Discussion on Coder – Syntax Highlighter for Elementor

Discussion on Coder – Syntax Highlighter for Elementor

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I did install again the plugin after I did reset my WP while I insert my License key it shows: Invalid purchase code.

Please make sure you use the latest plugin version(1.0.11). After, go to Coderr>Updates>press Clear cache and after that try to activate the plugin again via your purchase code.

I still have the same issue, even I did clear cache many times from Coderr>Updates>press Clear cache and Cloudflare side

The issue can be related to the Cloudflare security settings or other restriction You can temporarily disable all restrictions or try to add the IP of our server to the whitelist of the Cloudflare security settings. Please contact us via for details.


I have an issue with AMP plugin and coder syntax, it doesn’t work properly.
it’s like all CSS and JS are disabled.
Please check the image bellow:

thank you

Hello! A specific of AMP technology is the absence of custom scripts on page load. This means that any scripts added by third-party plugins will be removed and Coder scripts are no exception. Accordingly, when all scripts are removed, the plugin does not perform its functions. So, the Coder plugin is not compatible with the AMP technology and we can’t get around this principle of work.


Thank you for your reply.
understood, so bad that there is no way just to disable one of them


This is a great plugin and I’ve been using it a lot in my website!

One thing that it bothers me, though, is that it is not possible to change the default language nor the default theme style. Therefore, every time that I add the widget on a new post I have to spend some time (and clicks) setting other values for them.

Would it be possible to add new settings to change some default configs?

Hello! I’ve noted this for consideration in the next update but this is unlikely as the widget with presets can be simply copied or you can use the Global Widget(for Elementor Pro).

Hello Can registered user in my wordpress website use this code highlight too, like when he wants to post something, or on comments

Hello! The Coder widget is only available for the admin side when editing the page in Elementor.

Hi, the background colors set via elementor style tab do not show on frontend.

Hello! Thank you for letting us know about the issue, we will fix it as soon as possible. Please stay tuned for our update.

Perfect, thanks for new version.. is there no auto-update function? Looks good now in frontend…

The plugin has auto-update feature when it is activated. How to activate –

Hi – How do I use Github gists. I am not able to figure out how to use in my blog. Please advice.

Hello! To use the Github gist, your gist must be public. To add it to the Coder, select URL in the Source field of the widget settings >select the required language > paste the gist link. To get the correct link open the code on Github> press Raw > copy the link of the got page. We have mailed you as well.

How do I install this plugin? I just purchased the plugin, but when I try to install the zip file, the error is: Installing plugin from uploaded file:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin installation failed.

Yes, there are some issues with line numbering, but technically difficult to fix. It would be better to use a standard font size. In any way, you can use the custom CSS when using a size less when 1em: .elementor-widget-container .mdp-coder-elementor-box .line-numbers .line-numbers-rows { line-height: 190%; }

That is not good. What do you mean by a standard font size? Which font sized work with line numberings?

The most suitable font size is 0.8-1

This looks great! It’s tagged as being Gutenberg compatible, but I couldn’t find the answer to this. Does Coder also provide a Gutenberg block?

Hello! For now, the Coder plugin is only available for the Elementor editor.

This plugin is not highlighting syntax in my site.

Please specify how we can reproduce the problem on our side.

Please check whether it is available with my wordpress version 5.5.3 and suggest any solution to highlight syntax. My site is

It is compatible with all the latest versions of WordPress. We have mailed you.

I have installed this plugin in Wordpress and this is awesome with elementor. But, it would be great if we have some settings in it. Like, every time I need to change the style as I want. If you provide settings, then there is no need to change each and every time.

This plugin is not highlighting syntax in my site. Please check it out.

Hello! You can save a widget with certain settings as a global one(available for Elementor Pro) and use it on your pages with preset settings or just copy the existing widget to other places on the site.

Hello, The last update (1.0.7) released by you shows a fatal error with Elementor, I had to install a previous version (1.0.6).

Hello! Please go to Elementor>Coder for Elementor>Uninstall>Delete plugin and settings Then delete the plugin and install it again. If the problem persists, please contact us via and specify the error message.

Great work! I was using prism.js and code snippets plugin to make it work but this is SO MUCH BETTER!

Thank you for choosing our item!

Does it worth with Excel VBA codes? how to use it in Elementor?

Here is an example –

perfect, you got a sale!

Thank you for choosing our product!

I have a question concerning using this plugin. I’m i able to customize the number for example explaining the code snippets in this blog posts. The way he splits the code and the number line continues.

Hello! Your question is not quite clear, please specify. In any way, you will be able to add the code blocks like in the article.

Does it work as Compiler? Like there will be a button [RUN] when click on it, the output should be show below.

Hello! No, it does not work as a compiler. The plugin highlights the syntax of the code specified in the editor or in the file by reference.

Is there possiblity to add this fetaure in future?

Probably not, since the plugin has a slightly different purpose.

Does it work only with Elementor ? Will it work in Classic mode ?

I dont have Elementor – I am using KingComposer. But even if it doesnt work with KingComposer, I am ready to use Classic Mode of Editor to write the pages – if this is works.

Please let me know.

Hello! Yes, it works only with the Elementor builder. The highlighted code block can only be added via the Elementor widget. We are considering the possibility of developing the Coder for other builders but we can’t specify any time frames.

I think maanojpv means that he has created a Single Template for his blog posts with Elementor Pro. When you create a new blog post with Elementor and you use a Single Template than your coder widget doesn’t render the css for the codesnippet in the blog post. I’ve got the same Problem.

Hello! We have tested this case but can’t see the problem. Can you describe in detail how to reproduce the problem or provide your site access via to better understand the problem?

Thanks for the awesome support. Update fixed the problem. Great plugin.

We are always happy to help you! Will be grateful for your review :)

css is not showing when elementor template is used. Which means when I create a custom template from the Elementor template and I use the template to create a posts I am not able to see the coder styling colors, it is just displaying the raw code without any styles


The problem is not very clear, please specify. Do you have some difficulties with predefined templates that come with the plugin or style display templates?

This plugin seems very advanced. I purchased it for my blog. Thank you for creating it.

Thank you! Hope you are happy with the plugin :)

Nice Work GLWS.

Thanks! :)


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