Discussion on Content Swapper (jQuery)

Discussion on Content Swapper (jQuery)

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Nice design, I like it!

Hello! I have a few questions before purchasing.

1) Is the history/bookmarking feature integrated yet? 2) Are the different pages of content stored in a separate file? Does the content swapper fetch the different content from an outside file source? 3) I’m guessing that the content that is being fetched can have a combination of elements such as images and text. 4) Does this code work on all current browsers as well as tablets and mobile devices?

Answer to your questions:

1. Not in the version that’s on this site, I have one that I’m working on these days which does. I’ll be uploading it this summer because it still needs some work.

2. No, all “pages” are basically content divs on the same page which are displayed in a manner which makes them look like pages for better navigation and accessibility.

3. Yes, the content div can have any sort of content. The newer version will have the ability to load dynamic content (such as AJAX) and updated the page accordingly.

4. Haven’t tested it on tablets, did test it on android, didn’t find any problems. But you can have a go with the live preview. It shouldn’t really create any problems as it’s pretty basic JavaScript, but you never know. Nothing as such has been reported to me so far.

Thanks for your answers! I look forward to your new version because it sounds great!

Hello designcise !

I’m working on a project in PHP and MySQL, basically forms, CRUD, sessions, etc. Is it possible to use this script with a project like this ? I mean I need to load forms and search boxes inside a div as needed from a menu that is vertical on the left side of the screen.

I wonder if I could use this script or buy your tutorial PHP/AJAX Framework ??

Thanks in advance!


if the forms are loaded dynamically, and you want to show them in a step-wise fashion then content swapper is a better choice.

and sorry for the late reply, been out of city since the past 2 days.

I would like to know before i buy it if there is any way I can add jquery easing to make the pages transition from one to another?

that would be separate from the code for the content swapper .. you could for instance wrap the entire body content into a wrapper and apply the easing to that whenever the page content were to change .. unfortunately, there’s no built-in method in content swapper to achieve this at the moment .. hope that helps :)!

What’s the easiest way to display all content first then selected content? Currently, it shows selected content then you have to select to display all.


When initializing the plugin on an element, use the options in the “atStart” property like so:

    atStart: {displayAll: true}

You can find further help on this in the Help file under the “init” section. Hope that helps!

Is there a way to have the left side menu scroll down along with the different blocks? It appears that the if I were to add several blocks, the menu loses site as it remains near the top. Thanks

you can achieve that easily with the “position: fixed” CSS property applied to the menu.

Is there a way to make this work with MyBB to make forum navigation more fluid?

i haven’t used mybb but possibly and ideally it should integrate well given that you can customize the files that generate the frontend

Thanks for the quick response,when do you think it will be available for us, if it is just few weeks then its fine , if it takes longer than i fear i may not meet project dead lines.

thanks satish

i have a lot of work up my sleeve at the moment so i don’t think i’ll be able to do this in that time frame i’m afraid.

HI ,

I was looking for content swapper & this looks really promising,

Before buying this i just want to make sure that this will help me to meet my project requirement .

we have a requirement where user lands on the page directly with content id , based on content id we should be able to show that content directly

ex :

should land on block-1

ex :

should land on block-2

Letme know if it is possible.

Waiting Eagerly to hear YES from you.

Thanks Satish

I’m afraid the history/bookmarking feature is not yet available, but it’s definitely in my “to-do” list of things for content swapper.

You have a slide animation for the scroll. What about the same for the content swap?

sorry, don’t have that option yet.

Thanks for the response.

Re: SEO – I’m saying that by the search engine not being able to link to the hidden content (which it recognizes as being hidden), it may choose to penalize or change the context of it (I do realize the actual content is visible to the engine, but interpretation can be different). However this comes back to be able to use the anchor links.

Re: Anchor Links – What I am referring to is using as a link on an external website (in other words, directly linking to a specific section). This isn’t a default functionality hence I’m asking here (and it would really help your product be that much more semantic).

I’m sorry if I offended you, surely wasn’t the goal. Like I said, I think the product & documentation is great, just wondering about this anchor.


Edit: Example of working anchor that can be linked too:

about SEO , there are just some techniques web crawlers or bots use to find and index your content on the web. i’m just going to talk about one related to content; whether your content is hidden via JS or CSS , it doesn’t really matter (mostly it is depended on the web crawler and how its programmed).. the entire web page content is scanned through! so what you need to do is, make your website more semantic (the more meaningful it is, the better its’ ranking might be—there are of course other factors too).

about anchor links; yes linking the page, or opening a bookmarked page (e.g. won’t open that content as of now .. that feature is something i have planned for this. so hopefully, in future releases you’ll see that.

and i may have sounded like i was offended lol, i wasn’t really. i just expect people to understand how much hardwork and planning goes into creating any product, and since you guys have a platform to contact us, it would be great to hear from you guys so we can improve the products. i edited my post right after i sent it, because i realized after a few reads that it didn’t sound too friendly lol, so sorry about that.

and hope you find the product useful. it was created for a particular use, maybe it doesn’t fit the context of what you’re trying to use it for but in future releases, i’ll try my best to make it as general as possible so it appeals to a wider audience and serves for more purposes.

Nicely done code & documentation, but it does have a pretty significant drawback: You can’t link to anchored sections unfortunately. I’m not sure how this will affect your SEO if you have a lot of content (as it’ll discard hidden content by JS unless it can find a link to it) . So these are two pretty tough downsides to deal with. Hoping on a solution before rating, cheers :)

if you can send me an email explaining this further, i’m sure i’ll work on it in future releases or maybe explain you if there’s a possibility of what you want to achieve via the script. thanks

could you use this like a drop down menu?

ie to switch between different forms?

you will have to create the dropdown yourself and place the content swapper links inside that dropdown.

the content will be swapped regardless of whatever the content area contains; be it form elements, text, images or whatever.

Hi I sent you an email wondering if you could help out with some navigation re-positions.

sorry i was at work; checking the email now .. will reply

thanks for the tip got the layout working. ~ this script is very handy and time saving.

This script is great, and the support is excellent, i had some issues implementing it but this guy stuck with me until we got it to work….Thanks aot


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