Cook Pro - Recipe Listing WordPress Plugin

Cook Pro - Recipe Listing WordPress Plugin

The only plugin which gives you full control over managing your recipes, display users recipes in different styles.

This plugin is best suitable for a recipes listing website and who wants to add an option for others to submit their recipes as well. With very easy to install and use.

Layout and styles work in all the major browsers and have massive features to use for you to enable or disable the title, Thumbnail and many other options, for more details you can browse through the pages on live demo.


  • Display recipes on any page or posts,
  • Display recipes in widgets as well
  • Display four order formats id, title, date, and menu_order.
  • Display recipes with/without pagination.
  • Enable / Disable options for fields on recipes.
  • Display all recently added recipes
  • Display all top rated recipes
  • Display all favorite recipes
  • Display all advanced search option
  • Extended recipes search options
  • Ajaxified load option for recipes listing shortcodes
  • Individual Chef display
  • Linked users with WordPress users
  • Category based recipes
  • 2 recipes listing and more to come
  • Customize single recipe display
  • Print Recipes option
  • Frontend recipe submission form
  • Email notification settings
  • Frontend recipe submission form
  • Customizable notice email message header
  • Customizable frontend submission options
  • Customizable frontend form submission fields
  • Customizable field mandatory option for form fields
  • Customize Recipe Slug
  • Backup all the recipe settings saved and export.
  • Update the plugin in future with single click option

Recipe Settings

  • Recipe Slug option
  • Category Slug option
  • Cuisine Slug option
  • Cooking Method Slug option
  • Recipe Ads Content textarea
  • Facebook App ID(OGG) for sharing
  • Facebook,Twitter,Google+ and LinkedIn sharing icons
  • User Profile Page selection
  • Recipe Submission Form selection
  • Login Page selection
  • Recipes Search Page selection
  • Add custom Difficulty Level
  • Submission Limits for the recipes from frontend
  • Custom message for LoggedIn User
  • Custom message for Logout User

Single Page Settings

  • Recipe Title ( show/hide )
  • Recipe Sub Title ( show/hide )
  • Recipe Short Information ( show/hide )
  • Recipe Featured Image ( show/hide )
  • Recipe Time/Serve/Difficulty ( show/hide )
  • Recipe Likes Icon ( show/hide )
  • Recipe Favorites Icon ( show/hide )
  • Recipe Views Icon ( show/hide )
  • Recipe Print Icon ( show/hide )
  • Recipe Email Icon ( show/hide )
  • Recipe Ingredients ( show/hide )
  • Recipe Nutritions ( show/hide )
  • Recipe Steps ( show/hide )
  • Recipe Reviews ( show/hide )
  • Social Sharing ( show/hide )
  • Recipe Advertisement ( show/hide )
  • About Author Info ( show/hide )
  • Related Recipes ( show/hide )
  • Related Recipe Display Column (2,3, and 4)
  • Related Recipe display limit
  • Related Recipe Display Orderby ( title, random, and ID )
  • Related Recipe Display Order (ASC / DESC )
  • Recipe Comments Display Limit
  • Recipe Comment orderby ( Author / Date / ID )
  • Recipe Comment order (ASC/DESC)
  • Slides Speed (Recipe single page)
  • Slider Effect ( Fade / Slide)
  • Direction Nav ( True / False )

Print Page Settings

  • Print Page Logo
  • Custom Copyright Section for print page footer
  • Logo ( show / hide )
  • Recipe Image ( show / hide )
  • Steps ( show / hide )
  • Copyright ( show / hide )

Email Settings

  • Email Template Logo
  • Recipe Submission Email Message
  • Recipe Submission Email Subject
  • Recipe Update Email Message
  • Recipe Update Email Subject
  • Recipe Registration Email Message
  • Recipe Registration Email Subject
  • Recipe Profile Update Email Message
  • Recipe Profile Update Email Subject

Profile Settings

  • User Recipes Limits
  • User Recipes Orderby ( Title / Rand / ID )
  • User Recipes Order ( ASC / DESC )
  • User Recipes Load More ( show / hide )
  • User Favorites Limits
  • User Favorites Orderby ( Title / Rand / ID )
  • User Favorites Order ( ASC / DESC )
  • User Favorites Load More ( show / hide )
  • User Review Limits
  • User Review Orderby ( Title / Rand / ID )
  • User Review Order ( ASC / DESC )
  • User Review Load More ( show / hide )

Change Log

*##v1.3 - 13-05-2017*
Fixed: Description for the meta fields
Fixed: New functionality for the list items of the ingredients
Fixed: PHP_EOL for the ingredients list
Added: Condition for the logout to only primary menu
*##v1.2 - 09-05-2017*
Added: VC Addon for the Top Rated Recipes
Added: VC Addon for the Top Contributor
Added: VC Addon for the Submit Form
Added: Default search results for the recent recipes
Added: VC Addon for the Recent Recipes
Added: VC Addon for the Most Viewed Recipes
Added: VC Addon for the Most Liked Recipes
Added: VC Addon for the Most Favorite Recipes
Added: VC Addon for the Login Form
Added: VC Addon for the Featured Chef
Added: VC Addon for the Recipe Categories
Added: VC Addon for the User Lists
Added: VC Addon for the User Profile display
Updated: Frontend UI styles for the list items responsive
Updated: User-friendly ingredients section with groupings
Updated: User-friendly steps section with groups
Updated: removed sortable option for the ingredients

Note: Existing buyers please do not update before taking a backup. Take a backup of your
recipes ingredients and steps in a text file for each and then once you updated the plugin make sure everything is fine,
after that, you need to edit the recipes and manually copy your existing recipe ingredients and the
steps with the methods as pointed in the field description in the front end.

If you have any doubts we will be freely updating your plugin for this version.
Kindly please contact us via our dedicated support forum.
*##v1.1 - 17-04-2017*
Modified the UI with better views  …
Added: categories / cuisines in Recent Recipes Widget
Added: categories/cuisines in Liked Recipes Widget
Added: categories/cuisines in Favorite Recipes Widget
Added: categories/cuisines in Liked Recipes Widget
Added: rounded buttons for the whole UI
Added: serve/cook/prep and level output in top rated recipes shortcode
Added: serve/cook/prep and level output in top rated recipes widget
Added: Display recent recipes in the search recipes
Added: Most Viewed Recipe Shortcode
Added: Most Liked Recipe Shortcode
Added: Most Top Rated Recipe Shortcode
Added: Most Favorite Recipe Shortcode