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Discussion on Code Shop - WordPress Plugin

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What can I do to add coingate?

The only way is to edit source code. It’s open.

will you be adding more features soon? Like what I posted before and also FraudLabs Pro to prevent card fraud?

No. I don’t have such plans.


I just buy your plugin.

I have a question : how can i have de “fault description” and a “default terms” and a default “message” when i want to create a new campaign (because in my case it is a “duplicate campaign” with the nomber and the price change only…

Is it possible to add a “duplicate this” on the listing of campaign ?

(for win a lot of time)

thanks for reply


Hello, I just bought the plugin. I think it lacks a related but essential tool: the means for the purchaser of the “codes” to be able to validate them directly from the front office of the website (homepage).

So my question is:

Can you provide a way to display a box on the homepage including the form “Ha you a Coupon?” from woocommerce including the answers “this code is invalid”, “this code is valid”, “this code has already been used”...?

thank you for your reply.

i have try to call a “COUPONCODE” shortcode on Homepage and add this code to functions.php of my childtheme. It’s work + or less but the answers are displayed in the “my account” page… //******************** Add coupon code box ********************// add_shortcode('COUPONCODE', 'display_coupon_field'); function display_coupon_field() { if( isset($_GET['coupon']) && isset($_GET['redeem-coupon']) ){ if( $coupon = esc_attr($_GET['coupon']) ) { $applied = WC()->cart->apply_coupon($coupon); } else { $coupon = false; } $success = sprintf( __('Congratulations! Your COUPON CODE: "%s" is valid!'), $coupon ); $error = __("Your Bingo'Home COUPON CODE is not(no longer) valid!"); $message = isset($applied) && $applied? $success: $error; } $output = '<div><form id="coupon-redeem"> <table><tr><td colspan="2" vertical-align="bottom"><center><strong><h3 style="text-align: center;"><span style="color: #ff00ff;">Redeem your COUPON CODES and PLAY!</span></h3></strong></center></td></tr> <tr><td> <center><input type="text" name="coupon" id="coupon" align="center" vertical-align="middle"/></center> </td><td> <center><input type="submit" name="redeem-coupon" value="'.__('Have a COUPON CODE?').'" vertical-align="middle"/></center>< /td></td></tr></table>'; $output .= isset($coupon) ? '<p class="result"><b>'.$message.'</b></p>': ''; return $output. '</form></div>'; } //use //Usage: [COUPONCODE] or in Php code echo do_shortcode("[COUPONCODE]");

there, can you correct me? help me with this?

I thank you in advance.

This script is not to validate, but to sell codes.

Yes but after buy code, how make facility to user for exchange coupon code directly from homepage? it is the question.

Hello, pre-sale question.

Let’s say we have 1000 coupon codes. We are going to provide one coupon code to one user, after asking for his email. Is there any way to prevent getting multiple coupon codes by a single user? I need to provide 1 coupon code only for 1 user.

01. Can we record his IP and provide only 1 coupon for him? (only for the current post)

02. Can we save a cookie to his browser and stop getting multiple coupons?

03. Can we record his email & stop sending another coupon to him at the second request?

There is no such feature.

Can you build this feature for this? Can you confirm how is this plugin fraud protected?

Because, let’s say we use this plugin to distribute “unique licenses/coupon codes” by email. someone can get all the licenses codes using different (temporary) email addresses. If you can track them by IP, no one can fraud.

I dont have such plans.

Hello, pre-sale question.

I use a local payment solution (Epay NC) instead of stripe, it allows me to cash payments by credit card.

Will this work with your plugin? Or does your plugin only work with the payment solutions listed?

Hi. No. Plugin works with listed solutions only.

Thank-you for your prompt response!

Your plugin is great (the only one I could find on the internet that meets my needs) unfortunately I see that there is still work to be done to make your plugin absolutely great.

Can I sell only codes or is it possible to sell pdfs or links? Thank you

You can sell any text strings.

do you have recurring fees? What happens if the license code runs out?

Hi, can you explain the last update ?

Just added automatic update for further releases.

Hi, is there any way to customise the confirmation/thank you email using html and/or images. I would like to include an image for the coupon. Thanks

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature. Emails are sent as plain text.

Wow that was a very fast response. Thank you anyway.

Hi halfdata, How can I stop the notification after the buyers get the code? I don’t need these emails to my mailbox.

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature. But thanks for idea. I’ll include it into todo list.

does this plugin work with batches of codes? I have a merchant who needs to give a unique code to each customer. Would that work with this plugin?


When you create campaign, you add list of codes into that campaign.


Special characters doesn’t works.

Example with name with ö or â or anything special characters.

Paypal payment works, but they are not in the “Transactions” area, and code are not sent.

Can you do something for this please ?

I’ve just checked. Everything works. If you want me to check what’wrong on your side, please extend support period and provide access to wp dashboard. I’ll check.

Hi, I want to create a page with multiple coupon for multiple phisical stores. Each coupon is an image, when I click on image it opens a window that request various data to user (also the email). The submit send a mail to store and user. Is this plugin right for my needs?

Hi. No.

HI, i want to make a welcome coupon sign up form on my website. It should be docked in a fixed location. I have looked at this plugin and it looks good.

A few questions: 1: Can it be docked in a fixed location? 2: Can I change the design (colour, shape, size) of this form ? 3: Do I need a mail service provider like Mailchimp to collect the emails? 4: Do I need a mail service provider like Mailchimp to send the visitor their welcome coupon?

Thank you, Anthony

Hi. Seems it doesn’t match your requirements.

Hello halfdata, It’s better if you support to export the buyer list.

Thanks for idea. I’ll include it into todo list.

Does this plugin support Stripe Subscriptions?

Unfortunately, no.

what’s the “backend” looks like? Can I track all my sold codes? Thank you for your help.

No. It just to sell codes.


Is it possible to add “Webmoney” support? >


Hi. Currently I don’t have such plans. But thanks for idea. I’ll learn more about it when I have time.

Hey, everything works really good, but the plugin does not send the mail with the code. In the Dashboard everything looks good. And the Transaction shows “Completed”. What should i do? Any ideas?

Hi. Check spam folder, please.

Great plugin – works with no glitches. Is there a feature to buy a gift voucher, i.e. to pay with your email with PayPal, but to send the voucher to a friend’s email address?

Plugin sends voucher to email address submitted through payment form. You can put friend’s email address there but pay with your paypal.

Thank you for the quick response.

By now your plugin should have an integration with woocommerce, that even can increase sell.

Though it has it’s own payment gateways that is not enough, integrating with woocommerce it can be use for more function/projects. Currently is very limited

Thank you

Thanks for suggestion.


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