Color Book - Android

Color Book - Android

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  1. Source Code
  2. Java Doc
  3. Configuration Document


  1. Android Studio 3.5.2
  2. Android SDK and NDK
  3. Java
  4. AdMob Account
  5. Firebase Account
  6. Google Play Developer Console Account

Application Features:

  1. Contains 140+ varieties of pre-installed images with 9 types of different categories to fill colors
  2. Image Functionality:
    • Select color from wide range of color pallet
    • [New!] Save and store your color fill image securely inside internal storage so, only ColorBook app can access it.
    • Undo/Redo actions for filled colors
    • Pick fill color from image
    • Reset your image to default to fill color from start.
    • Share filled color image
    • Continue from where you left
    • Check your color fill image on image list.
  3. Admob:
    • Banner Ad
    • Interstitial Ad
  4. Firebase:
    • Messaging [Push Notification]
    • Crashlytics
    • Dynamic Link
  5. Multi Language and RTL Supported
    • English
    • Hindi
    • Gujarati
    • Hebrew

    • Note: Put comments if you want to add your own language in app. We will try to implement and publish app with that language in newer version.
  6. In-App Purchase:
    • Remove Ads [One Time Purchase]
    • [New!] Monthly Subscription [Subscription Purhcase]
    • [New!] Supports one time Free trial subscription
  7. Common Features:
    • Rate App
    • Feedback
    • Share app using Deep Linking
    • In-App update
    • 64 Bit Supported
  8. Security:
    • Secured app code by using proguard
    • [New!] Used NDK to secure in-app purchase license key.
    • [New!] Store color fill image on internal storage. [Only Color Book app can read and view it.]

Suggestions are always welcome. Comment your suggestion and we will try to implement that in new version if possible.

Image Requirements:

  1. Must have white background
  2. Dimension 512×512
  3. Border color: Black

  4. Note: Zoom your image to max and make sure your image does not contain any black pixel in image else it will not fill color in black pixel area. Check your image twice before contacting us regarding this issue.
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