Discussion on Codify - WordPress IDE & File Manager

Discussion on Codify - WordPress IDE & File Manager

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I just bought your plugin and I loved the possibility of renaming all the files, including photos, videos, music. Excellent. Just a detail. If I have the plugins folder compressed, it compresses and I can download it. But when I’m going to extract this generated zip, the first letter of each plugin’s folder disappears. Is it a bug? What’s more, excellent work! Congratulations!

Hello, My apologies for the late reply. I have been trying to reproduce this issue locally but could not. Would you submit a ticket to our support platform with woocommerce system status report and our team will follow up.

Thank you.

Hello, some information about the plugin. I need, for a client of mine, a plugin that allows the upload of files (images, pdf, video, ppt…) from front end. The scenario: It’s a university that gives online/offline lessons. Each course can be accessed by students who have purchased access. The students and the teacher can access the course (an article) in which there must be a file upload system, directory creation… But the directories/files entered must be visible only to students enrolled in the course, and to the course teacher: a sort of restriction. is a shortcode available to place the uploader in an article/page? is it possible to access certain folders? For example: when the teacher accesses the course page (e.g. “Course A”), the uploader is found. The first access must not show any folder. Then the teacher will create his first folder, e.g. “Lesson 1”. At this point the students in the course will be able to upload files. Then the teacher can create other folders and so on… The teacher of “Course B”, accessing the course page the first time, will not have to see any files or folders of “Course A”, but will have to create his own folder. Is this possible? What types of files can be uploaded? Are the files shown as icons? Or images also as preview/thumbnail? Thank you, greetings.


The plugin purpose is totally different as it is a back end code editor for wordpress files in scenarios where FTP access is not available. Thank you.

can i use this to set personal folder path ??


this plugin is a file editor , an advanced form of the theme editor / plugin editor of wordpress core. It allows admin to edit any files.

Thank you.

Hi, I’m a freelance WP developer and this plugin looks to solve a nice niche between work that is too small for a full IDE sync, but too big/cumbersome to perform over FTP clients. Is there a possibility to purchase some sort of developer license for unlimited sites?

Your demo link doesn’t work!

I’m afraid still doesn’t work. See it yourself here


I have done several tests from different location and website is working , I even tried to test it with isitdownrightnow and dnschecker.og and website seems to be fine.

Please try accessing the site directly at

Thank you.

The link is still not working, here is the proof

Awesome job, its great!

Thank you very much :)

Hello, in the description you have written: Warning: Codify is not currently compatible with Windows hosts!

Can you explain, I am running a Windows laptop with 1 and 1 web host for my wordpress site but cannot see a editor, so I want to buy codify so I can edit the CSS files easily. I used to use weebly and it was very easy to edit the code but now I cannot find anyway to do this with 1 and 1 host.

I am hoping codify will work to allow me to access plugin and theme code. With the above set up is codify compatible? Thanks

Hello, sorry for that part that got you confused. actally what is meant by windows hosts is not your laptop but he hosting company OS ( which is 99% linux since you run wordpress), codify should work fine even if you use windows as a client.

please try the live demo on : Username : demo password: demo

Thank you.

Hey, i’d like to know if it works with PHP Version 5.4.20?

Hello, We recommend that you use PHP 5.6 or higher as it is the current lowest supported version of PHP, It may still work 5.4.20 but you will need to check if extension is activated

I keep getting “Operation Failed” when loading the plugin, tried it on two different sites, one of which was a brand new WordPress installation, the other on a completely different server … so there’s something wrong with your plugin.

Hello, Actually the plugin itself works fine ( please check live demo at username : demo password: demo what you have is most probably permissions error or security issue from your hosting / system. we have responded to your support ticket on our platform, please track the issue there.

Problem was caused by an outdated version of PHP (5.3) , please use a supported version of PHP ( current minimum is 5.5) to avoid any errors, thank you.

Is there any specific reason for the entire white background on the settings and editor page? I think it should match the default WordPress coloring which is a lot easier on the eyes (even if it is only a light grey color) ..

You can see the difference here:

Hello , thank you for your note. :) It will be taken into account for the next release.

I will buy this soon. Looks great (y)

Thank you for your support :)

I’m afraid that will not be possible. sorry.

Then I’m afraid we’ll be working blind.. Can you send a screenshot of the AJAX request in Chrome’s devtools? Also, are there errors in the console?

Hello. Did you resolve the issue?


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