rocket has a option to exclude links from being cached, however I cant figure out where to find them for my exact popups. Could you please help me?


Send me the URL of your website and your access data wp-admin to review.

bob069 Purchased


I did everything what the video shows, but when I hit accept of my cookie, the page refresh, not when I hit x.

Can you look at this?



Cookie names cannot contain any of the following ’ =,; \t\r\n\013\014’.

The reload of the page is necessary so that the cookies begin to be added, but of course the next load of the page will automatically be enabled.

If you wish, you can disable / enable it from the following option.

bob069 Purchased

Thank you! Another question: on this website you see the popup at the bottom right, Is it possible with your popup system, for the users upload their files to me, to my mail adress for example?

Yes, it is possible to create the popup on the right, but it is not possible to upload files.

I’m sorry.


bob069 Purchased


I see that every time I go to another page or reload a page, that I see the cookie policy again and must be accept or close it for removing the pop up. I want accept and never see the pop up again during my session. Is that possible? Its very annoying now.

You can see what I mean on my site,



bob069 Purchased

Yes, correct, but, go to another page, it shows up again, so very annoying if you want to explorer my site. Each time it comes back, even if you accept. One time is enough, no?

I have tested in Google Chrome and Firefox and it works well….Screen Videos =>
Google Chrome:


If it is not working, it may be because you reload the current page or go to another tab very quickly after accepting the cookies, and you do not give enough time for your server to process the request and finally add the cookie “CookiesAccepteren”.