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Presales Question: I’m looking at this code in conjunction with Layared Pop-Up.. thinking about create pop-up, and when people enter their email and submit, they will be give a specific voucher… is my expectation is met by using Layered Pop-up and Code-Shop ?


If you mean to show payment form inside of popup – unfortunately, no, it won’t work for you.

Hello, Im getting ’- Submit at least one valid code” when submitting codes. It seems it does not support the length im after. How can this be fixed? I mean, each line is a few hundred characters long.

1. Only by editing CSS file. 2. Unfortunately, no.

Where do I edit the CSS file.

Find “background” property for ”.codeshop-button” class in css/style.css file and change it.

Possible to sell bulk codes? So user selects the number of codes wanted.

Unfortunately, there is no such feature. But thanks for idea.

Happy new year! I don’t want the Halfdata Admin Panel, can you send me the previous version?

You can contact me through Support tab and I’ll send old version to you by email.

Getting an error, when people purchase. Server reply is incorrect! Please contact administrator!

I don’t see that you purchased this script. If you purchased WP plugin, please contact through its comments page.

Hello, I know you don’t support the version before the current version but can you at least provide a redme file on how to install the version below this one? The current version does not work for me

Yes. Please send details. You can do it through support tab.

sending now, thanks.. Good support if your looking into this

Thanks for details. Just read message in dashboard. It asked to set permissions for certain folder. ;-) I did it. Everything works.

How do i change the colour style for the class codeshop, i want to modify the whole box, is it thickbox.css?

Only by editing css file (it’s not thickbox.css, it’s content/plugins/code-shop/css/style.css).

I am having issue with your older version and i don’t want to use your newer version since its built for Wordpress and my developer is having issues editing the newer version, the problem i am having in older script is I am getting 403 permission in ajax request send.

Is there any fix?

Thanks in advance.

1. New version is not for WordPress. It works with any website. It has modern fully responsive design, and good internal architecture. I recommend you to use new version.

2. Your support expired. You need extend it to get any support assistance.

3. Contact your server administrator and ask the reason of 403 error. They can see it in a log.

4. Read this.

Don’t understand how to translate to another languages )) Can you help me?

Find text strings in source code and replace them.

i have bought your plugin yesterday but it has not included Perfect money but you wirte in description that perfect money accepted

Hi. Thanks for letting me know. Seems I forgot to included it into updated version. I’ll do it within several days.

does your code support subscription option ?