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Colio expander has trouble with scrolling on mobile. I’m using iPhone, iOS 10.

When I click a thumbnail to expand the colio content, it works great. But when I use my finger to scroll down to read the rest of the content, it collapses the colio-content. Then I have to scroll back up, click the thumbnail again, then the content expands. Then if I scroll VERY slowly, the content will remain expanded. But, if I scroll just a little too quickly, it will collapse again. I’ve tried scrolling on both sides of the screen, making sure not to hit the thumbnail or the close button, and it still happens.

Is there a way to fix this? Here are my settings:

$(’.expandable-grid’).colio({ id: ‘expanded-container’, placement: ‘inside’, closeText: ‘Close ’, scrollPage: false, navigation:false, scrollOffset: 80, contentFilter:’#bio-wrap’ });

Yes, it happens on your demo as well. I’m using iPhone using version iOS 10.3.2. If you expand an item, then scroll down to read the rest of the content, it will collapse. I made sure not to hit the close button while scrolling down.

If I remove this line from the code, it works. So this is the culprit:

`// for 'inside' placement hide viewport immediately on resize
           if(self.settings.placement === 'inside' && /^(smart)?resize$/.test(e.type)) {

However, that part is necessary for resizing properly.

Try to replace the code that hides viewport on resize with this code, specifically for smartphones

if(self.settings.placement === 'inside' && navigator.userAgent.match(/i(pad|phone)/i) !== null && e.type == "orientationchange") {

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Feature request – support for linking (from another page) to grid thumbnail and open respective thumb details based on selected #id in link, ie. www.domain.com/#colio_c3. Collapse-Pro-Matic has this feature, have you considered an update? Or maybe more documentation on using the expand API on how to get this to work? Thanks!