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Hello, I want to ask few questions about the functionality of the plugin before purchase it. My questions are as follow

1-) is it generate Cookie policy in detailed as below; The type of cookie Whether the cookie is first or third party Whether the cookie is persistent or session The cookie’s expiry time The purpose of the cookie 2-) My website is multilingual (Turkish and English) and I want to cookie bar and cookie policy in Two language. Can I do it with this plugin?

3-) is it have settings for to block the cookies by the site visitor?

4-) is it have pre made templates for the cookie bar?

Looking forward to receiving your reply



1. No. Only a list of cookies is generated, then you have to add that information manually.


3. Cookies are automatically blocked. Then the visitor can activate / deactivate the group of cookies of their choice.

4. Yes.

I didnt understant – Need to buy pluigns? this and Master Popups Plugin?


Yes. Because Cookie Plus is an extension of MasterPopups.



Please reimburse me for my purchase. I am purchasing your module which requires the purchase of another module and it is not indicated or incorrectly indicated.

Thank you for your prompt refund

Hi. Request accepted.



Please refund me for my purchase. I am purchasing your module which requires the purchase of another module and it is not indicated or incorrectly indicated.

Thank you

hello there. one presale questions. Can I change the text in the module and set my language ? I don’t want 2nd language support. I just want to change the content of the module to my language. THanks


Yes, it’s possible. You can do it this way.
1. Using the WPML plugin. To translate the texts (values) of the options.

2. To translate the admin panel interface.
Create a translation file (.po) and add it to the “languages” folder inside the CookiePlus plugin.


Did the plugin support Elementor Pro forms?

Thank you


CookiePlus is compatible with any WordPress plugin.

Buenos días, Estoy instalando el banner de cookies con el pop up y al realizar las pruebas con el navegador chrome veo que NO sale nada, no tiene soporte para este navegador??

Comentame lo antes posible por favor ya que he realizado la compra de los dos productos y si esto no es válido para chrome no me interesa como compra.

Gracias, un saludo


El banner debería mostrarse en todos los navegadores.

Por favor proporciona la URL de tu sitio web para revisarlo.

Escríbenos a nuestro email.

1) I have a dual language site. I understand how to duplicate a cookie consent popup, and how to display only in certain locations. But how do I do the same for the cookie settings panel? 2) I’m still getting “Cannot modify header information – headers already sent” errors, calling on core Wordpress files (wp-includes/class.wp-styles.php:290). I’m suppressing these errors right now in wp-config.php, but I’d still like a fix. The conflict is occurring with master-popups-cookieplus/includes/class-cookie-consent.php on line 809


To translate the “Cookie Settings” popup, you have to use WPML with the string translation extension.

To verify the other problem please provide the version of WordPress and PHP you are using because that problem is not happening here.

I emailed you with the new version of CookiePlus.

Hello, i have purchased your plugin. It is not working with the lite version of master popups. There is now notice that i have to buy another plugin. Sorry. Please refund. Thanx

Hi, I bought your Coockie plugin today. I installed and set it up. My problem … in the preview everything is displayed great, just not on my page, where I integrated the shortcode.

Where could my fault be? Many thanks for the help, Christian.


Provide your email to send you an update.

Ok … PopUp is displayed. a different problem, with settings and cookies reject no function.

Again the question … where is my fault.

Many thanks for the help.

Best regards Christian.


Provide your email to send you an update.

Hi guys,

Once again, thank you for a great plugin! I’ve been using it now, and I have a few questions/issues, but I want to ask about the most important one.

1. I created two different cookies pop ups. One is for non-EU countries and does not use the cookie consent option. The other is for EU countries and does use the cookies consent option. I’ve chosen to hide the non-EU version for all countries in the EU, and vice versa, however the non-EU one is still popping up for some countries in the EU, even though I’ve selected the option to hide it for those countries. Am I doing something wrong?


To find the problem I have to enter the options panel. Please send your credentials to our email:

Hi, I’ve wtached the tutorial video “How to use CookiesPlus”, but I don’t have the ‘always active’ or ‘inactive’ checkbox on my cookies settings. I have the rest but users cannot configure and save preferences. Could you help please ?


Provide your website URL to review the issue.

Here it is :

You can click on “Configurer Cookies” to see it.

Thanks in advance

Okay. I have checked your website.

The reason why the checkboxes to activate / deactivate the cookie groups do not appear is because the following option is activated in “Block All”

If you want to enable / disable cookies by groups, then please select the following option:

Hi guys,

I would like to ask for a refund because I didn’t know that another plugin was necessary to start using the one I’ve bought. Could you.please make this refund? I am not going to use this addon.

Thanks in advance for your helpt.

Hello, I would like to know how to translate the general texts of Cookies. Apart from the fact that if you could configure the design itself in the popup to insert the cookie tabs for your selection, only one button is allowed to accept or deny. We have a multi language and the texts appear untranslated. Thank you


To translate the Popup 1 (Cookie Notification Popup), please read the next article:

To translate the texts of the Popup 2 (Cookies Settings Popup) use the WPML Strings Translation module.

To customize the Popup 2 styles.

To activate cookie groups:

We use Polylang on the website, we do not have WPML String. On the other hand, cookie group cannot be inserted if you are customizing a Template Popup?

With CookiePlus you can create 2 popups.

1. Popup 1 (Cookie Notification). Here you can use the popup templates
To customize the Popup 1. You can do it from the visual editor of Popups.

2. Popup 2 (Cookie Settings) The templates cannot be used because the tab with the cookie groups is inserted here.
To customize the Popup 2.

See the video in detail.

I have reviewed and both “Polylang” and “WPML String Translation” use the “wpml-config.xml” file for translation, therefore it must be possible to translate the strings from Polylang.

If you wish, provide your credentials to check where those translation options are located.

Send to:

Hello, can you please let me know how can the cookies tracked per category be automatically displayed in each group’s text instead of “Cookie 1, Cookie 2 etc” so I do not have to manually add each cookie in each group ?

It’s not possible.

You must add the cookies manually to each group.


jodyshop Purchased


I need to know how to use the plugin?

For example:

1- Create a new popup using the master popup plugin.

2- click …

3- bla bla bla


Hello good afternoon.

Contact because I would like to request the return of this Add-on since it does not meet everything we need for our company website.

I remain attentive to your response.

Greetings and thank you.


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