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Can I customize the email sent to the customer? For example, I would like to send the link to the product that the coupon is for. Thanks.

Hi. Yes. For each campaign you can set its own email template.

Thanks. Can I integrate this plugin with Mailchimp? I want to efficiently collect emails. Thanks.

No. Collecting email is different field. Try this plugin: https://codecanyon.net/item/layered-popups-for-wordpress/5978263 (just to clarify, it’s not to sale codes/coupons/vouvhers).

Hi. Why after paypal payment the status become “pending”? When click the transaction detail it shows: pending_reason = multi_currency

Hi. You need contact PayPal regarding this question. This status is reported by PayPal.

Thanks. The transaction is a new currency which waiting me to accept in PayPal.

Getting an error, when people purchase. Server reply is incorrect! Please contact administrator!

Please provide access to WP dashboard and URL of the page where I can see payment form.

As we’ve explained previously. We cannot grant access to the WP dash, due to sensitive customer information. Please also provide an email, as Im not willing to give out site URL’s publically.

I can’t help you without access to WP dashboard. You can send details through Support tab.

Pre-sales question: Does the owner of the website get an email when someone buys a code on the site? If yes, is the code included in this email and can the text be edited, too?

Hi. Yes. Owner receive notification by email. You can edit message which is sent to buyer, but not to owner.

Thanks for your answer! Is the code included in the email that is send to the owner of the website, too? So they can verify the purchase and print it for their documents?

Yes. Code included.

Hello. In have some presale questions. 1. Can I generate vouchers with your plugin and then give the vouchers to my members to sign up with? I’m working on a membership website and it will require that users will either need the voucher to sign up or activate their accounts with the voucher after signing up. In this case, the vouchers will be generated online and download by the admin, then sold offline ( because I’m not planning to use any payment method other than collecting payments by selling the generated coupons offline) 2. Will I be able to monitor the vouchers’ usage? I would like to know when a voucher has been used. 3. How can I integrate this plugin with the membership plugin I’m planning to use?

Hi. Unfortunately, plugin doesn’t fit to your needs.


Pre-sales question:

1.- Has the plugin a shortcode to show all coupons in one page?

2.- I want sell coupons provided by my partners. Is there a way to allow them verify and mark it as used?


Hi. Unfortunately, there are no such features.

Please add payment system YandexMoney. https://money.yandex.ru

Hi. At that moment I don’t have such plans.

Does this plugin works in a way, that I can implement it to a WooCommerce product? Let’s say I want to sell WOW time code and when the customer purchases it, the code will show on the invoice/it will be sent via different email? Can I also manage the codes with this plugin?

Nope. It’s separate product, not related to WooCommerce.

I want to load up a bunch of codes in the back end. Then on the front end, people enter their email and one of the codes from the back end gets emailed to them and then is removed from the list. The form blocks people so there is only 1 sign up per email address and IP address.

Essentially a single use coupon distributor.

Is that what this plugin will let me do?

As a potential customer, I think you need to add more info to the sales page or screenshots or something. Would increase your sales significantly :)

You can upload bunch of codes and distribute them as you need. But there is no such feature – “form blocks people so there is only 1 sign up per email address and IP address”.

Hello, how easy is to translate this plugin to other language?

This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Just bought the plugin, after setup the system, I can’t find the SMTP setting, should I need to set it? Since that I cannot get the email after pressing the getting the free code button.

Please help, I cannot find anyway to setup the email outgoing option. How can my server send email out? Should I config my email server in my host?

Please notice, plugins never send e-mails by themselves. They delegate this function to WordPress installation by using wp_mail() function. So, the WordPress is responsible for e-mail sending. If you don’t receive e-mails, it means that WordPress can’t send them. Why it may happen and what to do?

  • By default WordPress uses php mail() function. Probably your hosting provider blocks this function. Please contact their support and ask if they do that.
  • Some hosting providers don’t allow to send e-mails when sender e-mail address doesn’t belong to the same domain (where website installed) or doesn’t exists. So, please go to plugin’s Settings page and make sure that Sender E-mail address exists and belongs to domain, where website installed.
  • Also you can configure wp_mail() function to use any 3rd party SMTP server by using free plugins, that adjust wp_mail(): https://wordpress.org/plugins/search.php?q=wp_mail

Hello, you could modify the plugin just for me, I need it when a wordpress user receives the coupon for the first time. This one no longer has permission to access the page from 1 month, that is to say that it is no longer allowed to generate another coupon so that it can not access until one month to the page where the shortcode is.

Hi. Unfortunately, I’m not available for freelance/customization work.

Do you post a changelog anywhere?

Unfortunately, no. But, thanks for idea.

Hello, when anyone tries to pay something through paypal, it gives this error on paypal: Things don’t appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later. How can I fix this?

Hi. Does this message appear on paypal side? If so, ses this is temporary problem on paypal side. If it appears on your site and you want me to check, please extend support period, provide access to wp dashboard and url of the page with payment form.


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I also want to see a change log please.

Unfortunately, at that moment I don’t have it. But, thanks for idea. I’ll start posting it since next update.

do you support ethereum?

Hi, I have a simple question. I’d like to find a plugin that is able to send a coupon after the customer has left the e-mail. 1) The customer send the email with a simple popup like the “ninja popup”; 2) He receives an email with a coupon with his name and a progressive number (every coupon is unique); 3) He can print & use the coupon in a real store (not e-commerce). I’d like to have stats (number of coupon etc) and a mailing list with all the mail received. This plugin is able to do that? How can I do this? Thanks

Didn’t catch what you mean, unfortunately.

Thank you for the answer. I try to explain better: 1) I’d like to check in a true environment (such as a demo site) the plugin working (options, stats etc.); 2) I’d like to see the visual appereance of the pdf sent by the plugin. I think that – as other plugins – the system creates a voucher in pdf and you can change the colors, the image in the pdf, the font etc. Thank you.

I don’t think that this plugin match your requirements.


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It gives me an error when installing the plugin:

Unzipping …

Installing the plugin …

The package could not be decompressed. No plugins found

The installation of the plugin has failed.


Hi. You purchased standalone script, but not WP plugin.